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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Poems and Pentecost

Sally shares two posts on the a Town Festival Outreach event. Go read them here and the follow-up here.

She also gives us a report of a wonderful Pentecost!

Michelle wrote about a lovely post at a friend's blog, about Silence and Voice.

Christine at the Abbey of the Arts says, "You are invited to join this week’s Poetry Party at the Abbey! Bring wine, cheese, and beautiful words..."

and in that vein,

Songbird has a perfectly beautiful poem, "Some Things Never Will."

What are you writing and reading this week? Let us know in the comments, and remember to nominate your own or other ring members' posts for the Fest by emailing a link and description to


  1. I am new to blogging but just had lunch with revsongbird...I would love to join but dont even know how......can you help

  2. Hi RevDisco,

    I would be happy to help! Why don't you email me at marybethbutler at gmail dot com, and give me some info on where you are (do you already have a blog, etc.) - we can go from there together!


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