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Saturday, February 14, 2009

11th Hour Preacher Party:Valentine's Day Edition

Hello, preachers~

Happy Valentine's Day!!

What are you up to this week? Some of us have done, oh, not much, perhaps with good reason, and have a full day's work ahead of us. Some of you (note this does not include me) may have it all together. Most will probably be somewhere in between. But wherever you are in your sermon preparation, you are welcome here.

Chime in via the comments and let us know what you're up to or up against today, what you're doing for your children's message tomorrow, and whether you get to take the day off on Monday!

I'll keep the hot coffee and the chilled Diet Cokes coming, and who knows what else may turn up on the dining room table? My daughter and I are planning a trip to our favorite coffee shop to try the red velvet cupcakes. (And, yes, that is my most definite bit of planning for today.)

Yours unreadily,


  1. I'm never first! I'm cheating because I am staying up late to see if I will finally get some desperately needed sleep. But I did actually get somework on the sermon finished on Thursday.

    See you all in the morning!

  2. Checking in, but not working on my sermon yet...which is going to come back and bite me in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, I'm sure. But glad to greet you all and settle in for a quiet Saturday of sermonating.

    For now...sleep!

  3. I'm caught by the Psalm, and pondering how to speak to the hope we have that a bright morning can come after a dark night of suffering.

    All this is made all the more challenging because of morning sickness, exhaustion, dizziness, and the other amusing symptoms of pregnancy. This is the weekend I go public with my Big News, so I'm hoping my lack of verve and energy for preaching will be forgiven with the excitement of a baby coming!

  4. PS--congratulations!

    I am preaching Naaman...and I haven't started, though I've been thinking, of course. I even managed to remember my folder off my desk containing notes/thoughts/bulletins so perhaps that will help as I stay in my pjs to write all day. Or rather, to write, read, nap, watch the Vicar of Dibley or Eddie Izzard, etc, and read blogs about the premier of Dollhouse tonight.

    For now, though, it's bedtime. Also my cats are doing very weird things--one is attempting to cover EVERYTHING even though he never succeeds in covering anything. So he's pawing at his food tray, the carpet, the water bowl, the blankets, whatever he can find. Weird, weird, weird.

    Oh! it snowed. So if anyone wants snow, I can hook you up. Or if you want pretty new windows to look out of at the snow, I can also hook you up (yay! they're in!). If you want food, umm....well...I have strawberries and trader joe's honey nut joe's oh's. That's about it really. Help yourselves!

  5. It's 9am here and I'm just rushing out to do marriage preparation with ten lovely couples. I didn't plan for it to occur on Valentines Day so how serendipidous is that! Two services sorted for Sunday, only one more to think about. I offer you heart shaped shortbread to have with your breakfast when you wake up.

  6. Happy Valentines Day, Songbird and everyone.

    I'm not preaching this weekend, but I'm looking for a good children's message having to do with water/cleansing, etc.

  7. I preached the Naaman text when it came around in the lectionary on July 8, 2007. So I get to update that sermon.

    I am guest preaching at a small baptist church that is currently seeking a part-time pastor. I'm not submitting my resume until Monday morning though.

    Here is the link to my sermon from 2007. Getting Down and Dirty

  8. I'm recycling. Darwin and Evolution. (Or why Presbyterians affirm the theory of evolution.) Today I'm off to presbytery where in this very, very conservative and sick presbytery I'll be presenting the pro Amendment 08B position (amending our constitution to permit ordination of gays and lesbians). Pray for me.

  9. I suppose I need prayers on both the presentation and the sermon.

  10. I'm late! I'm late! My husband leaves town tomorrow for a couple (or more) months of work, and he kindly said, "Sleep as late as you want." Some Valentine's Day's, that's better than jewelry.
    I'm going to a Weight Watchers meeting this morning, then I'll be back to try and organize my thoughts. Meanwhile, I'm posting a poem over at my place that will be on our bulletin cover tomorrow, entitled "The Risk." Somehow I thought it would form the basis of my sermon, but since I chose all these things early in the week and have been in a fog of grief over Molly (our dog) since then, I don't really know what I had in mind.
    Grief is certainly a theme in our congregation, as a member's nephew died in the Continental plane crash Thursday night. Do I reflect that in the sermon? Can I without getting weepy myself? Or do I reserve it for the prayer time? I have to think on all this.
    Meanwhile, praying for and with all those who need it.

  11. Prayers, Joan!

    Congrats PS--how exciting!

    I am up before Blue Eyes today and that can mean only one thing. My dream for a good night's sleep was spoiled again.

    I now have a distraction that I can point directly too, but it is as yet unbloggable. It may turn out to be a big nothing,in which case I could then obliquely blog it, but not yet. about those lepers?

  12. I'm not preaching tomorrow, but always love stopping by here.
    I have steel-cut oatmeal to share and lots of toppings.....

  13. After two long days of vestry retreat looking at our "conflict" which still remains unidentified except to say that its there and we have to do some real intentional long range work on "it", the last thing I want to do is write a sermon and go to church tomorrow...

    maybe a big cup of coffee will help. What are the texts? More on healing?....sigh...

  14. SB--prayers and thought to you in this greiving time...for you and your congregant.

    I'm writing (or attempting to write) both a sermon for tomorrow and an article (also due tomorrow).

    And they really should be done by 3 pm as we have a dinner engagement...

    Off to write hard!

  15. okay, I'm up. I have, umm, tea. and that's about it. And no clean dishes, since I haven't run the dishwasher in about a week. (sigh)

    what I do not have: a sermon, or a plan for one. Guess I should get on that...I have a title ("lesser is More") and an Indigo Girls song ("Closer to Fine") as the offering (so, a responding-to-the-message song) at all three services. I have some notes that say "looking in wrong places, expectations, least leads greatest, enormous wealth and enormous power ultimately lead to naked and dirty in a pitiful "river" while powerless and with nothing...cleansing comes from muddy, polluted, inferior river"

    Umm, somehow I don't think that is going to be enough....

    So, have some McVities digestive biscuits with your tea! :-)

  16. Tea, coffe, and bagels here for those who still need breakfast. I am enjoying a jammie morning, having sent company on their way home, and have decided I can play until 1 and then the writing begins.

  17. I'm intrigued by the movement of Jesus' ministry in Mark's gospel. We've gone from the synagogue to a private home and now to the countryside. "Feasting on the Word" lifts up the following, "Mark presses his readers to see the compassion of Jesus, not merely as a matter of temperment, but also as a discipleship orientation. Disciples of Jesus are called to break down all barriers...between human need and God's liberating mercy. Now what I'll preach is entirely another matter. Onward!

  18. Congrats PS!!!

    Prayers for you Joan...

    Happy Valentine's Day preachers! I didn't finish my sermon yesterday because I had a hospital visit to make and came home thinking, "Meh, I'll do it tomorrow." (a la Scarlett O'Hara)

    This morning hubby (the Rhett to my Scarlett) made me yummy porridge for breakfast with apples and raisins in it. Yum!

    Now, it's back to those lepers. It's also our Annual Meeting tomorrow, which means the sermon has to be uber-short and concise so that we can get through the service and on to the meeting. Oy.

    I am trying to think of a good illustration of something truly excellent happening when you have carefully choreographed something entirely different. Something kind of like Mick and boys singing "You Don't Always Get What You Want".....

  19. Teri, I used that same song in a sermon a few years ago....It's wonderful...

    I have a few thoughts and words on to shower and go to church for the baptismal prep...

  20. Good morning preachers! Teri, I have to tell you I love that Indigo Girls song and would love to read the sermon that will precede it. Songbird, you have a lot to bear, over there, with Pure Luck leaving and Molly gone. Prayers coming your way. Joan Calvin, praying for both for you...and admiring your willingness to stand up for this important issue. ((Mompriest)).

    Today, I have to share, well, some eggs Starman made, and some chocolate I am trying to forget I have. I have a sermon, which I will look at now and then perhaps post on my blog, for the Saturday night service. After last week preaching thrice, I only have to preach once this weekend, to my friendly Sat. night folks, so it feels mellow.

    Happy Valentines' Day to all...although I am thinking my sermon doesn't even mention the day...hmmmmm.

  21. Well I need tp get started here sometime....

    I am thinking about who we declare unclean and why? I also note that the best translations seem to indicate that Jesus is indignant or angry. Why? IS it because the leper breaks social code by approaching or is it at the fact that people are cast out?

  22. With apologies to Mick and the boys, that should read "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

    Gord, I've wondered the same thing. I'm not using the gospel this week, but it almost seems to tie into the "expect the unexpected" theme in 2 Kings. Naaman wanted the big Vegas-Light-Show of healings and ended up with something considerably more ordinary, yet healing. Surprise!

    Then Jesus gets all uppity. (Sorry, still haven't figured out exactly why...) Surprise!

    I just finished reading a book called "The Condition" by Jennifer Haigh. It's about a young woman with Turner's Syndrome and the quirky, dysfunctional family dynamics around her. Great book. When the father meets the partner of his gay son (the son he hasn't spoken to in years, because he's gay) - the father and the son's partner discover how much they have in common and they spend hours on the porch talking and laughing.

    The father would have considered the man "unclean" simply by the label he had attached to him, but was surprised and delighted by how alike they were. Not sure if that helps, but the story came to mind....

  23. Hello, dear Saturday companions in "adventures in sermonating"--
    A first for me...for what it is worth, I have posted my sermon on these texts from 3 years ago...maybe it will be helpful to someone as all of you have been so helpful to me (ideas stimulating the creative juices and all). I do not know how to do the link thing, but it is on my blog. As for tomorrow's sermon, I am wrestling with the "what comes after we are healed by Jesus" but don't know if that is because that is where the sermon needs to go, or because I am reacting to a particularly unpleasant Session meeting in which I was attacked, and it became apparent that while the Session has told me they want the church to grow, what they really mean is "as long as all new members are exactly like me". As for food...not much to share right now, but later (if I don't get called back into work at hospice) I will be making shrimp scampi and fresh asparagus as my Valentine to my family...and you are all welcome, too!

  24. Gord- my commentary translates it as Jesus "snorting with indignation" sends the man back to the priests. So this guy has been to the priests once before who for some reason rejected his petition and Jesus decides to make an issue out of it.

    I don't think I've caught this detail before.

  25. Snorting with indignation. Huh.

    Grace Eagle, so sorry to hear about the Session meeting. Isn't that a theme many of us have heard? I remember an older member questioning a report that we had new members. "Who are they? I can't see them!" Some were right there in the room. Strange.

  26. I thought about the leper's audacity - here I am - deal with me. And have finished the draft and posted it. I wish I had more 'illustruious' words - more images or stories, but they just aren't hitting the mark for me this week.

    I also think about my own 'leprosy' or shame - what I speak of to few people - the seemingly intractable problem of my son, his lifestyle and his downward spiral. Daily I return to the font to ask forgiveness and guidance.

    This is a subject on which I could be very, very open - but in a sermon, what is for me, and what is for the Gospel? How open, how vulnerable, how transparent should a preacher be? And is it my story - and I know I own my feelings or is it my son's?

  27. P.S., congratulations! I expect the congregation will be all abuzz over your Big News :-)

    Blessings on those of you trying to move people to broader horizons, whether in your congregation or at a denominational level; may you have vision and hope.

    I'm playing with the idea of the leper who was so excited about his good news that there was no way he could keep it to himself. "Tell out my soul" is one of the hymns, and that's the spirit I want to express. It's for the family service, and has to hit all ages; this is a theme where I think the kids--who readily share good news--are miles ahead of all us adults who more often than not are more restrained.

    I have some lovely chocolate pastries and TJ's honey whole wheat pretzels; it's sunny and lovely on the back patio, if you'd like to snack on some there!

  28. I should add that my son's 'lifestyle' is not about a gay lifestyle. It's being unemployed, extremely destructive of any environment he lives in, to be promiscious, to use drugs, to resort anger and abuse, to refuse any kind of offered help except money.

  29. Prisca, I could preach a whole series of sermons about my son and his lifestyle,which has a couple of similarities to your son's, sounds like.

    But tomorrow I am telling a fairly risky story about my own moment of being an "untouchable" racked with shame. My rule of thumb with sharing a personal story is that it cannot be a story in which I turn out to be the "Jesus" character (like that's ever gonna happen) or in which I completely see the light. As long as I end up still somewhat flawed, it is a contender. Consequently, I have many to choose from. Tomorrow's is a doozy.

  30. Well it has been a difficult week over here in Rural Norfolk, and sometimes God jumps in and gives you a swift poke... he did that to me while writing a sermon here

    Perspective is an odd thing sometimes...

  31. I like the thought of Jesus snorting with indignation....

  32. I wasn't too excited about preaching healing to begin with, and after this morning am not sure I even can. The vet found a tumor in my family kitty this morning. She lives with my mom and stepfather, and there is nothing we can do for her except let her go. So we will. So, back to the drawing board for me...

    P.S>, i missed your news when I read comments this morning- -congratulations!

  33. Congrats on the Big News PS!

    Many prayers Joan ... we will be having that meeting in a week.

    I seem to be the lone preacher here today going with the epistle and Paul's admonition to run the race of faith.

    And now on to writing about that race/run ...

  34. P.S., exciting! I missed that, too.
    After much dawdling and avoidance, I am writing now. Except for right now when I am commenting.
    We're going to break out the cupcakes at 3 p.m., and you are all welcome to join us!

  35. Hi all!

    This Sunday is my last one here in rural, intermittent internet, country spread on the fields church so although the durn sermon has been percolating in my head for months, I find it is mainly composed of what NOT to say! :)

    I do have some thoughts... and a hook, but find myself stuck.

    I think I will go do a stream of consciousness thing and get my head out of my research and outline.

  36. Glad to hear y'all's good news, sad to hear y'all's sad news, praying where prayers are needed.

    I'm back, sitting with a cup of darjeeling and trying to stitch together a coherent outline for a Naaman sermon. I love some of what you all have shared and those posted sermons have sparked some ideas--thank you!

    While I haven't had the "catalyst" events many of you have had this week, it has been stressful lately and I'm feeling a bit mooshy and grumply. The mood here and among my colleagues seems to be similar. So much for a lull before Lent...

    For the table, I can provide some scrambled eggs with peppers and mushrooms, and some of those soft pink frosted cookies. But I'm thinking cupcakes sound even better. :)

  37. Kathryn, I don't envy you in this last sermon. I think the temptation to say some stuff that is best left in my head would be VERY strong in your case! I hope it goes well.

    I have finally managed to copy-and-paste the scripture text into a word document, and that's all the progress so far. I'm going to get writing, I swear.

    As soon as I get some food...and perhaps wash some dishes...and pet some kitties...

  38. songbird, can you please bring me a cupcake and a diet coke?

    Ok, i turned off the phone and am now disconnecting the wireless for 25 minutes to see what i get done. GASP!

  39. I'll have a cupcake thanks. Does it count as lunch then???

    ANyway, I think I'll walk down the block to make a pastoral visit before taking Princess to her outing for the day.

    See y'all later

  40. Is that 3:00 eastern for the cuppiecakes(as they are called in my house)--'cause I think I missed that.

    I've finished my sermon, had the post-sermon bubble bath complete with glass of champers, courtesy of Blue Eyes, my valentine.

    Now it is off to see some T-Faux'ed tv I missed this week while I was out doing the Lord's work.

  41. cheese, I think you've done Valentine's Day up right even without the cuppie-cakes, though they were tasty (and only 7 points each, including the cream cheese frosting).
    And of course the cyber versions are points-free!
    I'm writing. I have ten minutes and then must run over to the church for an event, pray, and depart again. If the woman whose nephew died in the plane crash is going to wait on tables at the bean supper, the least I can do is ring the bell and say the blessing.

  42. I am late arriving and only here for a minute.
    I have to write sermon, make lasagna and prepare a memorial message (service on Mondya AM).
    Any, the sermon is not even started yet and tomorrow we ahve a Valetnines Day concert and lasagna dinner to raise money for our sister congregation across the way.
    I need a nap right now and have to run to target for cat supplies and a new pump on the frog aquarium.
    All this excitment, no wonder I need a nap.
    I have fruit and some chcolate cake. Fair trade is always avail.
    Oh, and watchign the Gamecocks play ball.
    I will see you later tonight

  43. what an odd day, a wedding with a cute doggie bridesmaid,
    a sermon written that has "converted and convicted" this preacher...
    ...and then my hubby Tim slipped down the stairs and sprained his ankle badly!
    Not good... so I will be preaching again tomorrow, for a different congregation, no doubling up as they are too different...
    here we go again!

  44. Need. Help. Focusing.

    Hey! It's SNOWING!!!!

  45. Been preaching for 20 some years and I believe I have always preached on the Old Testament story- it's such a great story - the little slave girl who sends Naaman to Elisha...Naaman wanting a big production out of his healing...great story.

    But I was rather appalled that I had never preached on the Mark text so I'm doing that. The whole unclean/clean thing...very interesting

  46. Cheese - nice work on the bubble bath and valentine champers. He's a keeper that Blue Eyes....

    Kathryn - I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

    Sally - sorry about the ankle sprain, but I did giggle at the doggie bridesmaid. Add that to the list of things they don't teach in seminary!

    I've had my walk, a shower (alas, no special valentine beverages involved) and now I'm trying not to go and tweak the sermon.

    And, because I had special valentine porridge and a lovely lunch prepared for me by hubby, we're going with leftover fish and brewis (pronounced brooze) for supper.

    It's a Newfoundland classic and exceedingly yummy. I'm off to fry up the leftovers...

  47. I'm also late arriving to the party. Sounds like this is a momentous sunday for many of you for various reasons. Prayers for God to bless the many messages you will bring to your congregations.

    I'm completely stuck on these two healing stories, the mind is a blank slate. Since I've been preaching every week the past year, I've decided my sermons have gotten worse. I don't know how you every week preachers have brains large enough to handle all the daily stuff as well as preach every week on top of it all. I'm begging prayers for my brain to get kick started into action as my husband has been amazing today and I've abandoned him for a wedding all morning and now sermon writing all afternoon.

  48. Hey, I'm back, I have a draft (not postable yet, though) and will take a break to have a Whole Foods picnic supper with my Valentines (daughter and husband) while watching last night's Battlestar Galactica! Anyone want some broccoli crunch? That was my pick for supper.

  49. Got some great domesticy/housework things done while procrastining sermon writing, but back at it now.

    Once I finish up the draft I'll be having garlic-parmesan shrimp and rice with broccoli, there is sure to be plenty to go around.

  50. Hey, there chicken/bacon/spinach/artichoke super thin crust pizza.

    And wine for those of who are finished!

  51. cheese,
    i think wine while writing may make for a far more interesting sermon :)

    well it is now after supper and I have accomplishe nada on the sermon prep. And since last week wsa really a well walked pup this week needs to be better....

    Off to the commentary! OR to wash dishes, whatever

  52. Gosh, I thought homemade spaghetti sauce was good but y'all are rocking the dinners out there.

    I already had a beer so until totally finished I should probably hold off on any more... tomorrow afternoon might be a good time for a sip of something.

  53. Nutella--I loved your migraine story in Tuesday's lectionary leanings. Do you mind if I use it to begin my sermon? (And maybe it will work for you too!)

    I'm not quite sure how it got to be 7 pm already. Pizza sounds delish.

  54. Did I mention I had heart-shaped ravioli, too? Yum.
    I've got to work up the courage to read my sermon again and see if it will do. I'd like to spend a little more time with Pure Luck since he leaves tomorrow for.frickin.ever.ish. (Okay, two months.)

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Any of those cupcakes left? I won't be mixing up the pumpkin pancakes for dinner for a few hours yet, and I think a cupcake might be just the thing to tide me over!

    It is such a relief to realize that I am not alone in my proclivity for procrastination when it comes to sermons. In fact, if not for the need to avoid sermon prep, I'd probably never get any housework done! Everyone is out of the house right now, even the dog, and I really should be thinking...

  57. I'm about 1/2 way there thanks to a good friend, but realize I have nothing to say...

    dinner here was a bagel with melted cheese on it. I should have gone to visit some of you!

    must. keep. writing.

  58. I really really wish I had an idea where this was going to go. That would probably help me get started.

    I suspect reading reviews/comments/forums about Dollhouse aren't helping at all...

    food time again! Then writing for real, I swear. about something...

  59. Popping in for the first time, but won't be back for a while. We are not big V Day celebrators around here, but since my husband had to make a run to the store I told him that if he picked up some champagne or wine, I'd have enough progress done on the sermon (non-existent as of now)to take a chocolate and drink break.

    Now I need to go count the day's points to see how much of said chocolate and alcohol I can have!

    See the late night crew later!

  60. A couple thoughts:
    --my commentary suggests some of Jesus anger/indignation might be related to the fact of the interruption that got in the way of the "things to do today" so I may talk about how sometimes the most important things we do aren't on the to do list
    --it is the nature of institutions to decide that some just don't belong, to declare some as unclean. and the church is just as (or even especially) guilty as anybody else
    --this song is now running through my mind as a possible hook.

  61. Popping in myself, with cupcake reinforcements. My mother is here and made the traditional Daytona 500 chocolate cupcakes for my husband. She also made supper, but there aren't any leftovers, sorry. The sermon IS a leftover--a recycle from three years ago at a different congregation. I've been out of town most of the week, the sermon is pretty good, and it'll work. Happy Valentines' Evenings to all, and happy sermon writing.

  62. Y'all, I'm afraid I'm a bit of a party pooper. I've posted my sermon, Risking Jesus, and need to spend some time with my husband now. I hope y'all find enough cupcakes and tea for sustenance, and I will get the coffee going again early.

  63. I'm having trouble figuring out an analogy to the Naaman story that is suitably shocking but not so un-PC as to get me in trouble. I don't think I can get away with the al-qaeda analogy I've seen elsewhere. The most obvious is also the most insensitive, involving a holocaust reference. Don't think i can get away with that either. Maybe there's a civil rights analogy somewhere? hmm...

  64. all done. Now I am having some wine and an early bedtime. Thanks for your company!

  65. Ugh. Somehow I got going and ended up with 1559 words--and I don't even have a conclusion yet. I usually go with 1000-1200 words. ARGH.

    It just figures that one of the few times I get started before it's late, I do something that ensures a more lengthy editing process.

    Dark chocolate peanut MnMs, anyone?

  66. okay, skipping the analogy altogether and relying on my spectacular storytelling skills instead. Probably a mistake, but not as big a mistake as trying to make a contemporary analogy that will have people tuning out 500 words in.

    1000 words in..time to tie in the indigo girls! wooho!

  67. Oh!!! Congrats PS.
    All the sweet, little, old ladies will just have fits over you.
    I have nothing for the sermon which is tomorrow (or a little over 13 hours from now). Yikes.
    I did make my rounds to the store and cleaned the litter boxes.
    And I entered my Paw Points Rewrds on the computer.
    Must. Write. Sermon. Now.
    Oh, I got a call to sub for Sunday School tomorrow. Ugh!!!!

  68. it is....sigh..broken, healed, renewed for better or for worse....please feel free to stop by....or, off to read yours!

  69. kids'sermon
    Just found this one, I may tone it down a wee bit because I have a young crowd.
    Thought it might help y'all. I don't have calomine lotion, but do have some hydrocortizone.

  70. Link did not work. Try it this way

  71. I am back home after preaching at 6 tonight. I have posted my sermon here for any that it may assist. I did find this quote by Frederick Buechner helpful as I pondered the question of healing:
    What about when the boy is not healed? When, listened to or not listened to, the prayer goes unanswered? Who knows? Just keep praying, Jesus says. Remember the sleepy friend, the crooked judge. Even if the boy dies, keep on beating the path to God’s door, because the one thing you can be sure of is that down the path you beat with even your most half cocked and halting prayer the God you call upon will finally come, and even if he does not bring you the answer you want, he will bring you himself. And maybe at the secret heart of all our prayers that is what we are really praying for.( From Wishful Thinking: A Seeker's ABC).
    Prayers for all tomorrow, I will be at the local Episcopal church at 9 to hear my girls sing in their choirs, and then to our home UMC at 11 for a good dose of gospel music and church-is-family time. I have some good Swiss milk chocolate to share for those still celebrating Valentine's Day. Peace my friends.

  72. okay, I posted a draft. I feel it's mediocre, and I feel like I have to be *BRILLIANT!!!!!!* because the preaching lately has been less than good and people have high expectations of me, but I'm not really feelin' it, you know? anyway, comments appreciated. There's some transition stuff (and, umm, some content stuff) that needs to be edited, but I'm going to give it a few minutes before I think about that. Possibly a few minutes in which I eat cake and ice cream. :-)

  73. BTW, in my little congregation of 25 souls was a poor guy suffering from shingles! I wonder if that is what Naaman had? What a visible connection to the text I had as I watched him sitting and squirming, and we prayed for him during joys and concerns...ok, it is really time for me to go to bed. good night all.

  74. Okay, I am spending my evening looking at photo CDs my MIL sent us.

    It is a 27-year retrospective of bad fashion and unfortunate hairstyles.

    And that's just me.

  75. Semfem steal away my story of migraines. Incidentally, those miracle pills quit working about three yeras after I started taking them...and I suffer once more, though I don't think quite as bad.

    Thanks for the Buechner quote Mumpastor! I'm sure I've used that before in a sermon. Thanks for reminding me.

    I'm also feeling verbose and wordy and preachy in a bad way tonight. Like Teri, I feel like I need to be brilliant because my preaching has been less than so the past, oh, six months? Maybe I should go wash in the River jordan 7 times?
    Or continue beating down the door to Jesus and maybe, in my deepest heart, I don't want to be brilliant, I just want Jesus to show up?! The Word Incarnate showing up would be nice tonight.

  76. Wow. THANK YOU Nutella, because you may have just given me an ending to my sermon with the "miracle pills" ceasing to work after a while.

    I've got an entirely too long draft finished, and took a break for pizza and cookie-making before coming back to edit. But now at least I have an ending. :)

  77. Brilliant opening to SNL. Dan A. was back and fabulous.
    MumP., thanks for the Buechner quote.
    ANd, the skit with the Jonas Brothers is pretty funny.
    So, sermon coming along thanks to good stuff in Xian Century and a little help form my friends.
    Cheers ladies and gents.

  78. Not that this has anything to do with sermonating, but just wanted to share...I just got done assisting my Dr.daughter(vet) with an emergency surgery...and it was way cooler than finishing the sermon...if only I could work that into an illustration on healing...
    prayers and blessing on all still working away this late night.

  79. very cool, GE. I wish someone in my family would have been a vet. I would love to have somebody around to ask questions of when I panic because the cat coughs three times in a row.

  80. Yep,1-4, it is great to have a vet in the house, especially since our house resembles an "ark" more and more all the time. We have many rescue animals of our own, and also foster for a rescue group.

  81. Well, crap. 1644 words, which is about 300 too many, and I didn't even mention the plane crash (which needs to be mentioned somehow).

    What's both a blessing and a curse is that it all seems to make sense together. I took out the parts that belonged in a different sermon, and added the new supercool ending about the migraines, but it's still too long and I can't figure out what to cut.

    Maybe it's time for a shower and some other task to give myself a break. And if all else fails, I'll be walking an extra-long dog a dachshund...or a really big dog, like a Great Dane.

  82. well friends, I'm turning into a pumpkin. I'll leave tea and biscuits, ice cream in the freezer (and caramel and hot fudge both in the fridge!), and lots of indigo girls on the iTunes. mediocre as the sermon may be, it's bed time. morning comes really soon....

    happy preaching, leading, and worshiping, friends!

  83. Slow night here, I guess. I got enough done by 10:30 to feel like I could watch the SNL opening which turned into the whole show. I enjoyed champagne and REALLY DARK chocolate (86% cacao) with my husband (well, I enjoyed it, him not so much) and now I'm getting ready to hit the hay.

    I'll finish up this bad boy in the wee hours.

    Some of the prayers I've been praying:
    healthy grieving, lots of comfort, and happy memories for Songbird
    YIPPEE!! for P.S.
    Signs of the spirit for Teri (that's where the brilliance comes from and your willingness to let it happen from there instead of from your own ability will be what the folks love)
    openness and the truth in love for the congregation of mompriest

  84. well. I went to be an hour ago. and. laid there. wide awake. mind you. I am tired. but not sleepy. sigh.

    so I'm burning the insomnia candle tonight...

  85. mompriest, I hope you are asleep now! If not I hope you can at least get some rest if not some sleep.

    I am about to hit the hay, I think. I've finished all my other little annoying tasks and have reluctantly accepted that it's just going to be a longer sermon in the morning.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this day.

  86. I've been back for almost 30 minutes to finish this one up. There's good chance it'll be wrapped up by 6:00 a.m. and I'll get to go back to bed for 30 or 45 minutes. Woo hoo! I know I say I'm aiming for that every week, but I think this time it'll happen. I'd love it!

    Blessings on you all. Off to finish up in the next hour or so!

  87. Good morning! Coffee is on! Anyone doing a last minute polish?
    If your dog is a Great Dane, you can always RIDE it proud.

  88. Done - - OK, so it's 6:30, but with printing done, too (one less thing to do at church), I can go back to sleep for at least 30 minutes. That will feel great! Although I'm feeling pretty good since the Spirit has been flowing this morning!


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