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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Short and Sweet

Wednesday Salutations! (or "salivations," as a friend greeted me in an email yesterday)...

Brother Cody is applying for a college scholarship and asks for your input. You may visit him here and share your wisdom.

See-through Faith asks, "Are you being a Paul/Paulina in the lives of others? and how are you allowing other Christians shape you?" She would really like to hear from you!

She's also wondering how a day of prayer and fasting could have led her into such flagrant temptation. Evidence here.

Songbird is celebrating her fifth blogiversary this week! In other blogiversary news, congrats to Quotidian Grace and Elastigirl! Anyone I've missed?

A quiet festival this's a quiet week in my neck of the woods, with the campus mostly empty for Spring Break.

What are you up to? Thinking, reading, posting? Any signs of Spring?


  1. I had some very interesting visitors yesterday!

  2. At my place I tell the story of a day right out of a sitcom...including having to tell a police officer, "The dog ate our vehicle registration."


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