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Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet and Greet

Photo by mompriest's daughter, taken with her Blackberry...

My daughter's dog, Oliver, is looking for her. She is working with the horses, training them to be ridden and training kids and adults to ride the horses. Poor Ollie, waiting and waiting to enjoy a good run outside on a warm summer day....

Unlike Ollie, some have this day off, and, are free to do as we please. The rest of us are able, at the least, to do some wandering on the computer. In our journeys today, I recommend we all stop by and welcome our newest member to the RevGals!

Wounded and Healing at: wounded and healing offers this blog description: I'm a United Methodist clergyperson who had a rough experience in the parish. This blog is my outlet for reflection, growth, and healing.
Welcome "Wounded and Healing!"


  1. Yes, welcome. I've found this group to be rich in both wisdom and laughter. May you find the measures you need of each!

  2. Love the weimy! And the blogs! Welcome to all!

  3. yes, welcome.

    and mompriest, that is one awesome, publishable dog picture.


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