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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Festival: I'm Late!

Sorry this is so late...this day has not unfolded in the way I had planned it to!

Gord reflects on what an irritated eye may be saying about being the church.

The Accidental Seminarian says: I should be graduating this year but had to put it off as I had to return to work. I had an exam today but didn't think to ask for prayers - so I'll do it now. I had to go back to work to pay my way through the remainder of my seminary course, so have a pretty busy schedule. There are times that it all just gets too much for me, I lose motivation and want to give up. There are times that I am just too tired and too overwhelmed with the task ahead so would welcome your prayerful support!

- You have got it, AS! Hang in there!

Guess what, Elastigirl is blogging her pilgrimage to Iona! Go share her visit.
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