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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Music Video: Out of the depths

I wait with longing for the LORD, my soul waits for his word.
My soul looks for the Lord more than sentinels for daybreak. (Psalm 130)

I'm back from making the Long Retreat - 30 days in silence on the edge of the Atlantic. The silence was profound, the experience extraordinary. I waited upon the Lord, often in the night watches, and this psalm, ran through my mind often around 4 am. May it bring you gently into the depths of God's love.

That said, music at our liturgy this morning was riotously joyous. Were you contemplative, all joy or somewhere in between today? Share the music of the day with us...


  1. Our campus ministry had a summer camp fair today, so we made an attempt at riotous - but for some reason, our college students weren't in the mood. Anyway, we sang:

    This Is The Day
    Awesome God
    Dance With Me
    The Love Round
    Blessed Be

  2. I have had doubts about many things, but know for certain that the one thing I don't question is God...

    My perceptions and understanding of his work... certainly. But the doubts come form my humanity, not his love or reality. Anyway. I linked to my blog where there is a video...


  3. We sang 'I Love You Lord', 'People Need the Lord', 'Precious Lord, Take My Hand', and 'Take Time to Be Holy'. The congregation was surrounded today by the words of the Prophet, Isaiah. The Old Testament lesson from chapter 40 was hand written on newsprint and put up on the walls so all could read and be lifted up by God's Spirit as the wind lifts the eagle.


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