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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Monkey Underwear Edition

Newly joining member LuckyFresh shares a multilayered approach to prayer. She's also pondering the difficulty of thanking God.

Sally has sparked an interesting conversation on The Lord's Supper/Communion, drawn out of her reflections on participating in an Anglican Mass at a friend's ordination.

Christine invites one and all to this week's poetry party. Theme is "Always we Begin Again."

Diane says, "I attended the North American Stewardship Conference - Beyond Toronto, June 18 - 20, 2009. The message is urgent and several Denominations attended from across North America which gave it such flavour and texture....and energy.

I wrote a letter to the leaders who made it happen after I wrote a poem about the message that was clearly for the Christian church.I have shared these writings on my blog...spiritual motion."

Jane Ellen + has a very funny post entitled "Big Manly Knives and Swords Sunday." I'll let you discover for yourself! :)

Ruth Everhart has written a novel about a clergywoman, which advanced to the quarterfinals in this year's Amazon competition! Exciting! Now she is looking for readers and commenters. If anyone is interested, please contact her via her blog comments.

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  1. Just had to say that the author (?) of that comic strip is my sister's cousin (by marriage, that's why he's not mine, too!)


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