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Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday Meet and Greet: New Team Introductions

Happy Monday, everyone!

As you heard last week, mompriest will be shifting her duties and has "retired" from hosting the Meet and Greet after a much-valued ministry of hospitality among us. Thanks, mompriest, for your efforts over the past two years! She will still be writing Sunday Prayers and look for her to join the Preacher Party rotation, too.

Mary Beth and I will be sharing this feature going forward, and we will be assisted in our work by two people who have been part of the team for a long time, though their work is behind the scenes. The Membership Committee includes DogBlogger of Dog and God and Teri of Clever Title Here. When bloggers apply to join the ring via Ringsurf, the three of us check to be sure the new applicants meet our requirements for membership (as displayed in our sidebar and here below):

Membership in the ring is open to bloggers who are:
1. Women clergy, women church professionals, and women religious, or those discerning a call to Christian ministry.

2. Women or men blogging pals of (1).

3. All committed to building a supportive online community for women clergy, women church professionals, and women in religious life.

4. You must be an active blogger for the previous three months in order to join and to maintain membership.

We also check to be sure our ring code is displayed on the new blog.

Most of the time the answers to the questions above are fairly obvious, but just in case there are concerns I am glad we have a team to check into them. For instance, we occasionally consider exceptions to the three month rule: did the blogger have a previous blog and move? or has the blogger changed to preserve anonymity or to throw of the cloak of a pseudonym?

Including Mary Beth, we now have a membership committee composed of two clergy members and two lay members, representing the Episcopal Church USA, the Presbyterian Church USA, the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ. If you serve or belong to another denomination and would like to see it represented, please send us an email to volunteer.

We currently have 323 blogs listed in our sidebar, though that does include a few special cases. Every six months or so we go through the list carefully to delete inactive blogs and broken links.

Recent members and applicants have connected to us by "meeting" some of our members via Twitter! It's a new day.

And I hope yours is beautiful.



  1. I'm in process of moving my blog... what do I need to do to continue my connection to the RGBP ring once the move has happened (and name has changed)?

  2. Very interesting to know how it "works" -- thanks, songbird!

  3. ellbee, let me know when you make the move and I will change the blog roll. If a blogger is changing for privacy reasons, we won't make a public announcement, but if you want people to know (say you're changing from Blogger to Word Press), we'll add the information to the next Meet and Greet! You can email me directly about it at

  4. Thanks Pals for all of your hard work.

    A big thank you to Mom Priest, you did a great job.

  5. Next week I will have been officially blogging for 3 months :)
    Looking forward to hopefully joining y'all properly!!
    Meanwhile, back to the disseration of doom, doom, doom....

  6. Songbird, if I have been approved (by you) and have sent in my check, and the group info is on my what stage should I begin to become more involved by answering things on my own blog? When do I say I am "offically" a member? Thanks!

  7. Thank you, all of you, for all of your hard work for the RevGals and Pals. It is so very much appreciated.

  8. I appreciate all that you are doing!!! And thanks for the heads up that we can still blog under an "assumed" name... That may be in my future.



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