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Saturday, September 05, 2009

11th Hour Preacher Party--Sticky Situations

I'm off to the MN State Fair this afternoon, so cotton candy is about as sticky as things will get for me! Repurposing a sermon from my previous call as I entertain guests from that church in town this weekend. Hmmm...maybe that could be a sticky situation, too.

In addition the Scriptures are PLENTY sticky this week. As of Tuesday it looked like we had a good mix of folks attempting Mark, James, the Wisdom Lit, and a few others sprinkled in, too. What's sticky for you this day? Your sermon, your other worship plans, your weather? Stop by the party. I'll bring back lots of deep fat fried food on a stick, mini donuts, and Sweet Martha's cookies to the late night crowd. Someone else should probably bring something a little more health conscious!


  1. hey first comment!

    Have fun at the fair, Sherev - blow a kiss to the butterheads from me. I do miss MN this time of year.

    I have a memorial tomorrow and the family asked me to SING at the gravesite, which they have heard me do, so they know what they're getting into, but still. I have to say I dont really consider myself a singer, except for the hanging out around the campfire variety, so I have some energy up around it.

    Still thinking about James and how those words on FAITH WITHOUT WORKS were spoken in the context of COMMUNITY. So, I'm talking about Le-Chambon-Whatever-Whatever (not much of a French speaker either) and how the villagers saved so many jews from the nazis.

    There's a slight chance I've told this story to this congregation already. But that's ok, right? A good story is worth repeating is one of the lessons of our faith, I hope.

    See you all in the morning! Blessings on your thinking/praying/writing.

  2. Ahh! The Great Minnesota Get Together! The MN State Fair is, perhaps, one of the best thing about living in Minnesota! If you get a chance, stop by the swivel spray booth in the grandstand--the proprietress and her daughters are wonderful friends of mine!

    Blessings to you all on your Saturdays! I just moved into college, so I've got loads of settling in to do!

  3. I am off to an auction in the morning. Then, sermonizing in the late afternoon.
    Working on James and thinking of being inclusive community.
    I will bring back hot dogs and baked goods from the all day auction!

  4. I'm off to Synod today, and thankfully not preaching tomorrow as it is my welcome service here, good to be getting back into blogging etc after moving. Have a great day gals and pals...happy preaching tomorrow.

  5. we are just off to pick some blackberries so there should be some sticky bramble jelly on offer to you all when you wake up for breakfast.
    A two sermon day tomorrow! James is sorted, but I still have to think about one for a harvest service.
    All in all it's been a sticky week.

  6. I'm off to a county fair this morning, but alas it is nothing like the great Minnesota Great Together. HOwever I do love the this county fair.

    I'll be back this afternoon to sermonate.

  7. I'm going with Mark. The Syropheonician woman is one of my favourite stories. It is Saturday night here, just finished and I'm looking at where God challenges us. Where are we asked to be open, to God and to each other.

    Happy writing those of you who are at the beginning rather than the end of the day.

  8. Good morning!

    I have the five o'clock mass tonight in English and my usual eleven fifteen tomorrow in Spanish, so I will be spending the night in the rectory for the first time (the cathedral is an hour and a half drive from here). I am driving out early this afternoon so we can get out in the Latin@ community, publicize the misa, and invite people in. If time permits I may make a simple flyer with initial publicity for the bilingual Dia de los Muertos and NS de Guadalupe events we hope to host as well.

    So the morning is both additional preaching prep and organizing what I want to bring to set up my desk and part time room there. Our lectionary has Jesus healing a Deaf man so I will be preaching an anti-disabilist approach to the healing miracles. I am reading Nancy Eiesland's The Disabled God as well as doing some research to better educate myself about Deaf culture so I can draw on that as well. And, in response to a suggestion by Mompriest, I am going to try and write up a handout with my sermon outline (since I preach ex tempore) for both hearing loss and Anglos at Spanish mass purposes.

  9. I'm heading off here in a few minutes to preach this, then to come home, work on the sermon on James, part the second. Then later to pack for tomorrow's super-secret adventure. ~Sshh.~ Don't tell.

  10. I'm off the lectionary for the rest of the year. Preaching on Jesus Christ tomorrow--shouldn't take long, eh?
    I'm using John 1:1-5, but I'm going to pull in a couple of other verses as well--Jesus wept, Jesus had a family (possibly dysfunctional), etc. and also bringing in my Laughing Jesus poster. My point is that if we try to understand Jesus as divine first and human second, we're going to have a hard time understanding something very different from us. But if we go the other way, and see him as human first--as we are--then we'll be in a better place to understand who and what he was.
    At least that's where I am right now.
    I'm doing laundry and the sermon today, as I need to take a nap this afternoon before heading out to a friend's gig at a local bar tonight--I'll be seeing friends I haven't been with in a while, so looking forward to that greatly.
    Not much for breakfast at my place--not even cereal, as the milk is sour...

  11. Checking in from a restaurant. Bacon, eggs, cheese, hasbrowns are probably not the best way to start a fair day. Hopefully my body will offer forgiveness later. Looks like things are getting going around here. Prayers for all with sticky days.

  12. hey, Sherev, that sounds like a PERFECT way to start a day at the fair....

    Good morning all, up and about again and ready to roll on my sermon.

    Childrens time on the gospel, anyone???

  13. I've been reading Pheme Perkins on James and think perhaps James helps explain Mark. Then again, maybe not! I'll ponder it as I drive over to Asheville to visit a few aunts and uncles. God willing, it will come together.
    My fair days are well past. The Delaware State Fair was a highlight of summers even though my muffins and biscuits were never, according to the judges, up to snuff. My family always groaned happily about having to eat the ones I didn't enter. ;-)

  14. Kids and spouse just left for his folks. I detoured into teaching prep, made some progress on the Mark unit, then found I had messed up the numbering of the study questions (which could mess up the overall point allocation). I'll sort that out and then spend some time praying with the Gospel which will hopefully sort out/mentally outline the swirling data in my brain....

  15. Loving all this talk about fairs! Makes it feel like fall is in the air. Small Town Fair starts on Monday and I will venture over then - it'll be one of my last firsts, as my one year anniversary is approaching.

    My sticky situation involves proclaiming the psalm in word and dance this Sunday. Have been super pumped about it until yesterday ... when the nerves started to settle in.

  16. Good morning preachers,

    I am wrestling with James this morning--and a good portion of my sleepless night. I would love to know what you think or hear from preachers of the epistle what on-line resources have been helpful to you.

    I am really drawn to the concept of the "law of liberty." It is tied to the command to "love your neighbor as yourself." The law that convicts me where I fall short is evident. But is it then a "law of liberty?" Are we free in Christ to serve our neighbor (service as a result of faith/fruit of life in the Spirit) or a demand that we must meet to be in Christ? Or am I really overanalyzing this?

  17. Bother, bother, bother! I forgot that I was preaching at Evensong, so was feeling delightfully untramelled - and then spent 6 hours this morn at a hospital bedside, where I will have to return later
    Now home to try to cobble somethign together around Ephesians 3 for the congregation that thinks it has everything, though hasn't really discovered God.
    Hmmmn...I can see why Paul's prayer is important for them, but what to say...
    And I'm still ridiculously tired, after the excitements of Greenbelt and 4 hours sleep per night. Whoops!

  18. Mama,

    Thanks to sherev, who shared the link to, I have really appreciated the sermon brainwave which is an audio podcast.
    If you click around that site, you'll find lots of other written material, too.

    For a quick commentary, I always check out Anthony Robinson. I found that link at

    Ok, must write now. Seasons of the Spirit has a good idea about how to tell the childrens' story, tbtg.

  19. mamaS I too found helpful this week. Be sure to read the tab on proverbs if your sermon will focus on the law of liberty. I'm using both James and Mark for this sermon and need to type up what I wrote this a.m.
    Now to get it all on 'paper' and see if there are buds in wrong directions that need trimming.
    There's a little leftover oatmeal from this morning and lots of fresh veggies from our run to the farmers market. Laptop on the deck today! Sweet, Sweet September.

  20. Syllabus is finally fixed, phew. Time for lunch, and I have leftovers to share: spinach/ham/mushroom quiche and fresh pineapple.

  21. I just got an invitation to go play tonight! whoo hoo! so I am trying to crank out a sermon on communion ... long story ... & I'm hoping it comes together quickly.

    Right now, I think I'm going to use The Great Thanksgiving as an outline. Anyone have any good liturgy stories?

  22. Hey Vic - yeah for playdates. Dont know aobut great, but here is a story on communion from my ordination paper. Borrow as you wish:

    In baptism and communion, the past, the present and the future are brought together in one moment. The sacraments are intensely personal – water touches a child’s head and her parent’s eyes fill with tears, a person long estranged from the church comes to know Christ’s presence in the taste of bread and wine. But they are also immensely global. As persons around the world experience the touch of the water and the taste of the wine they are bound together with countless others performing those same acts at the same time.

    I truly understood this when I went to India a couple of years ago with my dad, who’d grown up there as a missionary kid. One of the best things we did together was lead worship at the church where my uncle was the pastor. Everything started late that day because we had to wait around for the women who were bringing the bread. As we served it, I became aware of how much the feast really represented the work of women, who harvested the grain by hand and cooked the bread that morning, bringing it still warm and wrapped in cloths they had probably woven themselves.

    As I thought of those women and their work, I prayed with gratitude for my grandmother, who spent decades in India as the wife of a missionary. She died when I was young and I never knew her well, but as my father and I served communion together, I felt connected to her through him and through the sacrament. I had expected to feel connected to my grandmother when I visited the land she loved. In our three weeks in India, I did hear some stories about her and I had the uniquely spine-tingling experience of hearing an old friend of hers say, "You are the picture of your grandmother when she was young!" That felt great, but it did not feel anything like the visceral connection I felt with her that day.

    I knew my grandmother best not by interviewing those who had known her but my standing next to my dad, her son, (who suddenly and for the first time I saw as both the little boy he had been and the old man he would become) as he bent before each parishioner with the words, "...the bread of life...the cup of blessing..."

  23. Juniper, that is indeed a great story especially for "the fullness of time" that is usually past our recognition

  24. Ooohhh...Juniper, is that for general consumption???? I'm preaching between the celebration of both sacraments tomorrow! I've got my general sermon from a baptismal Sunday at a previous church, and MAY tweak it a little more to fit this week. Might poke around a little with some of your images if you don't mind....

    Cheesehead, praying as you're leading that service.

    Glad the syllabus is coming together, Sophia.

    Have a BLAST out tonight, Vic.

    We're getting the kids down for naps here and then off to church members' house so that we can enjoy the fair this afternoon/evening sans kids. Sounds like a fun thing to do with them (for 5 minutes), but this will work better for us. The county fair is more their speed!

    I'll pop in again before we go, I bet, and then definitely afterward for the late late night party. I won't spend much time there, but I'll see if there's anything that needs to be picked up or glued back together!

    Glad you like the Brainwave, Juniper. Listening to it has almost convinced me I want to do a DMin with those folks. Very very tempting, and very very local!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Back from the fair, didn't eat much though. Started out with a big breakfast as well to keep me from eating too much.

    I petted lots of animals. My favorites were the goats and the sheeps. I almost got gored by a bull. Note to self, do not touch a bull's horns just to see what they feel like.

    Now for some sermonating.

  27., afternoon, sisters (and brothers)! You all sound so hard at work...or else enjoying your fairs. Our fairs around here are all done already, but there are still a few fall festivals to go. Someday I will go to the Wing Festival which I am missing right now.

    I slept in, then did some reading/thinking/listening to Sermon Brainwave (one of my weekly stops) and now I think I'm looking at a sermon on the everyday, mundane aspects of faith, using Proverbs and James and maybe a dash of Mark. I do love the Mark story but want to get at it a bit differently, and Labor Day connects nicely with the everyday work of faith.

    But now I am heading to the hardware store to pick up some supplies for the home projects I want to work on Sunday afternoon and Monday! YAY! My parents are coming to visit in October and I want to get the house spiffed up for them. I would love to just ignore the sermon and work on the house. Sadly that cannot happen.

    Will be back later for sure...

  28. lol God_Guurrlll!!! Time to re-read the laws of the goring ox in Exodus 21:28-32 perhaps?
    As I've finished locum and don't start placement until October, no sermons from me... but reading the texts alongside you all produced a basic reflection here on the Isaiah 35 passage.
    Was also thinking about refreshing as in honesty, courtesy of another friend's blog - the Syrophoenician woman's honesty was pretty refreshing... a little like being smacked in the face with a wet kipper perhaps?!
    Will be praying for you all - may you have inspiration and energy by the bucket-load :)

  29. I've got rice salad and noodle salad to share (prepping for spouse's family reunion tomorrow). Also Diet A&W, nectar of the gods.

  30. Thanks SheRev! I did some more reading of and about the Gospel too--did you all know this Marcan story right after the sadly skipped Syrophoenician woman is the only specific healing of a Deaf person pericope in all four Gospels? And that Jesus uses spit to heal both here and with the blind man in the next chapter, with the loaves and fishes in between? And that in both cases he takes the person off to heal them in private and preserve their dignity--quite unlike some faith healers. That also gives some additional perspective, for me, on the Marcan portrait of Jesus telling people to keep things quiet--not just because he wasn't ready to be advertised as Messiah but to keep the people he helped from becoming objects of curiosity?

    Anyway, I am feeling more grounded with the sermon so it's time to hit the road. Happy writing and anointed preaching, everyone!

  31. Nik - now YOU are cracking me up -- a wet kipper! - guffaw!

    Sherev - borrow away - glad to be of service

    CANT STOP reading about Le Chambon. What an INCREDIBLE story. But really, must get writing now. I need to leave in 2 hours for a memorial and I really really really need to have a good chunk written by then.

  32. Well I shared a Greenbelt moment with a colleague on Monday evening of "oh *! I'm preaching on Sunday!" but nonetheless it seems to be coming together - bizarrely via pen and ink for once not on pc.

    I'm preaching on the SyroPhoenecian woman and the deaf/mute. Talking about Jesus being UNEXPECTED and approaching people in different ways. Ending with some challenging questions
    along the lines of "What might God need to heal in you before you can hear God and speak about God to others?"

    I'm also leading the prayer so I'm preaching to a purpose to get them to a place hopefully where I can invite them to BE OPENED

  33. Juniper, there's a terrific book called "Lest Innocent Blood be Shed" that is about Le Chambon and Trocme. I read it in college during a theodicy class. It was a powerful witness to be about what it means to stand in the face of evil for righteousness sake.

  34. oops, just typed:

    ...imagine a world in which a gentile woman can fall at the feet of a jewish rabbit...

  35. ok, jewish rabbits notwithstanding, I now have a pretty good outline, so i'm leaving it for the day. blessings you all on teh rest of your preparations (and fair -going!).

  36. Done my hospital visit, now to polish up draft (written before visit), then take nap!

    I think this is the farthest along I have been at 3:30 in a long time!

  37. Jewish rabbits, now that is something awsome to think about.

  38. REviewing draft and wondering how I can fit in "Jewish Rabbits"..

  39. Jewish rabbits. Wonder if they'll have those at the fair. We're out the door, so I'll be sure to check for them.

    See you all later later! Have good afternoons.

  40. Back from return trip to hospital.
    News letter copied thanks to fab middle child
    Sermon - hmmn...definitely somewhat lacking.
    I actually HAVE quite a reasonable sermon on the SyroPhoenician woman which I preached for a diocesan Inclusive Church Eucharist - but of course I'm preaching at Evensong, where I have a choice between Habakkuk & Ephesians...and am so so uninspired.And weary.
    Basically hadn't got space in schedule to spend 8 hours today at hospital, but clearly could do no other...
    Now it's late and I've still to eat and only half of a c*** sermon.

  41. I have toostie rolls, peaches and lollypops to share. I have struggled all week with the text from Mark, finally read the text from the Message really helped me to see that Jesus did intend to call the Syrophencian woman a dog, he was so busy in the midst of his ministry, he wasn't ready to serve the Gentiles. Just some thoughts

  42. I have toostie rolls, peaches and lollypops to share. I have struggled all week with the text from Mark, finally read the text from the Message really helped me to see that Jesus did intend to call the Syrophencian woman a dog, he was so busy in the midst of his ministry, he wasn't ready to serve the Gentiles. Just some thoughts

  43. Draft is up here
    I think it needs a more personable illustration. Anyone have one related to scolding that doesn't steal the show?
    oh well, more worship work to do then I'll read it again.
    hope everyone else is having fun.

  44. I wrote about fear here.

    Going to get some breakfast for supper. Any take out orders?????

  45. LOVE the fair... went to the beach instead.

    I just finished a Greek quiz (whoopee) and wrote an opinion essay on what it means to be made in the image of God (including the spiritual, ethical and physical natures of that image.) Yeah. You know you want to do it too...

    Praying for you preachers...


  46. Hee hee..

    Jewish rabbit!!!

    And Tiria... she is letting me use her log-in...

  47. Hi all,
    I had a rough night last night and got zero sleep, so I didn't actually get out of bed until around 2:30, only to find that my blog account had been hacked.

    If any of you received my image and name and a bunch of Asian lettering, please know that it wasn't me - it was some jerk hacker half-way across the world who was having a grand old time while I was up wretching. Bleh.

    Anyway, I've gone private, changed passwords all over the place etc... I'm SO glad I wrote the sermon yesterday. Now I just have to go over it once more and prepare a children's story. Shouldn't be too hard...

    I went with the Mark reading and worked with a similar theme suggested by Gord earlier in the week re:General Council's remit regarding equal accessibility to worship. Justice seemed like an appropriate theme and there's no time like the present to announce that a remit is coming to us...

    Again, sorry for anyone who received hacker spamage from my annoying tech person across the sea.

  48. Juniper, I am STILL laughing about Jewish rabbits, some hours later! Every time I think about it, I chuckle out loud.

    And Mary Beth, ever since you mentioned the Diet A&W, I've been obsessing over it, so I had to go get some for myself. (Though DS2.5 just looked at it and said, "It says 'Chicken Soda,' so I'm not sure what to think! :P)

    My sermon is up over here, if you feel like taking a look.

    Also, I have been wondering if anyone has any neat resources to use to dedicate the Sunday School teachers? I was planning to just use an installation/dedication service from the UCC Book of Worship, but if anyone has anything a little more interesting, I might use it instead. Thanks in advance!

  49. Woof woof
    That's the sound of my sermon, barking.
    But I'm putting it to bed now, as I'm way too tired to think straight...and it's horribly close to Sunday now anyway.
    Happy writing, the rest of you...I'll leave the chai and the liquorice tea out for yourselves xx

  50. Does anybody out there have a sermon?

  51. Does anybody out there have a sermon?

  52. Last week I reread two Andrew Greeley "Bishop" mysteries. I feel like Bishop Blackie today. The elevator opens just briefly for me to glimpse the solution to my sermon problem but not long enough for me to see it clearly. I'm still pondering the relationship between Mark and James. God willing, I will see the elevator contents clearly before 8 am.
    Thanks to those who reminded me about I had looked at it earlier in the week but went back for a refresher.

  53. Sarah, Jones might have a Chicken Soda if he wants one! LOL...

  54. Really tired after all day auction. No mojo going just yet

  55. Ugh. I did the shopping I needed for my projects, then came home and fell asleep for two hours. Apparently I needed it--but now I'm later than I wanted to be in writing! And I've totally lost my train of thought.

    I did have a good idea while I was out though: using fortune cookies to illustrate the genre of Proverbs. So I bought fortune cookies to use tomorrow to kick off the sermon. Beyond that...not much.

  56. 505 words so far....
    At least I can shoot for 1,000-1200 since it is communion too.
    I think I am ramblinng a little bit, but that never stopped me before.

  57. Thanks Juniper for pointing me to I'd used it in the past, but neglected that site lately. It was a great resource today as I refined and clarified the message for tomorrow morning.

    And now, the pressing question is: What in the world do I say at the children's time? Faith without works is dead? How about Jesus calls the woman a dog? Any one have a good children's time?

  58. Missed y'all this week. I'm in week 2 of learning to live with being a once-a-month preacher. I hope it goes well for all of you tomorrow.

  59. Songbird, you can come preach for me anytime you like. I have two extra bedrooms and you have a pick of kittycats to snuggle with.

  60. Songbird, you can come preach for me anytime you like. I have two extra bedrooms and you have a pick of kittycats to snuggle with.

  61. I am sorry I keep double posting. I must hit the thing a second time accidentally.
    Anyhow, thinking on a snack and about to hit the hay early. I am exhausted from sitting all day at auction

  62. Here's what I think my sermon sounds like: "blah,blah,blah, Jesus...blah, blah,blah, you dog...blah, blah, blah, Jesus...blah,blah, blah!!!! The only thing I like about it is the title: "Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement". I really felt compelled to preach about the whole health care reform thing and that fact that our local paper has been carrying ads for a "tea party" that includes such lies as "when you get old, the government will make you take a death pill" arghhh! But alas, I wrote myself into a corner, and now I'm too tired to fix it will be a much more "vanilla" sermon on the Mark text. It has been great spending Sat. with you all, as usual!

  63. Thanks to Juniper and the story of the Le Chambon community, I have a something resembling a sermon! Thank you!

    Not overly anxious to preach on how our actions speak to our faith in light of an attempt to run me out of the church earlier this week (small group, power issues)...I am praying my bruised and battered self with step aside and let God speak.

    Got my hair cut and highlighted so I am feeling much better...and I don't really want to stop and think about what THAT action says about my faith!

    Blessings to all on your proclamations!

  64. 601 words, and I've managed to lose my train of thought again. UGH. This one is not coming easily. I suppose it's payback for the last two sermons I've written, where I actually had a clear idea of what I wanted to say and I said it.

    If anyone has chocolate, I'll trade you some B&J Mission to Marzipan ice cream.

  65. Alright party-goers, I'm back and ready to turn this up a notch for the last hurrah. Also putting up a quick blog about the fair before I get to the sermon.

    Of interest to this crowd, no Jewish rabbits or Jewish rabbis, that I was aware of.

    Found some GORGEOUS handpainted yarn that I will use in taking a sock class later in the fall. Still trying to forget the price tag, but oh well. They will be my favorite socks and get lots of wear!

    God-Gurrlll - sounds like you had a good fair day, too. I was pretty well behaved with the food. Lots of Sweet Martha's cookies, but that can't be avoided when you're carrying the bucket.

    Mary Beth - Diet root beer got me through both of my second pregnancy. No caffeine and no calories. I know there are all those other chemicals, but you have to pick your battles or you won't eat anything by the rules these days!

    Sue - Boo on hackers! Sorry for the rough night.

    Prayers for you, RevSis - - sounds like a sticky situation.

    Songbird - - How 'bout that W&M win over UVA?!?!?!? (You were the other W&M grad around here, right?)

    Again I'm back from the fair and plan to make minimal tweaks to the sermon I'm preaching tomorrow. Maybe just a little bit tonight, then a re-read and communion liturgy writing tomorrow early morning.

  66. Hi, I'm Manda, a seminary student and student in care in the UCC. Looks like I'm not the only one still up. I've been wrestling with the Mark passage, and the focus this Sunday is health justice. At a friend's suggestion, I've titled it "Universal Access." I'm talking about health care through the lens of the open (Ephphatha!) table, as tomorrow is a communion Sunday for us. Prayers all around!

  67. Welcome, Manda! I love that angle!! Blessings on you as you prepare and preach!

  68. Good luck Manda. That sounds incredible! Blessings to all.

  69. OK. Played around more than I should, but re-wrote the introductory paragraphs for my sermon which I like much better, and fit this worship service (last time I preached this sermon it was Trinity Sunday, so my previous intro stuff didn't really fit, nor do I think it was very good now that I'm re-reading it!).

    Off to bed for a few hours for me. I feel like the State Fair, though, so first I need to go take a shower. That will make my morning go more smoothly, too. Double bonus!

  70. Okay...I am finished, but it's TOO LONG. Of course. Great.

    Maybe it's time for a shower and then a final readthrough in hopes of cutting out some words.

    Be back in a few.

  71. Okay, I just cut about 80 words and I'm printing now. Now I'm off to a shower and bed for a few hours.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation today.

  72. Back to see if there are any final edits I need to make. I had a few ideas while I was going to sleep, but we'll just see how many I have time to make. Any others up and getting ready for the morning?

  73. I'm up and moving, She Rev. The sermon is still too long, I still am not sure about children's time, but things come together somehow. They always do!

    Holy Spirit be with you this morning preachers!

  74. Amen, mamaS. They always do. The Spirit has our backs!

  75. Good morning pals,

    I'm up, had my coffee, rehearsed my sermon and am about to get ready for church.

    Prayers to all of us, preachers, pray-ers and leaders.

  76. Heading out to family reunion, deep in the heart of Texas. Will be missing church but praying for all of you as you preach, celebrate, co-lead, sing, do lay ministry, whatever it is you do.

  77. Tweaks done. After very late night, everyone is still asleep around here. We're usually out the door in 20 minutes. This does not bode well for a calm morning at the preacher's house. At least everything I need to do for worship is completely ready. I can "focus on the family." (Groan)


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