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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Afternoon music video-Were I to cross from land to land- Psalm 139

I really enjoyed browsing You-tube in search of a version of my favourite Psalm, Psalm 139. This was so different that I felt I had to share it with you. Psalm 139 one of today's lectionary readings has inspired many songs, poems and pieces of art work, I guess it is the extraordinary comfort it conveys of being known inside and out and loved any way!

We didn't sing this we stuck to more traditional Methodist Hymns, how about you, what did you sing this morning, what touched your heart or lifted you spirits?

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  1. John Knox may be rolling in his grave, but I sure liked it! Thanks for finding this!

  2. We didn't have church because of a water main break... so here's my worship video of the day...


  3. This is glorious! Thanks for sharing it! I'll be looking for more from them.

  4. Very cool, Sally--thanks!

    I missed a lot of church because we were making a memorial banner with the kids for our children's minister's son who died suddenly this week....But the last song was "Give Thanks for Life"-- a lovely hymn of life and death set to Sine Nomine (For All the Saints). I'm going to post it on prayer blog.


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