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Sunday, April 26, 2009

This hymn speaks to me on so many levels - and is one of my favorites, both the tune and the words.

We did not sing this in our congregation, but my guess is some church did as it was one of the recommended ones this Sunday. What hymns did your congregation sing today? Which one spoke to your heart?


  1. We sing this as the final hymn on Palm Sunday and then again on Maundy Thursday while stripping the of my fav's

  2. I have worked hard to introduce this hymn here--we sing it with other words, too, (from the Iona Abbey Worship Book) so we can sing it at other times of year appropriately. We sang this a lot during Lent this year--I think they finally got it! I love this song.

    Today we finally sang I Danced In The Morning...people really love that. You would think I'd just given them all a bunch of ice cream sundaes, they were so happy. It was great. :-)


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