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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Open House!

Quaker Pastor shares a wonderful post on the inauguration, which she attended as a chaperone to her son's group. Great insights!

Deb asks, "Help! Do you speak Welsh?" She says, "Our older daughter, aka “The Harpist” is doing a high school research project. It is SUPER important that she actually talks to someone in her area of research as part of the project. She needs to talk to or email someone who speaks Welsh, or is aware of how Welsh has regained usage and fluency in recent years (as opposed to Gaelic, which is declining)." Good luck, Deb & Harpist!

Christine invites us to the Poetry Party, on the theme of "Stirring in the Belly."

Finally, I invite you to visit Songbird and read "The Three-Legged Stool," a truly gorgeous piece of writing. Heartbreaking, as well.

Oh, the theme? Open House? My department has recently (January 5) moved to a new building on campus, and all day today is our Open House! We are all decorated and tidy (well, I do have a couple of stash & dash piles in a cabinet!) and we have a flower arrangement, and bagels and Hershey's miniatures, and passport covers to give away. We are all dressed in our best bibs and tuckers, too. Our president will speak later this afternoon.

And so far...only one person has come in specifically for the Open House. :) Ah, there'll be more. But it feels good to have done this preparation, even if no one else ever shows up!

It is reminding me of the importance of being ready all the time. On the lookout for new people, ready to welcome them, concerned about how our appearance reflects our intentions. I want to remember this lesson as I move ahead in my church and community work.

What are you thinking about today? Share in the comments, or link to a post of yours.


  1. Over at my place I was musing on why some people of faith seem to feel that atheist groups buying bus ads are an attack on their faith. I really want to tell them to grow up

  2. I've been thinking about prayers of confession, after hearing Philip Newell speak about our relationship with God at a seminar last week...


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