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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Prayer: Epiphany 4

Holy and gracious God,
we give thanks
all the blessings
of this life.

Help us
to hear when you call,
see where you lead;
May we respond
to your prophets
when they appear.

Loving God,
fill those
who suffer
or struggle
or live in fear
with your peace.

those who weep
the broken
the shattered
the lost
with your hope.

God of our desire,
bless us, that we
be a blessing
to all we meet.


  1. Thank you MP. Blessings to you.

    We had word of yet another death of someone in our little congregation, so the part of the prayer about the broken and the shattered really resonates with me this morning. I'm glad it is a communion Sunday today. The people need the hope of that table today.

  2. Sue, I understand how difficult that is in a small congregation...been there. Prayers for you and your people today...

  3. Oh Sue - I am so sorry to hear about another death in your congregation! You all need to be uplifted and stregthened for the times that lay ahead.

  4. Simple but a blessing.

    And Sue, hope and prayers for you.


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