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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Great news for those of us who have been missing the fabulous Princess Mindy: she's BAAACK! Go say howdy!

Lorna shares some rare sunshine photos from Finland!!

Christine invites us, "Come on over to this week's Poetry Party at the Abbey on the theme of "Epiphanies."

Sally already posted an Epiphany poem at her place. And shares some post-Christmas musings.

Deb did a "first of each month" post to review 2008, as did some other folks: I did, Songbird did, who else? Holler at us in the comments!

What are you up to? Share your best writing of the week, or nominate the work of others in the RG ring, in the comments!


  1. I posted about what I did on my Christmas Vacation! Hint: sunny, warm...and as different as can be from my regular life!

  2. I did the new year's meme thingy, too...a couple posts down at my place.

  3. Pics of the Florida Keys going up intermittently at Search the Sea.

  4. My new blog focus for the year is to post a picture and a story a day... kind of the life in the year of a pastor type of thing.

    Check it out here

    Look especially at January 4th's post called "Ice." I took the opportunity to talk about how blessed I feel about being a big sister.

  5. I'm "poemizing" (and sharing a friend's art) in prep for the Baptism of Christ.

  6. I'm just getting back into a normal swing of things, but I did post the meme.


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