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Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday Feature Discussion

Happy Monday!

For quite a while now we've had a music feature on the second Monday of each month. Due to life's demands, the creator and coordinator of that feature, Cathy, has stepped back. Many thanks for Cathy for her efforts!! Thus far there has been no volunteer to succeed her from among our current blog contributors.

Is it time to retire this feature and try something else? Over the past nearly four years some features have come and gone: Monday Mission Moment, also a monthly feature at one time; and daily round-ups that were possible with 50 blogs in the ring, but not so possible with well over 300!!

What would you like to see at RevGalBlogPals?

I invite you to leave a comment below with suggestions.



  1. Just a thought - what about a 'my favourite links' feature? I've just been messaging a young person about prayer activities and found some really good websites - or again might it be just too overwhelming with so much 'out there'? You could have a theme each time & invite comments to add to the 'library' of resources?

  2. Something simple: Sharing our gratitudes...whatever they are...from the silliest to the deepest sightings of God.

  3. OK, I really like Purple's idea, to help remind us that blessings are all around us.

  4. Oooh, I like Purple's idea too. I had an idea I was going to suggest, but now I'm not because I like hers better. :-)

  5. What about a different spiritual practice each month? There are so many ways to pray, but sometimes we (or I at least) get stuck in the ways that are most usual and forget there are many ways to get in touch with the Divine.

    I also really like Purple's idea.

  6. I like all three ideas. How many Mondays do we need?

  7. I like Purple's and Juniper's ideas, both....

  8. em. Didn't have to use that code to write that last comment did I. Still a bit new to this thing. Sorry.

  9. I like both the favorite links and the "gratitudes" idea -- we can be grateful for favorite links, can't we?;-) -- the latter fits in nicely with my attempts to incorporate the practice of examen into my daily prayer life.

  10. I like the sharing of gratitudes or sightings of God! Very cool!


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