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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday Festival: 09/09/09

It's got to be a good day: 09/09/09! One of those few when the various dating conventions of different countries can't confuse us...right? For everyone I know, those numbers mean we are having The Ninth of September!

The Vicar of Hogsmeade is reviewing books...this time it's Fearless by Max Lucado. Go see!

Sally is back to blogging, having got moved and settled into her new manse (are you settled yet, Sally?) She continues her thoughts on The Lord's Supper, and also a poem and thoughts on history and change.

There's been an excellent discussion of the US health care issue at Songbird's, with a number of folks chiming in.

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  1. Songbird's story is such a typical one, and it is so very sad and so very scary. I'm glad she raised her voice to join the choir of those regular, everyday people who are telling their stories.

    My story is here, and when I wrote it, I included links to stories of others I knew.

    So now I guess I need to ask: what is the Christian response? What can we say or do, as leaders within the Church, to bring that response about?

    Love and blessings,
    Sister Hedwyg

  2. hi friends, I wrote on Role Models and how important it is for me to get to know strong women ministers. The entry includes a shout out to all of you wonderful RevGals!

  3. I just (as in moments ago) posted my latest newspaper column: Who is Welcome??

  4. Well I've posted my first blog post in months recently! here (and we'll see if I get the link right having not done it in a while, or if I need to go back and check how on the main post!). Would love you to come by :D


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