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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Music Video: Healer Of My Soul

I have several friends who are longing for healing these days, from deep wounds to heart and soul and body, which makes the reading from Isaiah and the psalm for today all the more poignant for me:

See, the Lord GOD is my help;
who will prove me wrong?


The cords of death encompassed me;
the snares of the netherworld seized upon me;
I fell into distress and sorrow,
And I called upon the name of the LORD,
“O LORD, save my life!”

Monk John Michael Talbot's plea to be kept safe at even', morning and noon even when "On rough course faring" gently sounds these themes. The candles burning in the foreground remind me of how prayers arise, even in the times of desperation. Even when we ourselves cannot find the energy to call out "O Lord, save my life!" the prayers of others can call out for us.

What music eased your soul or cried aloud to God for you this Sunday?


  1. Well no musical thoughts but a story:

    I only got to give 2/3 of my sermon today. Why? (I hear all of you ask). Because we had an ambulance visit instead.

    About halfway through the sermon I saw one of the elderly ladies whisper to her neighbour (a woman equally elderly and equally frail). A bit later they both got up and I assumed that one needed to use the facilities. But as they shuffled out of the row into the aisle it was apparent that something was wrong. I tried to catch someone's eye to see if help was needed (after all I was looking at the backs of those who were moving) when the first woman began to buckle at the knees.

    I ran down from the chancel as a gentlemant across the aisl also stood up. We were able to lower her, controlled, onto a chair and lay her back onto my lap as she lost consciousness--and stayed unconscious for 2-3 minutes. One couple went to call the ambulance,
    I asked another to run upstairs and call some family. Meanwhile I sat there trying to be as non-anxious as possible (while wondering if I would have a funeral in the near future).

    She came to and sat up a bit after that. And then started apologizing for being such a nuisance and telling us to stop making a fuss. Not to mention saying we should not have called 911 or her family (yes she is a strong-willed woman why do you ask?)

    AMbulance arrived and took her out,a couple ladies went to the hospital so she wouldn't be alone. And we finished the service. But the sermon was left unfinished. We had a prayer and then moved to offering and prayers of the people.

    All in all more excitement than planned. But later at the hospital I thanked her for providing an object lesson about how we can include others in our care circle -- she is the sort who loved that comment.

  2. Gord, I think it was St. Francis who said, preach the gospel, use words if you must. I think a full sermon was preached! Thank you for sharing that with us.


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