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Monday, March 02, 2009

Meet and Greet

This week we have one new member to introduce:
Kristin at Liberation Theology Lutheran. Kristin describes her blog this way: I'm a lifelong Lutheran, and although I'm aware of some of the problems with Liberation Theology, it has spoken to me for much of my adolescent and adult life. All of the thoughts on this blog are mine (or those of commenters), and I don't intend to speak for any other Lutherans or Liberation Theologians.

And she says this about herself: A poet, a scholar, an administrator, a wanna-be mystic--always wrestling with the temptation to run away to join an intentional community--but would it be contemplative? social justice oriented? creative? in the mountains? in the inner city?--may as well stay planted and wrestle with these tensions and contradictions here, at the edge of America.

Welcome Kristin!

and now: be sure to check out our upcoming Big Event 2.0 - we are leaving the cold climes and coming to The Casa at the Franciscan Renewal Center -

- in Scottsdale, Arizona April 16-19 for a continuing education event

with Wil Gafney! and a side trip to the Grand Canyon (if you want to stay in AZ until the 21st of April)...see the side bar link for more info - and yes, you can still join us.

The tentative itinerary for the BE 2.0:

Thursday, April 16:

Arrive at Sky Harbor Airport in time to catch the Super Shuttle. Be sure to call Super Shuttle ahead of time and make your reservation from the Airport to The Casa and back. The cost is $16.00 each way.

6:00pm dinner at The Casa

7:00pm Gather as a group, intros and some time with Wil

8:30 Evening worship

9:00 Social time


8:00am breakfast

9:00am morning worship followed by session with Wil

Noon lunch

1:00 afternoon session (this session may include some time to break out, rest, etc)

6:00 dinner

7:00 evening session with Wil

8:30 evening worship

9:00 social time


8:00 am breakfast

9:00 Morning Session, this session may include group work or free time

Noon lunch

1:00 Afternoon Session, this session may include group work or free time

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Evening session

8:30 Evening worship

9:00 bonfire and social time


8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Closing Eucharist

10:30 am departure

11:30 departure for those going to the Grand Canyon. We have reserved 4 rooms at the Maswik Lodge, accommodating 8 people, at about $95.00 per person, plus what ever meals we eat, and a share of the cost of gas for the drive up. (7 have said they want to go, one is tentative). More reservations can be made, but a request must be placed with Mary Beth asap.

We will return from the Grand Canyon on Monday, late afternoon. Those leaving on Tuesday will need to make reservations to stay at The Casa or a hotel near the airport for Monday night. It will take us about 4 hours to drive to and from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon.

We still have room for a few more!! BUT - final payment is due NOW. To request a brochure with more details, or to request a registration form, please send an e-mail to


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. It's blogs like this one (and so many of the ones that RevGalBlogPals members keep individually) that made me want to blog, so I'm very pleased to join you!

  2. Just a question: Should I go ahead and book the Shuttle service for myself, or should I wait and see who else from the group is going at the same time? I will be there a day early, so I can meet up with anyone arriving on Thursday at pretty much any time after noon, when I have to check out of my hotel.

    I would be glad to be the RGBP meet and greet person at the airport! I've always wanted to wait for someone and hold a sign, or maybe wear one of those hats with moose antlers on them (not that I, ahem, have one of those or anything...) :)

  3. Sue, I think we will have to book the Shuttle service individually, because we didn't allow for booking it as a group in our budget for the trip (also RGBP, Inc. does not have a credit card). I can tell you there are a number of people arriving around noon. We should probably take this conversation to the email group, but let's be sure we've added everyone to it first. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Songbird - that's helpful.

  5. Welcome, Kristin.

    And...I wanna go to the BIG EVENT! Waaaaaah! I wanna I wanna I wanna :-(

  6. From Father Bill:

    Just as a reminder, we do have a discount available for those wishing to take the SuperShuttle and have the ability to book online. and discount code PMGEZ will reduce your fare and provide a few perks for frequent fliers.
    The greatest savings comes IF you can assemble 5-7 to travel on the shuttle at one time.

    'You then book the "exclusive van" and in addition to a substantial savings with the discount code, you also travel direct (without stops) to or from the airport.'

    This usually works best Back to the airport on return as all are already at the Casa and getting 5 to 7 travelers together is easier than at the airport.
    Hope this is helpful. Get ready for 80 degree warm sunshine days and safe travels.

    Father Bill

    (our folks at the reception/gift shop have the discount code if needed for returns)


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