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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Dog Days

Did you know that in the Northern Hemisphere, the Dog Days of Summer run from July 3 to August 15? In the Southern Hemisphere, you're looking at January to early March. There's your fun fact for the day! (Source: my Returned Peace Corps Volunteers calendar & Wikipedia) . Walking out my door this morning was very DOGGY in that sense. Hoping that your weather is nicer.

Over at Eternal Echoes, Sally shares how a meeting with a friend got her thinking about grace-filled listening to those with whom we don't necessarily agree. Her post specifically refers to issues of theology and practice, but I can't help thinking how important this is in many, many areas of our lives, and on many topics.

I'd like to introduce Niwaki, who will be joining the Wednesday Festival hosting rota soon! Go over and say hello.

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  1. I'm trying to do a bit more creative writing at my place and would love to have you drop by.

  2. I'm once again celebrating my son's miraculous rescue from a near-fatal sandhole collapse. Details here (including a little yarn giveaway).

  3. Hi! I've blogged about the North American Stewardship Conference..June, 2009 in Toronto.

    It was called, Beyond Security. It was an important wake up for the Church everywhere. It was an interdenominational gatthering.

    Beyond Security...

    Go check it out at spiritual motion.


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