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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Whan that Aprille...

Greetings, folks! It's rainy about where you are?

Sally shares two reports on a Conference for practitioners in reaching out to the new spirituality arena; first my journey to engagement, and then reflections on the conference itself.

Deb at Unfinished Symphony is celebrating! Her 22nd anniversary, end of the seminary semester, and her Harpist's final recital with her orchestra friends. Come to the party!

Christine invites us to this week’s Poetry Party on Honoring the Gifts of the Earth (and a very special prize drawing this week’s for Christine’s 3-year Bloggiversary)

Sophia is exploring the start of a new, emergent-style Benedictine community. If you are interested, please check out her post.

Ivy, blogging at Claimed, Gathered and Sent, invites us to her seminary project blog: "For a project in Gospels, I did a blog entitled Shepherding God's Flock since it was on John 10:11-18. I have decided to continue the blog and would like to include anyone else who is interested to be part of the team." Check that out, and get with Ivy in her comments if you would like to know more.

And, now that those of us who were able to participate in the B.E. 2.0 have had time to come down to earth, and in some cases to post about it, I offer you links to some reflections. There is no particular order to the list; and the folks named but without links were with us, but have not posted about the BE on their blogs yet - (no pressure or anything. ;)

Mid-Life Rookie
St. Casserole
Vicar of Hogsmeade

Event surveys have been collected from everyone, I believe. All comments are being reviewed and the planning for next year has begun, so watch this space!

Did you miss nominating yourself or someone else in the ring this week? Please share your favorite posts with us in the comments! For next week, be sure to send your nominations to, ideally by Monday for the Wednesday post.


  1. If anyone needs a mid-week diversion from ecclesial or academic madness, come on over and spend three minutes on my farm! I've posted my first video (yay!), taken last Spring on hatching day in our barn. Come take a mini-sabbath with the hens, chicks, and piglets!

  2. Thanks for posting the BE links, MB, and especially for flagging my post about the Benedictine community since I forgot to nominate it. We are getting started with a core group of four and a yahoo discussion group--and a lot of excitment. Praise God!

  3. If you want to talk about, write about theology with other women - go to to find out about 'Women in Theology'

    I've joined the ring, but I think I might have done it wrong, cos my site isn't listed - any wisdom?

  4. right, no pressure ...

    I don't think I'll get anything up until after SportsQueen's band trip to the east. They are letting me count as an adult :) Our scheduled arrival at the closest airport to home is 11:10 pm on 5/5 but we connect through Atlanta. Want to start a pool benefiting Heifer project for our actual arrival time?

  5. Hi, Mickey~
    Joining the ring isn't automatic. We have a screening committee that checks new applicants a couple of times a month, and that's coming up for next week. Hang in there!

  6. just fyi...i (crystal) is back to blogging as revhipchick and at and there you will find some of my thoughts and pictures from the
    BE 2.0


  7. Crystal - My bad! Got your link up there now.


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