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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Baby, It's Cold Outside

...but hopefully it's warm where you are reading this! I'm home for now, courtesy of a "severe weather event," which means that we have/had black ice. If we all got out an drove around in it, we'd end up in a big pile of cars somewhere and never move 'em again. And there's quite enough of that already.

How's the weather where you are? Shout out!

Sally shares a great post about calm in the weather, peace in the storm.

Chilly Fingers says, "I've posted about an upcoming workshop for elders that I have agreed to teach. I would love input from others about their experiences and hopes for for elders in the church." Sounds like a great conversation in the making.

The RevGals book discussion on Monday covered Why Jesus Makes Me Nervous: Ten Alarming Words of Faith. Good conversation, and it's not too late! Go see. I wrote about abundance (one of the alarming words) at my own place.

And finally...if you want a giggle (or a growl, depending on how you read it), go over to read about how some people just don't like Mindy.

Let us know what you are writing, thinking, doing today!

Sorry for the late posting - Blogger has been untenable.


  1. I am snowed in! 8 inches and counting on the 12" that was already down from 2 weeks ago. It's a bit crazy out there, so I am staying safe at home.

  2. yep, snow day here in Boston. My computer is smokin' from all the emails and work I have managed to get done.
    now, I have to go shovel before it turns to ice.

    take care!

  3. I am cold, but thawing a little. It is all of 12 degrees (Farenheit) here, a slow warm up, if you can call it that, from the sub zero deep freeze of the last two weeks. It is supposed to be almost up the the freezing point by Sunday. Hope springs eternal. Yah.

    I posted here about jumping off a cliff. What that means is that I am about to resign from my church (deja vu all over again) with no place to go. I will announce it to the congregation on Febuary 8th. I'll post about it once it actually happens.

    Yikes! I admit it, I am scared. But it had to be.

  4. Snow, with ice on top. Yum!

    Good writing a sermon at home weather, I say.

    And reading... see "Study Stay," at my place.

  5. Hi gals, this is my first time here. I'm a 'pisci priest in TN where it is cold, wet and raw. I WISH we had some snow (I'm a transplanted Yankee, and to me winter=snow), but weather has never behaved according to my wishes and desires.

    In the meantime I am trying to muster some enthusiasm for our newsletter--first issue in years (I've been on the job a mere couple of months), and the "writing newsletters gene" appears to have gone dormant. Oh well, something will come.

    I'm glad to have come over here and found you all, and hope to spend some time getting acquainted. Sending warm wishes to all of us in the c-c-c-cold!


  6. Hey, all - no snow here, just a coffeehouse and the lappy for me.

    Wrote about some good TV I've been watching lately - come on over!

  7. No snow, rain, or ice for me, either, but thinking of those of you who face treacherous conditions.

    Singing Owl, prayers to you mid-leap.

  8. Hi, Anne! Welcome to the comments box; come play with us on Saturday at the Preacher Party, too!

  9. Singing Owl, bless you as you make this move.

  10. Praying for you, SO!

    And glad to see you, Anne!

    I'm off to choir rehearsal. MOST of the ice is melted and temp is up to 37. Fingers crossed!

  11. Welcome Anne!

    Best wishes and blessings to you SO.

    We had a balmy -12 Celcius today!!!! With sunshine and everything. It was delightful. I'll take this over -40 any day.

  12. Here in North London the weather is bright and a bit chilly but no snow for which I'm grateful as I have a funeral today which ends in a burial where the mourners stay to fill the grave - so rain and snow would be most unwelcome.
    Tough funeral today, a 24 year old man killed violently - prayers for all family, friends, police and myself (just what to say) most welcome.


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