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Monday, May 04, 2009

Meet and Greet

It's Monday Meet and new members you will come to know us by our feet - this photo taken at our most recent Big Event in Arizona. Here a number of us got to know one another in real life, while some others got to meet again with friends from the past. Today we have four new bloggers (or, uhm, eight more feet):

RevSis at grace-capades describes her blog this way: I pastor a small but growing United Methodist congregation just north of Fort Worth, Texas. I'm married to a wonderful man (aka "The Preacher's Wife") who supports and encourages me without fail. We have two sons, the eldest is in his senior year at Texas A&M University and the youngest is a sophomore in high school. Parenting is an exciting adventure, with lots of twists and turns and tears and laughter. Lots and lots of laughter! Rounding out our family is Jasmine, the grumpy queen of cats; Big Tail, the psychotic calico cat-dog; and Rigby, the princess of the house, a rescued pound pup. Yes, we have lots of hair in our house!

RevSonja at grace and peace describes her blog this way: I am a United Methodist Pastor in a rural community in Oklahoma. I am married with three children (almost all grown) two dogs, and a cat. As the kids put on their facebook site... "if you want to know more just ask."

Staying Awake at staying awake in missouri describes her blog this way: I'm an Episcopal priest and a hospice chaplain. I've discovered through the years that staying awake takes practice.Part of that practice for me is photographing the beauty and oddities I find in my travels as a hospice chaplain serving ten rural counties.

Wanida at accidental seminarian describes her blog this way: ’m a seminarian, a woman, a God-follower, a searcher, a friend. This is a place to talk theology and talk politics. There will even be times that the two will be synthesized as both are my passions, both drive me, both are the focus of my work and my life and both impact how I see and interact with the world around me. This blog offers me the space to discuss, explore and share my involvement in the world of politics while studying for the ministry. It will contain my views, which I neither attribute as the official position of my church or of the political party I am a member of and actively involved in. And, when life is just a little too busy for me to blog, will micro-blog over at Twitter so you can also follow me there. Blessings and a never ending supply of chocolate cake.



  1. Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to all your posts!

  2. Oh wow! I appreciate the great welcome and am thrilled to join this fabulous community!

    Now I need a

  3. Welcome everyone - and yes, sometimes pedicures are an important topic of discussion...usually just before a RevGals Big event and the photo that follows!

  4. welcome!
    ahh, a pedi.
    need one soon.

  5. Thank you for welcoming me into your community. I look forward to connecting with other women in ministry.

  6. Welcome everyone!!!! Someday we want your perfectly pedicured toes in our circle!!!!

    If memory serves, the perfect RevGal colour is OPI's "Hot Hot Hot". Or is it "I'm Not Really a Waitress"? Either one works for me...

  7. Ceud mile failte-- a hundred thousand welcomes to our new folks, from one who's still a bit wet behind the ears herself!

  8. P.S. THIS farmer's toes ain't never seen a pedicure, though I did help two young male cousins paint their toenails green one summer when they were playing at being frogs.

    Ministry isn't the only thing for which I need mentoring... someday, y'all need to induct me into the Order of the Painted Toes!


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