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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Afternoon music video- Dreaming a dream

I wanted to share something different with you this week, last week while watching Britain's got talent with my family we shared the jaw dropping amazement of the judges and the studio audience as Susan Boyle wowed us with her singing talent! If you haven't seen it you can find a link to the You -tube video here.

I spoke about her in my sermon today, noting how she surprised and amazed everyone, how what we saw and heard was not what we had expected. I wondered how often the church is or should be like that. Susan has an amazing gift in her voice, we have an amazing gift in the person of the Holy Spirit, poured out into our lives! We need to both receive and acknowledge the gift we have, and then we as a church need to open our moths to sing God's song.

Listen to the surprise in the judges voices, but also the way they acknowledge what they are hearing! I wonder what it would be like if the church sang God's song, if we dared to catch his vision for us and dream his dreams...

In Church today we sang Charles Wesley's And Can it Be? the question echoes Susan's daring to dream, let us be among those who dare!

Here it is:

How about you, what did you sing today, what has inspired you, as always let us know in the comments.


  1. Great choices. We sang "Up from the grave he arose!" What a fun song with with the jumps from high to low.

  2. I wonder why everyone was surprised -- can't regular looking people have beautiful voices? This writer captures what I thought here.

  3. I'm sure I'm off'base' but today was the last day of vacation and I sang, "Take me out to the ballgame" at the 7th inning stretch. I think some worship services need a 7th inning stretch. what do you think?

  4. Yes-"take me out to the ball game" is perfect for church - seventh inning stretch - we often use the Passing of the Peace for that. I want it sung at my funeral -- along with Put Me In Coach.

  5. There's lots of speculation here on the 'internets' as to why the Susan Boyle story is irresistable.

    My take on it? It's an Easter story.. the story of an unexpected resurrection of hope and light to a world jaded by pretence and phony packages. The voice of joy in the midst of so much bad news.

    the holy spirit comes to us as a surprise, using unimaginable people to bring incredible gifts to the world, as if to say: "God's still in charge here... his gifts arrive unannounced to unsuspecting peoples."

    Even a cynical audience broke into joy while she sang. Such are the works of God...

  6. oooh...Susan B is inspiring but "And can it be" is my desert island, 1st Mass, funeral & every other occasion in between hymn. Thanks for posting it :)


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