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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Tweeting and dancing and preaching and laughing...

**Songbird has a beautiful and thought-provoking post titled "Laughing Jesus."

**Hey, you know that dancing wedding processional Youtube video - the one that's gone viral in the last week? Sure you do. But if you somehow haven't seen it, Mibi has it posted at her place, (see that link) along with an interesting conversation on whether you'd be officiating at a wedding that started that way. Weigh in, won't you?
**Deb cues us into a great opportunity:
"Hey, I think every RevGal should follow Rick Warren... at his request!. Here's his tweet: 'Friends, I'd like to FOLLOW any church planter or pastor. Please send me their twitter name. Tell them I'm at @rickwarren Thanks!'
I don't think he is expecting women to follow him, so let's."

**Scott says: "I'm doing a series of story sermons within the Bread of Life section of John's gospel over the next few weeks. The first of the series is here."

**Holly shares a request she got last Tuesday for a Sunday sunrise service: "We're having a ceremony to Honor the Ancestors. Native American elders will participate, but our usual clergy guy will be out of town. Could you give an invocation and homily about the shared history of indigenous peoples and immigrants in our state?" Here's how it played out.

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