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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Festival of Printed Matter, etc.

SheRev says, "OK – It’s definitely on the lighter side of things, but some of the responses I’ve received on Facebook have been pee-in-your-pants funny. We all seem to grumble when newsletter writing time comes around. I was looking for some good “thought starters” and ended up with some definite “thought enders.” I wonder what our fun crew can come up with. What horrible, funny, or over-used intros have you seen/used when writing a newsletter article?"

See-Through Faith's been reading, enjoying Monday mornings and of course puppy watching. These adorable pups will be moving to their new homes in 2-2½ weeks.

Just one more reminder of Monday's BookPals item: Barbara Brown Taylor's An Altar in the World. I read this over the summer, quickly! and am looking forward to savoring it with all of you. I have it checked out of the library for a languorous re-read. Join us!

What are you reading and writing this week? Do share with us in the comments...and remember to nominate posts for next week. They should be sent by the Monday prior, to


  1. I have just read "The Shack" which takes God as all round, prodigal Lover. It shows we are not born evil but people and society do things to/with us, and then society often refuses to 'see', and so action for healing is ever so sloooow.

    Our Study Book group is just beginning a book by Brian McLaren, "Everything Must Change...Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope".

    Jesus brought in the Revolution of Hope, we carry it through.

    It is looking good, practical, and straight talking. That makes it not so easy to hide from truth, our truth. Climate truth, poverty truth, war where do we fit in, for we surely do.

    But, Hope is the key it seems here, so I look forward to his aspect of research, and global visits, and hearing from the grass roots.

    Every book changes me in some way, makes me re-think my motives, or hands over a whole new idea I never thought of.

    That is why when I open a book I haven't read before, I offer my connection to it to God, who already was in the writing of it...somewhere as the Spirit works to move us forward into the light, as each is able to see and hear.

    Being open to receive allows more insight to Then I can decide what changes are meant for me, and move toward them.

    May the Spirit invite expectation and hope toward our living in the books we read and re-read.

  2. I've started a new public blog for children's ministry at my church and anyone who stumbles across it. Chec it out if you want.

  3. LutherLiz....I love what you've done for the children. The blog is truly a gem that will be used well.

    Great idea!

  4. LutherLiz - I agree with FFSpirit: great idea. Hope the conversation gets going there for you and those you work with :)

  5. My research for my sermon on the Proverbs 31 woman last week generated all kinds of blog posts: Sermon Meanderings and A "Capable Wife, Huh? It also inspired a poem, "In the Beginning Was."

    If only The Muse struck like that every week.

  6. I look forward to reading all the links! FFS, thanks for your thoughts. I am a voracious reader and sometimes I am simply's good to read mindfully if I can.

  7. Happy Festival Wednesday, ladies!

    My parish has two parallel study series on Wednesday nights, and I've been taking part in the seminar on heaven and hell. Last week's session was particularly thought-provoking for me, to the point that those thoughts kept me awake much of Sunday night! Here's where those thoughts took me.

    I hope your week continues to bring you blessings!

    Sr. Hedwyg


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