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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Prayer

Lamb of God
Hear us when we pray
Wipe our tears

anoint us
with fragrant oil
calm our hearts

Lamb of God
Hear us when we pray
hold the pain

anoint us
love beyond measure
deep mercy

Lamb of God
broken open heart
love pours out

walk with us
journey to the cross
grace for all

darkest of days
holiest of weeks
God with us



  1. Holy Week

    we are wholly - weak
    Filled so full with grace -
    hearts and lives filled with busy
    a four letter life-word of many
    and contrasted
    to the empty-ness
    of the tomb
    which itself was so full
    of the love of God
    it could do nothing less
    than break open.
    give us heart-room to be so filled
    with the love of God
    that it will spill over
    and our lives burst with joy
    Easter morning comes
    again again again
    again again
    joy to the world....
    Jesus lives.

    bobbie mcgarey 2005
    ah we are weak but thou art strong
    God go with you

  2. Beautiful, Mompriest.
    Thank you.

  3. Oh, so gorgeous, MP. Thank you.


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