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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday Festival: The Vine

Art from Thaden Mosaics.

I'm thinking a great deal this week of how Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. This means we are connected to each other, and it seems to me that it's only in our connections and mercy and forgiveness for one another and others that we are able to bear fruit. There are some wonderful connections to be made in the posts nominated here.

Joelle says, "I gotta little conversation going on at my blog asking if we are not obligated to be tolerant of those who we deem intolerant?" Go on over and weigh in!

Jan Richardson shares, "I'd love for my fellow RevGals to know that I've launched a website at This new site enables churches and other communities to download my artwork for use in worship, education, and other settings. The site includes all the images from my blogs The Painted Prayerbook and The Advent Door, as well as artwork from my books such as In Wisdom's Path. I'm thrilled about the opportunity to offer creative support to congregations and other groups in this way."

Sally says, "Help! I need inspiration and prayer. I am working on my final MA paper, and will graduate in June, and will be installed as a minister in a Circuit in September…. Right now though I am brain dead and need help!"

Sophia participated in the annual Blog Against Disabilism Day with a post on Mary Magdalene and mental illness.

Singing Owl comments, "I had a recent conversation (sort of humorous) at our district council that has me wondering whether others think it is true that men hate going to church. And if so, why? And what can be done?"

What are your connections this week? Do you have posts that you wish you'd shared, or nominations of others in the ring? Please give them to us in the comments if so!

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  1. Good morning all ~

    Last night I came up with a Mother's Day idea for bereaved mothers ~ if you have the misfortune to fall into that category and you want to participate, please join us at Search the Sea or Desert Year.

  2. I am still struggling with this issue of whether or not it is possible for Christians who disagree on issues of homosexuality to live together as my church, the ELCA is trying to hash out a compromise...
    I discussed it in my most recent blog
    Doing what is right in your own eyes

  3. This is great, thanks, MaryBeth!

    I've been feeling like I might be a minority on this. I'd love to know if others feel the same way.

  4. Dr. Fr. Wil GafneyMay 6, 2009 at 11:53 AM

    I'm planning seminary Eucharist for next Wednesday and am looking for online feminist liturgies (Anglican/Catholic/Lutheran). Any suggestions?

  5. I'd love input on the letter I've written to my son's day care Board of Directors. My draft is here!

  6. I'm looking for prayers or blessings to include with a little goodie bag that women of our church are preparing for women at a local nursing/residence home. I could really use some ideas!! (Google has offered rather gushy options).

    Leave a note here or visit me here

  7. sorry if I'm asking the blindingly obvious but what is Wednesday Festival and how do bloggers participate.

    I did try to check out the category posts but may have missed instructions. If I did, please forgive me :)

  8. accidental seminarian, good question! If you have a post from the past week you feel excited about, or read someone else's blog and want to encourage others to read a particular recent post there, send a link to the Wednesday Festival e-mail address,
    Long ago, when we had fewer blogs in the ring, we did "round-ups" on a regular basis, but with over 300 blogs in the ring, we count on each other to make these nominations.
    And if you have a late nominee, mention the post here in the comments for the Wednesday Festival!


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