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Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet n' Greet, BookPals Reminder and BE Three, too!

Happy Monday, all! We have two new members in the ring, and I am happy to introduce them.

First, please go and say hello to RevDisco, a UCC seminarian from my neck of the woods working on a Senior Project she hopes will lead to a new church start.

Next, meet Patrick McCullough, a student of the New Testament and Christian origins, at kata ta biblia. Our great discussion last Monday came largely from a question posed by Patrick.

Next Monday in this space, look for RevGalBookPals. Diane will host a discussion of Barbara Brown Taylor's latest book, An Altar in the World. Remember, if you click through to Amazon from our sidebar and purchase a book or other merchandise, you benefit RevGalBlogPals. Income from the Amazon store helps subsidize program expenses for our annual Big Event.

Finally, don't forget, the deadline to register for BE Three is just over a month away. Read more here about Nanette Sawyer, author of Hospitality: the Sacred Art, and our Norwegian Sky cruise to the Bahamas.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Songbird! By the way, it looks like some of your readers found my wife's blog through my about page. She doesn't blog about theology or ministerial matters, but some may be interested in her thoughts on breastfeeding: The Milk Mama.

  2. As I was perusing the blog wondering where to say 'hi', this post seemed a good place, as it has 'meet n' greet' in the title.

    So hello to the new members, and I hope to join you soon!



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