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Saturday, August 08, 2009

11th Hour Preacher's Party

photo by: digital library

Good Morning! Preachers!!

What a buffet of possibilities (or perhaps impossibilities) await us:
  • from major family issues to angels,
  • from the depths of sorrow to the praise of the Lord,
  • from our ability (or not) to set aside all bitterness and anger and be tenderhearted,
  • from complaining of hunger to being well fed on the bread of life...

Oh my. A buffet indeed...but what to do with it?

From this table we can work together, sharing ideas, thoughts, prayers, worry and even our draft sermons...serving up lots of food for thought! And somehow (thank God) we will all be ready for Sunday morning.

To sustain us through the wilderness of this Saturday I offer fair trade coffee or homemade latte's (soy or milk?), cereal, yogurt, toast, granola bars, bacon and eggs, or perhaps fresh blueberry yourself!

Me? I have to run out to Preside at a funeral, but I'll be back before you know it!


  1. I'm mid way through making some bread (appropriate for the Gospel reading!!) and thinking of turning half the batch into some chocolate twist breads courtesy of a Jamie Oliver recipe.

    I'm in a funny situation of preaching two weeks in a row and guess what I preached on last week - you guessed it - I am the Bread of Life! So I'm deciding between the "still small voice of calm" and the whole anger issue.

    I do have a recyclable sermon on the still small voice but might be edgind towards the anger one as a result of booking the earliest slot possible to see some puppies and hoping to "bring one home" to discover that out of 10 only 2 were left and we're not sure if either is "the right one" for us.

    hmmm need chocolate twist bread to mull that one over!

  2. Good morning! It's a wedding for me today, and there will be a funeral first thing Monday, and my 18-year-old got home last night and my 23-year-old comes home for the first time since Christmas tomorrow, and -- well, there's a lot going on, including the need to turn a few basic ideas into a sermon on Ephesians that employs a metaphor about learning how to drive.
    Also, there is no food here. I'm going to run out to the bakery before my son wakes up. He looks very hungry after a summer of working at a camp!

  3. Good morning preaching pals!

    I have a contemporary service tonight and a Sunday service tommorrow and not one word written yet of my sermon although I've got a couple of ideas ruminating in my head.

    I was comparing our societies rejection of bread (atkins diet) to the religious authorities rejection of Jesus and then move it towards our modern day rejection of organized religion. There is a lot of "wonder bread" spirituality out there but it doesn't mean that we need to reject it all together.

    I'll let you know how it turns out.

  4. ooh interesting Atkins diet idea there. My chocolate twists are now out of the oven - must top up coffee to go with them.

    I've settled on Ephesians and currently looking at the anger issue and contemplating a HULK reference. :o)

  5. Ephesians is the text for me this week. Songbird, I don't know how many times I heard my mom yell my step-dad's name because she thought he was headed for the ditch as he looked at something in someone's field driving by at 70 mph and gradually steered the direction he was looking. It seems we often go the way we're looking.

  6. Good morning! Sitting in a hotel room with eggs and bacon (the former rather scary; the latter surprisingly good) working on a "celebration of life" homily for the brother of Fellow Traveler's friend Darlene, who passed away a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm also on deck to preach tomorrow (whew!)...that sermon is done, and in it I compared the spiritual nourishment of the Bread of Life with the spiritual junk food that we often use to fill our inner emptiness (sort of like the heavy, sickeningly sweet mass-produced muffin-like thing sitting on my plate right now) -- hitting on both the Gospel and the Epistle lessons.

    Wish me well today, and I'll do the same for you.

  7. morning friends! I have fresh blueberries to share--add them to anything you like!

    I am preaching on last week's OT lesson (Nathan to David: YOU da man, and not in a good way!). I don't know that I've ever preached a sermon quite like this leads up to the prayer of confession (instead of having that at the beginning like we normally do).

    I'm going to be out all day plotting the Chicago scavenger hunt our youth are going on in two weeks, so I've posted a draft of the sermon here and feedback is welcome. Too strong? Too weak? Too pointless? Too repetitive? Too long? Too extrapolatory? (I just made that word up...) Too accusatory? Too anything?

    I'll be back tonight, bearing Cosi sandwiches (mmm, cosi) and a scavenger hunt to die for. :-)

    see you later!

  8. Good morning, ladies. I'm headed out in a bit to see "Julia and Julie." I'm preaching the Ephesians text tomorrow...perhaps selfishly so. After this week, I could benefit from a sermon on being angry but not sinning.

  9. Dropping in for just a peek before I head out for the funeral, looks like everyone is settling in nicely...

    Sarah, I hope that recycleable sermon is useful and the chocolate bread sounds delicious.

    SB, how wonderful to have them home, alas, on such a busy weekend for you....sigh

    G-Gurrl, curious to see how you develope this one!

    Vicar...what an image!

    L-chick...hope all goes well and the eggs are worth eating...

    Teri - the scavenger hunt sounds fun...I'll stop by to read your draft soon.

    Chilly...I'm right there with you, sermon thoughts and, yes, I want to see that movie! (Maybe Monday)

    Ok. I may have a moment to pop in again before the funeral - in the meantime - help yourself, the coffee is fresh. And I have lots of tea too, if that's your pleasure.

  10. Off to celebrate a friends jubilee of 50 years as a Benedictine nun. then Natioanls ballgame this evening with some of the congregation. Sermon draft is done and is here
    If i got that code right. I toyed with the ideas at my blog pastorspost earlier. now for a quick shower. check with you all later.

  11. Blogger is oppressing me today and ate my earlier comment, so let me just say:

    Sermon (off lectionary)
    Hang out at home.

    There, blogger. Eat that comment!

  12. Okay, that "Andy" comment was me. I think someone else was logged into my computer. (Now you all know the 'real name' of someone in my family. Oops.)


  13. Cheese: posted under the wrong name, of COURSE blogger won't eat THAT one :)

    I'm in the depths still crying, haven't made it out yet. Ideas, but no sermon. Pulpit supply, they didn't even want the scriptures etc for the bulletin. I could punt with something altogether different from the history file, but that doesn't seem right.

    A couple new rejections in the call search. Maybe this sermon is for me.

  14. preaching on the psalm for a change... finished a draft... not great, not bad, just there...

    but my lower back aches for the third straight day in a row... ah the joys of bein' a woman! i crunched some ibuprofen for breakfast and now my great day of cleaning house... well it's slow going.

  15. "Julie and Julia" was great to see it last night...just be prepared to leave the theatre wanting to eat rich, buttery food and..well..make love! Have been pondering the movie as I work on a sermon that will probably be "Bread of Life" part 2. Last week was "Heavenly Food" and this week "Earthly Food" focusing on, as many of you are, junk food vs. nourishing food and what that means spiritually. Of course, it is still early...who knows where I will end up!
    Here we had whole grain blueberry pancakes (fresh blues, of course)for brunch and there are plenty to share.

  16. I have the power to make Andy go away, if you wish.
    Yes, I'm slightly giddy.
    Off to church to open the door for a guest organist. Wedding at 1. Hoping to finish the sermon between now and then so I can enjoy the rest of the day with my family. After the wedding we're heading to a seafood place by the water to eat with my husband's BFF. It would be sooo nice to come home and be able to hang out rather than writing. I am motivated!

  17. Cheese - welcome to the party, what ever name you want to use today!

    Althea, I hear your pain. Been there.

    HC...yup. know your pain too...sigh

    I finally...finally have something on "paper" - which means I can go to this funeral with a little less anxiety. Psalm 130 spoke to me too.

    OK - you're on your own for a hardy!

  18. Yes, my earlier comment, the one that blogger ate, was about Julie/Julia. Basically, I dare anyone to see this film and not stop off to buy butter on the way home! (Also, Julia and Paul were pretty sexy!)

    My wedding today is for a couple who are late forties, blended family. I remind them in my homily that "This ain't your first rodeo" which is funny because they are both equestrians.

    My sermon is "Ten Things I Learned at VBS" (Those of you who know my spacehook persona can find an outline there I posted earlier in the week!) I'm really hoping to get it finished before the 1:00 wedding, but not so sure. My spouse is distracting me by doing chores in the kitchen. I love to watch that man do chores! :)

  19. Rough draft of sermon finished. Please feel free to read it here. Please leave comments, I'd love to know what you all think.

  20. Rev. Nancy, love your sermon! I assume you were passing bread around during the sermon? great idea! mind if I borrow that? I also like your quote about egyptian mothers...can I steal that too?

    I'm facing a page filled with quotes and ideas and hoping they begin morphing into something resembling a sermon sometime very soon. I have plenty of coffee and clean laundry to share. And I'm passing virtual loaves around (they're virtual for me too...) to share in the feast of our Bread of Life. My virtual loaf is a cranberry walnut bread...mmm!

  21. so i gained more weight than i should have for my ob weigh in this week (27 weeks, 13 to go), and my dr said to cut back on carbs. so, i am, in the sense of cutting back on the carbalicious text this week and sticking with ephesians. meantime, i'm making myself a fat sandwich and chips and cookies! happy sermonating!

  22. Slow progress here, probably because I'm not sure where I'm trying to go.
    So I have done a bit of sorting out of other stuff, driven my daughter to a friend's house so I can use her car this w'end (son having borrowed mine), taken a wedding rehearsal, wandered round the garden listening to husband complain about the puppy, considered how much more attractive a loving golden retriever is than a grumpy spouse, failed to write some more......
    All pretty standard, really.
    Not sure I can bring much to the party on any front this week, actually. There are some plums ripe for eating, so that's a start...
    as for the sermon......:(

  23. I'm thinking about a tuna melt for an early lunch. There's plenty.


  24. Bread of Life, week 2 and I'm sort of wishing I'd gone somewhere else this week! I do have a title ("Well, Whaddya Know") so that's a start, right?

    Any children's message ideas out there? I'm thinking maybe something with a magnet to illustrate God drawing us to Christ. Now to find a magnet...

    No, better get back to that blinking cursor...come, Holy Spirit, come!

  25. Just back from a needed night away. Almost ran over a saint of the church who was weeding the driveway (it's a blind turn in). of course a comment was made about my absence last night. UGH.

    Cheese, I'll take a tuna melt. I've got to finish by 4 so I can get in the shower and go to a goodbye dinner - one that I am not looking forward to. This saying goodbye stuff is hard work and this particular meal is complicated - let's just say the right words are being aid, but the pain, anger and disappointment are all evident. They wanted me to come all afternoon and evening and i had to set some limits so i could get the sermon written.

    But I digress - -sorry to process here. Off to tackel david and absalom. Anyone else on that text?

  26. Homemade egg salad is on the way. With pickle relish or without?
    Fresh fruit on the table and sweet iced tea to drink.
    My sermon title is RSVP with plans to discuss the need to respond to Christ's invitation to eat of the bread of life.
    Even looked up online about proper ettiqutte when an invite says"R.S.V.P."

  27. Trying to work in the acronym by saying R is respond, S is to serve and be served.
    P is to procalim, but the V ain't happening.
    Any ideas?

  28. hey 1-4 Grace - "V" victorious... living as easter people in a good friday kinda world? "V" vitality... uhm? very something...

    chips & dip for lunch. then i may head out for a julia/julie matinee since your reviews are very enticing!!!

  29. KP, I'm Absaloming... not a word written, only the vaguest of ideas. Working title: The Pain of Loss.

    Ya think?

  30. Mags - I like. But kind of did it with Jonathan and Saul. So I am telling the backstory and the story of how we landed in a civil war (without preaching Tamar directly - -kids are still in worship!). i think I am headed towards an idea of so often the people we love and raised disappoint us, and us them, and yet we still love them. even thought he was a disaster, David loved Absalom and grieved his death so deeply.

    or something. I have about 2 hours to get the draft finished to a place where it will preach if I need it to.

  31. 1-4 it disturbs me that the first word that came to mind for 'v' was valium!!!

    I have never left a sermon quite soooooo late before. I stole a thought about the Ephesians passage reminding me a wee bit of Big Brother as an opener and now I'm chuntering on about being imitators of God. I'm actually boring myself writing the sermon. Kill. me. please.

    And yes, I too am feeling the effects of the joys of womanhood - the old lower back pain, and the usual exhaustion. Argh. Which is possibly why the valium came to mind in the first place, lol!!

    13 days until the Master's dissertation deadline... argh.

  32. I see that Nancy, Grace Eagle and Nutella have joined the party - (did I miss anyone??)welcome!

    Oh, and Magdalene, knitting preacher, and Nik....

    For those of us having a rough go of it, either in searches, calls, or sermon prep - I invite you to take a refreshing break from life with a dip in my pool. Ice tea and cookies, too. Wait, you want something stronger? Ok. That I can do....a margarita perhaps?

    Several sermon drafts to read, which once I have mine a little further along, I will do. I love that we share our sermons with each other!

  33. Valium is a good thing.
    But I may lean towards Victorious.
    So we have Respond, Service, Victorious, Proclaim.
    This would be things that we are to do as we are invited by Christ. This ties in good with Ephesians text (which is the other one in tomorrow's literature).
    Thanks y'all.
    Okay, nap time and then off to a party. This is gonna be a shorter sermon and I am being taped.
    Hopefully, they won't think I always use acronyms when I preach. Actually, I never have before, but used them frequently to teach or learn stuff in school.
    Okay, nap calling. Will somebody wake me by 4:15?

  34. I'm here for my only appearance at the party this week. The internet is down at our house, so I have swung by the church to e-mail the materials to the lay liturgist for tomorrow. That does require me actually writing the materials for the lay liturgist for tomorrow first. Ugh. Have a very low motivation week struggling with how to "get into" my sermon series for the next three weeks.

    The session asked me to do some preaching/teaching on the idea of community sustainability as the church as been approached by a member to make a pledge/commitment to sustainability in all that we do. The definition of sus. that he is using goes beyond just environmental issues, but also includes economoic concerns and even cultural issues - art, language, faith, traditions.

    So using an image the guy gave us of 3 concentric circles economic, society/culture, environment I'm sort of preaching "why these matter to God" over the next three weeks. This week is the economic week. I'm off lectionary for these and I think my struggle is trying not to come up with my message before my Scripture, but not knowing how to pick a Scripture without it being my own agenda anyway. Interesting.

    In the PCUSA there are also resources this week for homelessness/affordable housing Sunday which DEFINITELY fit my "economics" theme. I think I might need to write my sermon, or at least get a real solid outline before I even attempt the liturgy. But the liturgy has to get out via e-mail while I'm still here at the office. Hope the kids sleep long because I know my husband will call when they wake up.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. Gotta get off the internet and get to work here. See you all after today!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Nik... valium... you crack me up! I'll be having a snack of popcorn and a coke at the movies... preparing for council tomorrow, childrens sermon... I can work on 'em tonight right?

    I mean I've already sorted thru the closets to get rid of clothes I'm not wearing. Scrubbed the bath. Done laundry... mamy ways to procrastinate!

    KP... prayers for a better than expected evening and a good night's rest for you...

  37. 1-4 Grace - the reference to valium caught my attention! Hope it goes well tomorrow, being taped and all. I have the alarm set...

    SheRev - without internet! yikes...

  38. I'm off to the contemporary service. Hopefully my sermon will fly there. If not, it's going to be a late night tonight.

  39. Well, I'm preaching tomorrow. Here's my sad story (yes, I'm looking for a sympathetic soul:

    a) picked scriptures about 6 weeks ago.
    b) went on a week long trip to Immokalee Florida.
    c) mid-week decided there was no way I could preach Ephesians, like I'd said I would, and decided I wanted to preach Psalm 46 instead, which is not lectionary but the regular pastor doesn't follow lectionary so nobody would care--right?
    d) I emailed the church secretary and she says it's too late, she already printed the bulletin.
    d) got home late yesterday--EXHAUSTEd. I've been at a wedding all day.

    Do I?
    a) write the sermon on Psalm 46 that is already 90% written in my head and just tell the congregation that I changed my mind and read the scripture and then preach, even though I know the secretary will be displeased
    b) try to come up with something on Ephesians in the next 12 hours.

    What do you think oh internets?

  40. sko3: You can always turn it into a compliment on the wonderful efficiency of the church secretary and go ahead and preach Psalm 46.... That's what I think I'd do.

  41. sko3 I think that for us to be authentic to our calling we must listen for the movement of the Spirit. Not regularly, but more than once over the years I've been preaching, I have done exactly what Magdalene6127 suggests. Making sure the secretary does not get blamed but, at the same time, listening to the stirring of the Holy Spirit within for the sermon.

  42. Valium...definitely! Better living through pharmacology. Ok, so I'm kidding...I'm just yearning for "quick fixes" I guess while I write a sermon about something quite the opposite.

  43. Argh...thought I was done with my sermon till I realized that I'm telling the whole story of David (and Absalom and Amnon, etc) and our children are still in church, too. I'm used to being in a place where they have children's church. May need to rethink some wording. Basically, I'm trying to tell David's whole story with the punchline being that God still forgave David and responded to him in his time of need, and that God is with us even when we can't feel God around and responds to us in our time of need, too. Still trying to get a rhythm, as this is week 3...

  44. sko3: I'm with Mags and the Vicar. I've doen it before, and usually address it before the reading (I do the reading for what I preach. Sometimes I address it then as folks who are paying attention will notice, sometimes I bring it up in the intro. Go with it!

    I of course, finally got in the groove (after a quick nap, I am so sleepy this weekend!) and now have to take a shower and go to the dinner. I'm hoping to be there at 5:30 and be able to make my exit by 8. Today has flown by and been long at the same time.

  45. After a morning at the Salvation Army making and serving lunch, I came home and took a nap. So now it is crunch time.
    I'm doing Ephesians. One of FOTW's commentators talks about how this is Paul telling new Christians about new life v. old life. And that got me to thinking that most of us don't remember anything about our baptism and that the same is likely true for our confirmation. If we have always been Christians, we haven't got Paul's "old life" to compare our new/regular life to. And that's where we get in trouble. We figure that the lifeare called to in baptism must be the life we are leading.
    I finished reading Breakfast with Buddha this afternoon and recommend it. At one point, the main character asks himself the question, "What occupied the very center of the stream of thoughts that ran through my gray matter night and day?" After thinking about it, he realizes that the answer is love.
    We understand God to be pure love, immeasurable, infinite, never ending love. If love/God is the center for us, then living as Paul describes is more than desirable; it is vital to who we are.
    And now the cat is requesting attention. There's also another load of laundry to put in the washer. I'm sure I can find something else to occupy me when these things are done. I feel a very short sermon coming on!

  46. Wedding done and cleaned up.

    No fainting groomsmen his time, although the ceiling fans did cause the unity candles to go out, which I deftly (I hope) worked into the homily as one of those things in marriage you can't predict. I then snuck out during a solo to turn the fan off and they re-lighted the candles, illustrating that sometimes in marriage you do get a do-over!

    Now--home to finish the sermon.

  47. My wedding is over, too, and after we took a ride to the ocean with the kids and met a friend for a meal that was either a very late lunch or a very early dinner. Let's say dinner, so I'll be off the hook later, okay?
    I managed to get most of a sermon written before the wedding. I need to bring it home, but I think after wedding and fresh air and sunshine, I might need a wee bit of nappage, first.

  48. After a morning of VBS (four Saturdays done, one to go!) and an afternoon of taking care of other little things, I'm finally settling down to write. Although lots of plans for fall events are swirling around in my mind as well. Need to get them on paper so I can focus JUST on the sermon for a while.

    I'm continuing with the bread of life theme, but am not sure where else to go with it just yet. I preached the "junk food" thing last week and it went not really sure yet where to go this week.

    A nap is calling, but let's see how much I can get done before sleep takes over...

  49. OK help.

    I am busily writing the sermon about the death of Absalom, grief and loss, and I mention another story from Midrash this week about a son who committeed suicide.

    I have just learned that a member of my church has been with her grown son this week, who has an inoperable and malignant spinal tumor.

    Do I... pitch the sermon and pull something out of the barrel?

    Do I... call the woman up and gently explain that tomorrow's sermon might be heavy going?

    Do I... forge ahead?

    I mean it. Help.

  50. sko3 - I'm so grateful folks here had some words of experience and wisdom to share!

    welcome Margaret, I think I am heading in the same direction as you, love being the center of who are....

    Hey! Semfem has joined us!!

    happy returns to those coming from weddings...

    me? I think I need a nap by the pool a cool dip before I can stir this tired brain into finishing up the sermon.

    Y'all are welcome to join me. It's about 103 here and sunny. I have lots of peach iced T.

  51. Mags, the week Molly died, I went around and around about whether to talk about grief, even though it worked with the text. On Thursday of that week, a church member's beloved nephew died in that plane crash near Syracuse. I remember thinking, how can I talk about my dog when she has lost her nephew? But I concluded that loss belongs to all of us, at different times and in different ways, and I said words to that effect, and it ended up being a really good, though tearful, time of worship for everyone. I would trust that the direction you've been headed is the direction she needs you to go. Because whatever happens with her son, you will be giving her a safe space for terrifying feelings.

  52. Magdalene, I hope some of the wiser women weigh in on your dilemma as well, but I have to say, I would forge ahead with the sermon you're working on, and perhaps call the woman to give her a heads up as well. But I have a feeling that the sermon may be just what she may need to hear, and having her on your mind while you're writing will probably ensure that it is not going to hit her too hard.

  53. Magdalene6127, you talking about grief may be the open door the mother needs. There are not many people who are comfortable talking about grief or being with people who are grieving. This is an opportunity to speak with grace and compassion to an uncomfortable topic. By speaking about grief and loss, you may help break the isolation.

  54. Mags, I think if it were me with the ill loved one, I would want someone like you who is tender and compassionate to address grief and loss.

    Prayers for all of you...

  55. Done the best that I can, which aint great tonight....sometimes I wonder why I imagine God called me to preach at all.
    However, lest that sound too self pitying let me offer you a lovely bowl of rice crackers and my most encouraging and onward trending thoughts for your words...

  56. Hi,

    I am also looking at grief, guilt, how life can be difficult. and the Bread of life that feeds our journey. then playing Paul Melley 'Out of the Depths' as a reflection time, then straight into communion. I am aware that it may be hard going for some in the congregation. I am giving a 'warning' before the readings, that some poeple may find these readings elicit a strong response, if that happens for you, please speak to me or the people rostered for prayer today after the service.

    Oh and I should thank RevGals for Paul Melley, I loved a Sunday song so much I searched and brought the CD.
    time for shower and worship [here it is sunday morning]

  57. Okay. I have a very basic outline. I have a plan to connect the David/Absalom story and the "bread which comes down from heaven" discourse. Let's see how it works. Thanks to Mags and those who have lifted up the need to preach about grief. I think I will be spending some time on that one.

    After some dinner and a phone call, of course. But at least I have an idea where I'm going now!

  58. My sermon on David's lament for Absalom started out as "Too Late For Tears." It finished as "Never Too Late For Tears." I'll post the text after I preach it:
    Stop by and see what's already up. Also at:

  59. Hey Robin, missed you and your comment on carbs...hope the lunch was delicious.

    Welcome, Wil! Nice to have you join us.

    Wonderful compassion here today for those struggling with what to say..I'll only add, I'd call the woman, check in with her and give her a heads up. It may be what she needs to hear, it may be that she doesn't want to hear it at this least she can choose.

    Swim over. feeling much more refreshed. Sermon posted. It's a short one: Be Kinder than Necessary...

  60. Sermon is done! Whoo Hoo! and maybe it doesn't suck

    Off to eat with my children.

    I'll be back later since I haven't printed anything and the prayers aren't done yet.

  61. Hi. sorry I haven't been in all day. I just preached the early edition, on Ephesians 4: think globally. forgive locally.

    we're redoing our hardwood floors; it's chaos in our home. need vacation, at least from the house.

  62. back on again with my on-off sermon writing today. too much distraction. working with the smell of jesus on us, in us, and in what we do. sermon title, "jesus smells." about halfway done if you add up all the thoughts, but nothing flowing together as of yet. anyone else working?

  63. Robin, I'm still working. There are probably plenty of others resisting the siren's call of the internet. As for me, it's flowing, but it might be flowing downhill :)

  64. O, Vicar, when I read your comment, I thought it said, "Off to eat my children." Must be the kind of day I'm having!

    Decided to keep my sermon fairly un-kid-friendly and perhaps ask forgiveness if anyone is upset. I tried to soften it as much as possible, and hopefully it is much worse in my mind than it really will be when preached.

    Hubs has some wonderful peach crisp in the oven; you're all welcome to it as soon as it comes out, and with vanilla ice cream, too!

  65. I think I'm going to call this one done, and hopefully good: Rules of the Road.
    Time for that Babylon 5 DVD!

  66. Sarah just saved my catching a typo in my sermon...I wrote 2nd Solomon instead of 2nd Samuel. Am I tired? ya think? Thank you Sarah!!

  67. Eating children?
    Jesus smells?
    Tired typos....

    What's happening to this party? LOL...

    I have pizza in the oven, sausage and mushroom OR a vegetarian delight with, oh everything!

    Thank goodness we are here for one another! Now, I'm off to read your sermons...

  68. Its already Sunday here and this reflection will have to do.
    We've had a wonderful break but I need to work out how to come back and not be preaching right away.
    For children's time, hopefully the breadmaker, which I'll start off early, will peak and produce lovely bread for sharing.
    Thanks for comment here and also for Tuesday's help. where I picked up the inward/outward resource.
    Hope you all have plenty to chew on and no indigestion.

  69. Hey everyone! There is some fresh sweet tea downstairs and I brought back enchiladas and fresh local corn.

    I'm also stuck with the sermon. It's taking a "grief" turn, but that is not where I was headed. Thanks a lot God :)

    Mags, it sounds like you got some good advice. Don't pitch it. I have had weeks where I don;t find out until after the sermon and joys and concerns that the week we talked about loss was the week several people died - -I see God at work in that.

    so let;s see if I can figure out how the sermon fairy wants me to end this thing.

  70. hey all--I'm back from plotting the scavenger hunt (in pretty much the most inefficient way possible, LOL!) and am ready to think about editing the sermons...what do you think?

    I just remembered that I'm alone this week so also need to figure out a children's time and some brief prayers of the people AND get the stuff ready for deacon training (which happens immediately after worship!)... ack!

    Any children's time ideas for last week's David/Nathan reading? hmm...

    I brought back some treats: veggie fried rice from china town (for those of you still in dinner-time phase), fruit smoothies from jamba juice, and the treats for the deacon training (veggies and hummus). I also have microwave kettle korn and might be popping it in a few...stay tuned!

  71. Teri, I did not do a children's time last week with this one (b/c we don;t have enough kids in the summer). Maybe something about who is a prophet and what their job is?

    I wrote myself into a corner and need a last paragraph. I'm giving it 10 more minutes and then calling it a night.

  72. Okay, I think I've procrastinated long enough after's time to actually flesh out this outline and see if it all equals a sermon in the end!

    We have knittinpreacher...we have Teri...anybody else here?

  73. OK. I think I have read all the sermon offerings today (thus far)...some really great stuff out there! And, all so very different. Cool, eh?

    Now, I really have to go back and have one last look at my sermon, prepare and print of the preaching version, and then call it a night. Maybe I can even do some knitting. It's been days, and I'm going through knitting withdrawal...(hands twitching...)

  74. Glad some of you are still up, or sorry that you are. Back from the Nationals game and staying a member's home as guest to limit commute. Now to finish the final pieces of worship and get a better handle on the children's time on "foundations" and relate it to bread as foundational eating. ah well, at least I'm a whole lot closer to church in the a.m. and they are fixing me pancakes for breakfast! AND THE NATIONAL WON again! awesome. best wishes to anyone still up.

  75. I'm still up. Dang Prednisone. sigh...

    But I have fresh blueberries here - no cream - sorry - so please snack.


  76. Well friends, thank you for everything today. I have to call it a day....those still up, keep the party going, last one up, please turn out the lights. Blessings, all!

  77. Looks like it's just Deb and I. (?) Deb, are you preaching tomorrow or up working on something else?

    I'm 784 words in and trucking along...considering going downstairs as it's just too hot to concentrate well upstairs...

  78. I'm at 1422 words and calling it a night...hope everyone else is finished enough to get some rest. Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this day.

  79. I am still here, but signing out. Party ran late. Several speeches made and it seemed awkward to leave as others were about to speak on behalf of the honoree!
    Then I ran by my folks house to get a wedding inivitation, to help carry me thorugh on the RSVP theme. I knwo they can't see it, but it is a prop, a show and tell of sorts.
    Okeydoke, Nite to all. Sweet dreams

  80. semfem,
    I am at 1465. We are close.

  81. Ok sermon finally finished over breakfast - 10.30 service so I'm still in good time!

    Hope all the preaches go well ladies :o)

  82. Good morning Gals!

    I'm up and at 'em. Ready to preach the word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit and lots of caffeine.

    Blessings to all of you as you preach, lead, pray and particpate in today's worship.

  83. Good Morning. It's not quite 5:30am where I live. Others are already preaching the word. I will be soon. Blessings on all of you this day.


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