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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wednesday Festival
A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven

This week the Wednesday Festival was a particular joy to piece together. We have such richness of experience in our Rev Gal and Pal community—we seem to be experiencing all of Ecclesiastes’ seasons here among ourselves. It really feels like an honor to be able to share a glimpse of that with you this week.

A time to be born:
Hip2B is a new mama, again! Thanks be to God!

A time to heal (and to ask for healing):
Sally offers a wonderful prayer of repentance and transformation this week.

A time to mourn:
And she shares some thoughts on a tough day.

A time to embrace:
Katherine E. is reflecting on the very different path her life has taken now that she's married with three Meaning and Authenticity,

A time to speak:
Read about a particularly beloved story, and the joy of storytellers.

A time to weep:
Gannet Girl generously offers a new place to go in this very difficult season. She's created a new blog, Praying Through Advent. Thank God for safe spaces to weep.

A time to gather advice:
Cody is celebrating his 100th post and his 18th birthday. Pop over when you get a chance and give his query a little thought.

A time to share advice:
Mitch's church has a different kind of prayer chain. It's two circles, not a tree. He also looks at it from a geek point of view.

Ahem. I may have made those last two seasons up. Nonetheless, we’ve got a little bit of everything today, and I’m very grateful for all of it—and for the generous souls who share where they are.

Don't forget to share other posts you've enjoyed (yours or others) in the Comments, and send next week's submissions to!


  1. It's
    so come visit me!

    After work and my papers, I'll come see you, too. :)


  2. So well done! Thanks a million, Mrs. M!

  3. After almost 3 months of silence on my blog, I've got some great news. I hope you'll come by and celebrate with me:

    The end of the road...

  4. Wow, what an amazing Festival this week! :-D Thank you SO much, Mrs. M!

    My comment for everyone here today is that I'm preparing my address list for sending out Christmas cards. This is something I love to do every year, and I send out cards freely and lovingly, without expecting any reciprocation.

    So, with NO strings or guilt attached whatsoever, if you'd like a Christmas card from me, send me an email with your snail-mail address, and I'll make sure you're on my list. I'll respond with my own snail-mail address (again, NO reciprocation is expected, and NO guilt trips are allowed!), mostly so you don't have to worry about me being a stalker. :-)

    Peace and joy and many blessings,
    (hedwyg AT gmail DOT com)

  5. I've started a little contest on my blog...I need a new blog name for my upcoming niece or nephew. Pop in here to play!

  6. Doh! Christmas cards! Wonder when those will get done????

    ANyway over at my place I am wishing that elected officials would act like adults

  7. Here is my Advent I (rather late, but here).

  8. I just found out that Sarah/More Cows is live-blogging her labor at! Keep her in prayer and drop by if you get a chance.


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