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Monday, March 16, 2009

Meet and Greet


Although not the kind of holiday that warrented a vacation from school or work I grew up in a family that celebrated St. Patrick's Day "religiously." My mother identified strongly with her Irish roots, which are nominal at best. As a result wearing green and eating corned beef and cabbage on (or around) March 17 are traditions in my life. My husband is thoroughly Polish and German, but he enjoys a good corned beef dinner as much as I enjoy golabki (cabbage rolls). Both these meals are made from meat and cabbage, but are quite different.

Likewise, all of us who wander over here have blogging in common. But in blogging our similiarities also become our differences. And then our differences have a way of leading us right back to things in common.

Check out our newest blog members to learn more about what makes them, and us, similar or different:

Nancy at growing up in faith describes her blog: For purposes of this discussion, I'm a minister/pastor/preacher in the making, a writer, a music lover ... among other things that may be revealed. Grace and peace be with you.

Mainecelt at mainecowgaels describes her blog: Scottish Gaelic singer, Free-range FarmGrrrl, Sea-swimmer, Itinerant Pelagian preacher, Baker of bannocks, and Believer of Kye-in-the-Skye.

Jacqueline at the adventurous parson describes her blog: Theological reflection on starting an Episcopal parish in a neighborhood of poor and working class, people, a mix of old New Englanders and immigrants.

Jaz at a strangers journey describes her blog: As one called to be a pastor, I hope to use this blog to share some of the struggles, thoughts, prayers, joys, sorrows, humor, hurts, adventures and triumphs as I journey into and through ministry with Christ.

Welcome one and all!


  1. Welcome to our new members!

    On a different note, I want to let you know that Fenway, beloved dog of Chartreuse Ova and Kievas Fargo, who has made an emergency vet trip today. CO asked for prayers, and I wanted to share this with the ring.

  2. Big welcome to the new folks! Thank you for sharing the table.

    Blessings to Fenway and to Fenway's humans. And blessings to all of you in these Lenten days...

  3. This is the first meet and greet I've gotten to in awhile, and I'm glad I did. I needed a few of the things that these amazing women wrote. I'm so glad you're with us!

  4. Welcome all! I look forward to reading you!


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