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Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Five: GAMES!

In less than three weeks, my family, including children and their partners, will be gathering in Seattle, WA for 12 days. After various days in Seattle sightseeing and in Bellingham seeing family, we will travel to the coast of Washington State to spend three nights in a large rented house. With nine adults (from almost 20 years old and up), I am thinking that we need to have some activities pre-planned--like GAMES! (Any ideas will be appreciated.)

So this Friday Five is about games, so play on ahead. . . .

1. Childhood games?

2. Favorite and/or most hated board games?

3. Card games?

4. Travel/car games?

5. Adult pastimes that are not video games?

Bonus: Any ideas for family vacations or gatherings?

As always, let us know in comments if you play. Post a direct link to your blog entry in your comment using the following formulation in the comment box: what you want the link to say goes here For a complete how-to, click here.


  1. Wonderful “play” Jan! I got game over here

  2. Ideas for games and gatherings are here. I'm just back from visiting with family and friends; some very amateurish bridge (on my part at least) was the name of the game this time. Thanks for a fun play!

  3. I am finally back at home and definitely need to play games.

  4. Am not sure I'll have time to post today, so if I don't here's a great adult game.

    On individual slips of paper, have each player write the names of 5 people (living, dead, characters from tv/movies, animated, can set the rules). Drop these 5 names for each person into a hat. Divide into two teams. Alternating teams, each person gets one minute to draw a name out of the hat and have the rest of the team guess the person listed by the clues they give. If they still have time that minute, they keep drawing names. One point per name. Play to a certain number of points or until you run out of names or for a certain amount of time. Lots of flexibility.

  5. It helps to come from the pre-video game era, plus being one of 7 kids!

    I'm a party girl HERE!


  6. thanks for this one. Fun to think about our upcoming family reunion with 25 people occurring during our 25th annivesary! Good times!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Fun questions, Jan. I confessed my competitiveness here!

  9. here it is

    totally needed an invite to the reindeer games myself...

  10. Awww, heck. I still can't get the links to work. Try

  11. I just want to run out to a game store now! Thanks for letting us play around.

  12. I'm in this week - after a bit of an absence. Come visit my playhouse.

  13. Great Firday Five! Had some memories to skip back into. So,
    my games are here

  14. I played here, which is also where I moved my blog to!

  15. I'm late, but still thought I'd play a game

    Thanks, Jan!

  16. I didn't play I haven't been well. It started on Tuesday when I had a sore throat. That night I developed a temperature. The following day I had a full blown cold, found it difficult breathing and I have had a headache ever since.

    I have now called my GP three times and still haven't had access to tamiflu. I am quite annoyed but am probably too ill to do or say anything about it.

    I am sleeping quite a lot and not sure that I will play this week.

    Please do pray for my health.


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