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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Festival

Gannet Girl would appreciate company and candles at her "other blog" this week and next.

Sophia is rejoicing because a cross country move for an academic opportunity also opened up unexpected and wonderful opportunities for community and ministry!

And Sophia is really excited but also pretty nervous about the specific ministerial invitation that was just presented to her!

Molly writes: "after a summer of not blogging very much, I have returned
this is the story of my new tat(two)"

Mrs. M shares a reflection on the power of admitting we are powerless.

I got a surprising offer from Marilynne Robinson's publisher.

Finally, Hassopheret, who has been waiting out her blogging time to join us officially, writes about the feeling of New Year at the back-to-school season.

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  1. Hi folks, just to say I submitted my Masters dissertation on Friday - coming in at 28 919 words. Phew. And onwards now to the PhD thesis. :)
    Locum at 'leafy parish in the burgh' also officially came to an end on Sunday. I've had a super time over the last two months with them and will miss 'em. Meantime, my new church placement's been sorted and I will start there in October through to end of May.
    But before that, it's off to St Andrews this week for candidates conference - all us 'baby' meenisters from around Scotland get to meet up for an endless round of lectures, food, chats and jolly japes.

  2. Congratulations, Nik, on your milestone.

    On my place I shared my own thoughts -- rather my own gut reaction -- to my denomination's Churchwide Assembly resolution on full inclusion...and, on a lighter note, described my latest massage experience, at an "alternative health" institute. (Am still feeling happy tingles in my healing muscles!)


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