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Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Meet and Greet and a BE Three Reminder

Happy Monday, all!

We have two new ring members to introduce today, but first a word about the BE Three. If you have requested a brochure and wonder why it has not arrived, do not worry! We're waiting for one little detail from the travel agent about payment arrangements and as soon as we have it will send out a combined brochure and registration form. If you wish to receive one, send us an email!

And now, let's meet Mustard Seed Musings, who describes her blog as:

Theological musings from a young Catholic woman as she lives in DC, works in a peace lobby, gets to know her neighbors and discerns her call to ministry.

And say hello to Rachel at Re vis.e Re form, an Anglican ordinand who says her labels include:

Christian, Anglican, Evangelical, conservative (small C) Charismatic (big C), Open, Post-modern.

Take a few minutes to visit our new bloggers; I remember how excited I was when some of you first left a comment for me!


  1. Thank you Songbird, it is lovely to meet new people who are on the journey.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks, Songbird! You're right. It was exciting to look at my blog this morning and see all of the friendly comments. Thanks for being so welcoming, everyone!


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