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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Festival: What's Up?

Once again, no emailed nominations for the Wednesday Festival. I know people are busy with vacations, conferences and continuing ed, camps, family changes that result from kids being out of school.
In lieu of a roundup, then, two options.
1). Either share in the comments a favorite post (yours or another ring member's) from recent bloggage - instructions for linkiness below -
or -
2>. tell us the next 'festive' thing you have planned for the summer (festive may be interpreted as broadly as you wish!). Going somewhere? Staying home and going to the water park? I'm regressing to my childhood: Wham-0 Slip & Slide anyone?

or maybe a Wham-O Water Wiggle?

Blessed day to all!


  1. I have nothing. So sorry. I had plans to tell stories from vacay, but jsut have not gotten to it yet.
    Busy times with session tongiht, COM and small church ministry meeting tomorrow. Time to kill in between so I won't drive back 37 miles and turn around again with gas at $2.36,g.
    One meeting is noon-2 and another 6-8. 4 hrs to do stuff.
    Also, birthday for the women of the church on saturday. Busy times, sorry post to follow one day.

  2. Ha, next 'festive thing'...
    won't be happening until September, once I've got the dissertation submitted, summer locum finished, and survived ministry conference.
    But, what I'm thinking I'll be doing to celebrate will be to go do a 5 day 'competent crew' sailing course over on the West coast of Scotland... Sailing rocks. Actually, on many levels!

  3. I like the poem about Sarah linked on my Search the Sea entry yesterday, and I tried to nominate myself last night, but failed - and not for the first time! Where are we supposedto send links?

  4. is the address for nominations. It's linked in the sidebar.

  5. Lovely pictures today at

  6. Next festive thing: to the beach with both my sweeties (two-legged and four-legged) in tow to celebrate our 27th anniversary. But before that, I'm being re-installed on our church's session--a very diferent kind of festivity!

  7. I forgot to email you
    :hangs head in shame:
    but I did blog this week on how cleaning the snake's cage is a metaphor for life, love and ministry!

    The next "festive" thing in our lives will be the July birthdays in our house - Reedy Girl and the Bearded Brewer! :)


  8. Ever wondered what pastoral care done by the IRS would look like? Here's my shot at it.

  9. I'm so sorry that I left out the promised linking instructions! Yeow. Whatta day!

    My festive thing is a brief trip to the Far East - no, not China - but Maine, to visit Songbird! Woohoo!

  10. I'm on vacation this week and have been doing tiny festive things in an attempt to break open my days in a new but low stress way.

    Yesterday it was a trip with one son to a new pet store--dog leading the way--and to a public library branch we hadn't been to; we both found books, then stayed to read for a while.

    Today was going with both sons and husband to a farmers' market; we got the most incredibly sweet and juicy peaches (3 varieties), and youngest son learned from the very friendly farmer about why food grown locally is so much tastier!

  11. Laugh at those pictures.

    Today I got a day to myself for the first time in two years. That may have only been note/blog worthy for me. :)

  12. Uh, really late, but I did jsut do the vacy post. it is long, but amusing and maybe even a sermon idea one day.
    Pics and a new story to follow.

  13. My great-nephews and their mother arrive Monday afternoon for three days! We are going to the park, making an american flag out of cupcakes, playing with the dogs and niece and I are going to have a pedicure.
    Of course, my mother is here now and my sister and brother-in-law will stroll in Tuesday. Nephew and his girlfriend arrive Thursday. We will spend the weekend going back and forth to family reunion 65 miles away and also celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary on Friday. I love this time of year!

    And for anyone who is interested, I did post the mishnah on this week's gospel here.

  14. woefully inadequate here.

    I've just been exhausted lately.

    will try to do better.


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