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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Summer Sampler

Image: Corbis

You are invited to join See-Through Faith on a voyage of discovery. She is also wondering if God is lonely.

Sally is asking for our prayers as her Chris is undergoing his heart surgery today. Sally, we are with you.

Christine at Abbey of the Arts invites us to this week's Photo Party...go see!

Kristin at Liberation Theology Lutheran shares a wonderful post, Come Meet My Gods.

And a new feature for the Wednesday Festival: the classifieds! Betsy says: "I'm Betsy, a RGBP poster who has a church blog, but not a personal one. As a result, I can't really link to this offer, but the Wed. Festival was the one place I could think of to put it: in cleaning out drawers, I came across 2 of the small white plastic tab collars for clergy shirts. I don't have any shirts of that type anymore, and it's not likely to be a hot item on Freecycle, but I wondered if one of the RGBP folk could use them. I'd be glad to drop them in the mail to anyone! If someone is interested, a note in the comments would let me know to get in touch via e-mail."

Happy to help, Betsy! I'm sure that one of our folks will be glad to take you up on that offer.
Let us know what you are writing and thingking about using the comments. And remember to nominate for the Festival each week at


  1. Betsy, I would be very interested! I have never worn a collar, but we have a major campaign issue coming up this fall and clergy are being encouraged to show up at rallies in a recognizable form, so to speak. You can reach me at

  2. Happy Feast of Mary Magdalene to all the RevGals! One of my favorite legends about the Magdalene, which was inspired in part by Jesus' call to her to proclaim the news of his resurrection, was that she moved to France and became a famous preacher there. (I like to imagine that she followed her sermons with a cappuccino and a yummy French pastry.) Here's a link to the post I wrote this week to celebrate her feast day: A Toast to the Magdalene. May she inspire you in your preacherly call. Blessings to all!

  3. SB, you probably know this, but you can take an ordinary oxford button down and just sew the collar, and wear the tab in that - no need to buy a shirt! I did that when interning at a nursing home where we were required to wear the collar. Presto - instant clergy!

  4. my theology blog, desert spirit's fire, just celebrated the completion of its 7th year and now begins year 8!

  5. Thanks, Jan, for this great link! And happy blogiversary, Leah!

  6. I'll be sending you an e-mail, SB!

    Thanks, MB, for the "classified ad" :-)


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