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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Slow Starter

Sorry for the delay! Things have been a little crazy this morning - no fooling!

Sally shares two posts this week. She says, "It has been an eventful week in the Coleman household - some things really bad, some filled with hope. She also gives us a reflection on Lazarus.

Chilly Fingers has a new blog look and invites you to stop over and say hey!

Here's one of the funniest.posts.ever from I Are A Writer. :) No sips of coffee before you read it.

SingingOwl is seeking your advice! and Sue shares just a bit of encouragement "for those of us clergy-types who might be feeling a bit Lenten-weary...."

Do you have posts that didn't make it in? Go ahead and tell us what you've been writing and reading in the comments!

Remember, if you would like to nominate your own or material any other RG blog for the Wednesday Festival, please email it to


  1. The Chilly Fingers link is broken.

    And thanks for the help!

  2. Read Fellow Traveler's fan mail from one of our young parishoners at my place.

  3. Link fixed. Thanks for heads up, SO!

  4. Please - come on over and respond to the poll on Search the Sea.


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