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Saturday, October 03, 2009

11th Hour Preacher Party - World Communion Sunday

World Communion Sunday always makes me think of one of my first inter-cultural communion experiences. When I was 20 I spent my summer as a Global Intern with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. I itinerated around the country for 3 months, visiting different parishes and ministries of this West African partner denomination. One Sunday, when I was about as far north as I traveled the whole summer, and definitely the farthest from the creature comforts of home, such as refrigeration, I was blessed to celebration communion with a very small, very rural congregation. "Celebrate" in the solemn reverent sense in this congregation, not "celebrate" in the joyous sense. As the pastor when through the liturgy the people of the church all bowed their heads with eyes closed, not my favorite way to experience the sacrament, which for me just screams for open-eye prayer! But when in Ghana, do as the Ghanaians do, right?

Well, as the liturgy continued in a super silent sanctuary, I suddenly heard a very distinctive sound - - POP! Hssssss.... Rattle rattle (Doesn't work so well typing it out, does it?) Well, anyway, I knew that sound. It was definitely a Coke bottle. My head popped up in an instant. Who the heck was pouring a drink at a time like this? My head returned to its proper position, but when I heard the noise again it snapped up much faster.

Then I saw it. The Coke bottle. (HA! I was right!) But it wasn't in the hands of an unruly worshipper; it was in the hands of the pastor! There he was, pouring the Coke into the chalice and all of the little individual cups. In a land of no refrigeration and definitely no alcohol (a STRONG no-no for Presbyterians in Ghana, even in communion) Coke was the safest, cheapest, and most readily available liquid to use in communion. Welch's grape juice would have been worth it's weight in gold.

I have to tell you, when I went to seminary a few years later, I had a very different answer to the often used case study question, "What would you say to the youth group when they ask you if they can use Coke and pizza for a communion service?"

So, not much to do with the texts this week, but I had to share my favorite World Communion Sunday story!!! I'll make sure the Coke (and diet) is flowing today for any who come to prepare. Join us in the discussions and we'll what we have together!


  1. Greetings everyone before I head off to bed! My parents are visiting so I'm not sure when I'll be sermonating...but I did pull up my sermon on Mark from three years ago, and for a change it doesn't suck too badly, so I may be repurposing some of it sometime tomorrow.

    May the Holy Spirit be with you all...

  2. I'm pleasantly surprised to see this up already as it is still Friday where I am! With a Sat. evening service and a toddler who will want attention tomorrow (and who I want to spend time with), I am hoping to finish before bed tonight. Maybe...

    But I am preaching on Mark's gospel--yeah, the 'fun' divorce text. I feel like we can't read it and then not address it--and we don't do World Communion Sunday. So I'm really struggling with a children's sermon. Ideas welcome! I don't need that until Sunday morning, so I'll be sure to stop in later!

  3. Ah, Sherev... a couple of years later they were still asking that same question.
    Recenlty i was told of one of our local Presby churches serving 3 different types of bread(One regular, one gluten free, and one "carb" lite).
    Anyhow, the question is a puzzler until you relaize that in other places you cannot do "just like Jesus did." Honestly, do any of us get it right? I think it is the thougth and idea not the specifics which matter.
    O'well I am preaching on the Mark text. Did not want to, did not wish to touch it, but through the Tuesday posts, NPR, and a phone call, I have realized I must indeed preach on it.
    Short meidtation/ homily planned.With it being WCS and the fact that we are doing it by intinction(even though a few are terrified of Pig Virus/H1N1), it will be long . We have the little cup option and hand santiizer all over. I think we will be fine.
    The communion table is already set up with lovely fabric and the chalice and paten I got for graduation. Our resident worship lady fixed it up.
    Oh, and the slightly expensive pitcher that I bought at artisian shop last October. :)
    Hmmm. my title is Family Matters and I am going to use the stuff from Xian Century. I want to address some conflicts in the church.
    I am not sure where else I am going with it, maybe a little on the side of discussing the divorce in our day and time and then.
    Is it too late to change my mind again? Bulletin was run off on Thursday!

  4. Here it is late Saturday afternoon, almost finished except for the sermon, and I’m looking at the Mark reading. I have changed my focus a few times this week , but think I am going with what does this tell us about God, because the Bible is about God and not about us. Sure we can then look at how we can respond to God in various situations, like divorce. The basic – God and grace. No matter who we are, God continues to include us in – a bit of a theme of late.

    Children’s talk – I am going with the part about children. I have a story book called Patricia, about a girl that wants to talk to someone and no-one will listen. In Australia it is published by Scholastic.

    We are also having a skit from a book called Jesus and Peter [John Bell and Graham Maule Iona Books] about children.

    Daylight savings starts tonight, so I hope to finish earlier than usual because we ‘lose’ an hour tonight.

  5. Good morning - I haven't posted or blogged in so long - it's good to be at the party. Tomorrow is homecoming for us - my least favorite service of the year. But, I am preaching off lectionary with a Jeremiah text and the Emmaus road story. In the meantime, I'm off to a parade.

  6. Hello my friends,

    Please don't through tomatos at me but I am not preaching tommorrow. This is the first time in many years that I have not preached on World Communion sunday. Even when I was a wee little thing in seminary, I always preached on World Communion Sunday because it was always my fave.

    But on a good note, my neutral pulpit went very well. I'll know how more in a few weeks. I'll keep you all posted as things progress. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. I could feel them lifting me as I preached.

  7. Hello all! I have missed the party in recent weeks, as wasn't preaching... I am this Sunday. I'm off lectionary--our Christianity 101 topic this week is grace, which fits in well with World Communion Sunday. It's also (for us) the anniversary of our denomination's founding. So a busy day!

    We'll be singing Communion consecration (led by yours truly--better run through that a couple times today, although i know it well) and I'm planning to use real bread instead of wafers this week...

    As to grace...readings are John 1:14-17 (Word became flesh, grace through JC) and Ephesians 2:4-9 saved by grace through faith not works). I have a wonderful illustration on abundance I want to use (the egg in the bottle trick) and had thought I might use it to show the abundance of grace (even when we don't realize it, God's grace is all around us)...but haven't had a chance to practice and not sure it directly applies. I think I might save that for mercy, next month.

    Other than that, I have a couple admin things to do and a wedding meeting. I'd like to be able to go out with a friend tonight with a clear conscience. Which means i had better get moving, yes?

    GG, glad all went well!

  8. I love the Coke story, SheRev!

    We're blessing animals at church this morning, so I'm heading that way shortly. On the heels of that event a big new crop of ushers will be trained (or at least an attempt will be made to train), and then ECW meets. A busy morning.

    We don't work WCS into our pattern of Sundays, so I will be preaching on, I don't know yet! 1-4 Grace, can you point us to the NPR piece you heard?

    Later, preachers (and those who find rest away from the pulpit this week)!

  9. Well, I love WCS! In fact, many of you might not know it, but the photo at the top of the RGBP page is a photo I took at one of my very first WCS celebrations at St Stoic (with my phone, which was 2 phones before my current iPhone!).

    We have a variety of breads on the table, and festive cloths that members have brought back from world travels. It is one of my favorite Sundays.

    I am preaching the Hebrews "What are humans, that you are mindful of them?" text, as well as the alternate OT text, the Genesis 2 creation story. Title: "A Little Lower Than Angels".

    I have 2 sermons to write between now and Monday evening, because I will be in Semi-Famous City visiting the WG most of next week.

    But for now, coffee, a crumpet with peanut butter (3 total Fat Club points), and attempts to rid myself of this headache.

  10. For the first time in quite a while I have come to Saturday morning with most a sermon ready! It needs some editing for flow and it needs to be shorter, but I am so glad I worked on this one earlier in the week. I too am preaching on Mark. With divorce touching so many people I don't see how I can read this and not address it head-on.
    Blessings to all!

  11. as opposed to MamaS, this is the first time in a while I've come to Saturday with my sermon NOT near to finished... which causes me to be a bit anxious. I have, however, been trying to meditate with the World Communion theme, and posted this prayer-poemlast night.

    COKE: yes! i haven always wanted youth to celebrate the sacrament fully, with what they find meaningful (and what brings them together so beautifully!). So what a gorgeous remembrance of what is present is used by God.

  12. Hiall,
    SemFem good to see you so early at the party and hope to see you later. I love the story of Holy Communion with Coke, She Rev.
    I am preaching on the Mark passage and well, haven't written a thing other then a bunch of thoughts and ideas. I just hope they come together and I don't ramble tomorrow.
    We have World Communion too, which I do enjoy.
    Welcome back Chilly Fingers.
    I am relishing that today I have nothing I have to rush off to do or work to do. yea. Now not to waste the time, but use it wisely. I have doughnuts and coffee if you all want any. Now to work on the Mark passage.

  13. I am off to assist with prep work for tomorrow's harvest supper. ANd we'll see if anyone comments on the letter that was sent out this week naming that our liquid assets don't quite cover our current obligations (luckily there is one we can hold off on paying for a while, unluckily we need $4300 or so in the bank on the 23-25 of each month to cover payroll).

    Then after lunch meet with family for a funeral next Friday.

    After that will be some more focussing on what communion is for the sermon. Short sermon due to the sacrment itself and a report from our Presbytery meeting last weekend.

  14. Coke, hmmm maybe I can use that concept for a sharing with children time. thanks.
    Does anyone else have a dog at their feet while they write? I think she'd be in my lap if she could but she's way too big.
    I'm preaching Hebrews since it is highlighted on our bulletin cover. We will emphasize the high Christology of Hebrews by having 'high' worship, which is unusual in our denomination. Choir highlights, I'll robe, we'll come up for communion, bells, maybe even a few smells. It is a challenge for us and I hope I can make all the theological connects so its not just "playing". Blessings to all, I have whole wheat pecan raisin bread to share with your coffee.

  15. Good morning, RevGals! Sorry it's been a while since I've said howdy--have needed to scale back on my blog until I'm finished with a book I'm working on. But I have some thoughts and artwork for World Communion Sunday posted at The Painted Prayerbook, along with a reflection for the Feast of St. Francis, which is also tomorrow.

    Blessings to everyone, and a splendid October! I have some yummy natural peanut butter, fresh peaches, and peppermint tea for anyone who wants to stop by on this beautiful morning...

  16. Hi preachers! SheRev, what a fabulous story, mind if I reference it? I'm preaching on Hebrews 11-12, the whole "By faith Abraham, enoch, Moses, Rahab" as we're also celebrating our 45th birthday. So I'm doing some "remembering the saints" from our congregation history and also around the world.

    I'm also heart-heavy as a parishioner battling severe depression has refused any help,won't see her psychiatrist, won't take her meds, won't eat, her family are out of state and unable/unwilling to come, and I'm leaving for 3 week vacation on Tuesday...and her friends have decided I'm the only one who might convince her to go to the hospital. I can't get ahold of her social worker as it's the weekend, and no idea if the hospital will have a bed if we show up with her Sunday after church. And no idea what the protocol is to admit her...we're all completely at our wits end knowing she won't last long like this.

    And I'm also thinking of my parents in Haiti, celebrating communion in an open-air church that's all in Creole, with dogs that belong to the pastor who wander under the pews, plopping themselves down every so often.

    Holy Spirit come to yall!

  17. Good morning, all! Baked eggs topped with sharp cheddar and Pepperidge Farm cinnamon swirl toast to share here.

    I am not preaching or helping lead worship in any way tomorrow--a welcome break after at least one service a week, most bilingual, for the past five weeks or so. So I will finally get to visit my sweetie's Presby church and see how they do WCS. I am also on fall break from college teaching for a week which is very welcome after pushing myself with that for six weeks.

    The week ahead is very busy though, as our jurisdiction has our annual Synod starting Monday. I am presiding and preaching (with all female clergy team :-)) the opening mass: Wisdom's Feast from Proverbs and the road to Emmaus. I got imprinted prayer cards of the way cool icon by Sr. Marie Paul of the two disciples as a married couple to hand out with the program.

    Wednesday I lead the "inclusive language adaptation" portion of the Liturgy of the Hours workshop. Then that night's Evening Prayer and the next day's Morning Prayer are practical examples, with gender neutral God language for one and male/female balance for the other. Still need to draw up the services as well as outline and bibliography handouts for the workshop. Lots of meditation on how to do the inclusive liturgies well and nonthreatingly (probably much more tamely than I would prefer) so they draw people in instead of turning them off.

    And I just found out that the Vespers Wed. night includes Benediction, which I have never led! Exciting but also nervous making....

  18. Nutella, so good to hear you and others are there for your parishioner and praying for your conversation with her as well as openness from medical professionals. You might want to call the hospital up front as well as see if there are designated psychiatric emergency rooms in your area as well which would be more used to handling things on the spur of the moment.

  19. Any are welcome to use the Coke story as they wish.

    Sorry I've been a little tardy popping back in this morning. The children SOMEHOW let me stay in bed until 8:30 a.m. and after a night of poor sleep for some unidentified reason I took advantage of it. We enjoyed buttermilk pancakes (leftovers available for the brunch crowd!) and are now just trying to keep the kids from killing each other. A rainy day has us somewhat grounded.

    My husband and the boy are going to go shopping here shortly, though, so I might invite the neighbor girl over to entertain my daughter. That will leave me with....peace!

    Not preaching myself tomorrow (2nd week in a row!) since we have a former missionary coming to share her story in honor of World Communion Sunday. I am team-teaching a parent/child class on worship, though, so I have some pieces to put together for that. The church has a "gourmet" potluck dinner tonight that we will attend, and I have grand hopes of hitting a movie, too, since there's no sermon to prepare. The last movie I saw in a theater (for grown-ups) was Slumdog Millionaire. I don't get out much. I may finally get to see Julie & Julia!

    Anyway, sounds like there is lots going on. Prayers for you Nutella, and others, who are facing some tough situations this morning. I'll look forward to reading around as more gets posted!

    Blessings on you all this day!

  20. She Rev, that is a fantastic story!
    I'm at work today not on a sermon (still getting used to the new once-a-month routine), but rather on plans related to Senior High youth. I'm building a Facebook page and also pulling together a program on hospitality. We'll open with a basket full of greeting quotes from history and literature and film. We'll watch an excerpt from "Mean Girls." Then we'll talk about a time when we felt unwelcome. Then we'll do some Bible study (Abraham's hospitality to the angels; Jesus and the "so much as a cup of water for these little ones") and then plan a dinner at which they will cook for and welcome their parents later this month. When I told my 14-year-old the part about the basket of quotes, she said, "That's so cool and dorky!...Will they get that?" I have no idea. I'm at a loss in doing youth work with kids who are privileged and unused to or resistant much faith content. Hope I'll keep them busy at least.

  21. Wow, just writing that down helped.

  22. I'm using the propers for the Feast of St. Francis this weekend, so I have Matthew 11:25-30 (Take my yoke upon you) to work with. And St. Francis as well, of course. But I am way behind on writing, and in a few minutes I'm leaving to meet the candidates for bishop in my diocese--we elect in a couple of weeks. So it will be an interesting day, but I wish I had the sermon done already!

    Happy writing everyone

  23. Whoa it is way too nice outside to be in here writing. I never should've stepped out. Songbird, I sympathize. those kids are always a challenge. we even had trouble taking some on a workcamp as they were stressed over messing up their designer clothes... it sounds like you are on the right track and the "manual labor" of fixing a meal together will be a first step. Maybe another day, one of those games that simulates life in other parts of the world.

    Hubby is putting chocolate covered espresso beans in little jelly jars as wedding favors for the big day in 2 weeks for our daughter. I'm back to the lofty Christology of Hebrews. Anyone need an espresso bean or two? we have 20lbs.

  24. Hello, all. I'm not preaching tomorrow (hubs is), but I am trying to prepare for a church talent show. Yikes! Hubs and I somehow managed not to get conscripted to the last one a few years ago, but this time we caved to requests by the organizers. We're going to sing Islands in the Stream - yeah, we're going for the kitsch factor. So during his sermon-writing breaks today, he and I will be working on it. We've already spent a ridiculous amount of time on it.

    Otherwise, I'm preparing for worship, getting gluten-free bread for a new member with celiac disease, and trying to get stuff done around the house. Party on,y'all!

  25. LOL... my unusual communion experience was also in West Africa - a service that was with Orange Fanta and Planter's Cheez Balls. And I too was taken aback but have looked at the consecration of the elements differently ever since.

    I have a "seminary sermon" to finish, and another to do for presentation in class in 2 weeks. And Greek to learn, and an OT paper to write on "the hardening of the heart."

    And OHio State football at 7 p.m.!!

  26. Wedding meeting done, complicated letter written (it involved numbers, never a strength of mine).

    now for lunch (hmmm, what to have?) then on to the sermon!

    Oh, and does anyone have a good litany for the "unity sand" thing that is now popular at weddings? This couple would like to have that but I don't have a litany...willing to write it, just not sure what it might look like. Ideas?

  27. Oh
    I forgot - please help yourself to banana bread, freshly baked by Reedy Girl... and I have applesauce cooling on the counter. The two go together divinely.


  28. Rainbow pastor: how about "like sands through the unity vase thingy, so are the days of our lives"? Sorry, couldn't resist.

    half-3/4 done with the sermon...and can't figure out which way to move. Maybe I'll work on something else for a while. I have plenty, after all.

  29. Hi All.
    The story on NPR was on the local news break part.
    Here is a link to the story:
    We are #8, not sure who 1-7 are, but still a signficant finding.

  30. Opps. i did not do the link right and I need to get running. Can you copy and paste the link, please?
    So sorry.

  31. Hi friends. A few odd twists and turns later, my sermon is done. I'm not posting this one, but I did just write a blog post that might make a good sermon illustration some day

    Now, a bath.

  32. ... after a move and a traumatic week last week it feels like a long time since I have been at the party...

    I am not going with the World Communion Sunday theme but sticking with the gospel of Mark...

    My sermon is here I am feeling a bit wobbly about preaching....

  33. Sally, take good care as you grieve.
    Here is 1-4's link, clickably.

  34. Hi RevGals and Guys, I couldn't resist popping in although I need to be out the door NOW - it is a way too busy weekend with in laws visiting, potluck an hour's drive away last night, girls' first swim meet this morning at 8 a.m. making me miss my sorely needed soccer game, then two soccer games in cold windy mud to watch. Now off to MediumCity where our parish visitor's mom died last night so I need to get in touch with her and visit before I preach and lead the 5:30 service. Tomorrow girls sing at 9 am service at EpiscoChurch, then oldest is liturgist at HomeChurch, then I have a function in the afternoon. Please, I just want to breathe. Please.

    Nutella, praying for you...that sounds rough! She Rev, what a wonderful post, love the story (and I love Coke too)...Sally, I'll be praying for you and for the wobblyness to replaced by the Spirit's strength while you are in the pulpit tomorrow. Prayers and blessings to all!

  35. Cheesehead, Looked again at the picture of communion, really like it. I hope everybody is doing okay. This is a day of teachings; We taught the boy how to ride his bike without training wheels. Yea! And taught the kids how to sew, even gave them their own sewing kits. That's another story. Now trying to work on Marriage, Divorce and children. Yikes, I am not liking this sermon.

  36. I love WCS. This year we're having a shared worship with all five United Church's on this side of town (we're a North/South ward kind of city). I will be presiding at the table, with my colleagues filling in elsewhere during the service - so no sermon.

    However, our preacher is a guest from a small city about three hours from here. I was asked on Thursday to have a sermon "in my back pocket" just in case said preacher doesn't show. Hm.

    In eleven years of ministry, I have never repeated a sermon. Ever. And I don't plan to start now. So I wrote a sermon on Thursday that will likely not be preached this year. I like it though, so I may save it. It could be used for next year's service...

    Tomorrow afternoon we have the Blessing of the Pets worship in the afternoon. I'm hoping for a good turnout - I collected up so many great freebies for the pet goodie bags this year! The vet clinics and pet store were very generous this year. Thanks be! I do have to confess that I really hope no one brings a snake this year. *shudders*

  37. A small city 3 hrs from you Sue?????

    I am puzzled. Unless you are upgrading somewhere or you are crossing the border.......

  38. So, this communion thing, what is it all about?

    Once I answer thqt I'll have a sermon. In the meantime, since I am not sure I fully understand it maybe I shouldn't partake (at least that is what some say about children)

  39. Sermon done but I think it's too long. Now to work on the rest of the service to see if I really have 20 minutes to preach. then back to italicize what can be cut at the last minute. Do you do that? Make contingency cuts in advance?
    I'm going to follow some of your links too and have some fun blog reading.
    I've already gotten my children's time thanks to She Rev.
    grace to all leading worship tonight and tomorrow.

  40. Joining the party with half a sermon and some reese's pieces.

    Beautiful post Cheesehead. Also love the pic and its story. Wish I could get our communion table decked out for the service tomorrow.

    But World Communion Sunday was my first Sunday last year. Excited for the celebration of it again tomorrow.

  41. Oooo - children's time. Reading the first third or so of Horton Hears a Who as a tie in to my sermon on widening the welcome and minding the least, smallest of these.

  42. Rainbow Pastor - - I didn't read carefully, so forgive me if these are horrible, but a quick google search lead to these links:


    possibly overlap

    and a few more

  43. I love all of the varied world communion stories! I especially like them because I'm in the midst of a sermon series on "Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations" and this week is Passionate Worship. If anyone has a story to share about a contemplative, passionate worship experience, I'd love to hear it since I don't think that passionate always means excitable or frenzied but I think that may be what some folks hear

  44. Gord, we do Communion every week and I don't know that anyone really understands it until they are doing it.
    Here's two stories for you. My godson was at a conference with his mother. Andy was about four at the time. Mom went to get him from the childcare area at the offertory so he could receive a blessing at Communion. But when they went forward to the rail, Andy insisted he wanted Communion and not a blessing. The priest and mom held one of those eyebrow conversations and gave the child the bread and wine. All the way back to the pew, Andy's mom was trying to figure out how much she could tell a four year old about what he had just taken part in. Well, when they got back to the pew, Andy promptly knelt down and his mother heard him say, "God is great, God is good, and we thank him for our food. Amen"
    So did he understand?
    Story two. I took my kids to a midweek service once when they were out of school and I was too lazy to go to the early service. My son was his usual quietly unattentive self - not loud or disruptive, just not there. He was six and the floor was more interesting than pews full of old people, I guess. When we knelt for the eucharistic prayer, he was practically laid out on the floor. So I leaned over to tell him that if he didn't straighten up and behave, he couldn't take communion. And as I got close to him, I heard him saying quietly, "On the night in which he was betrayed...." Yup, the entire institution narrative by heart. Needless to say, I went back to my own prayers and left him alone.

    As I have listened to you all talking about WCS tomorrow, a day we do not observe in the Episcopal tradition, I am struck by the relationship between all the world's Christians celebrating Communion on the same day and Jesus' remarks about how God never meant for us to divorce. Let's face it, a lot of our denominations split/started over what now seems to be a relatively trivial point - or at least one we don't spend all of our time debating.
    So I think I will mention that what we Episcopalians do every Sunday takes on a deeper significance tomorrow because so many of our brothers and sisters are celebrating Communion, too.

  45. Just got here and its already 10pm Saturday. Have spent the day doing an intro to the Enneagram - loved it.
    Three years ago, I was in Indiana for WCS and preached on the Mark text. somehow it was easier not knowing the folks involved.
    This year, I'm avoiding the text by celebrating Harvest Thanksgiving but still don't have a sermon.
    I do however have a fruit powered clock for childrens time and we're thinking of how we all have power from God and have to all pitch in to share our harvest with the world.I'll be here for a while yet - have lots of fruit to share - everyone at church tomorrow will receive a piece of fruit to take home as a reminder of gifts and as a symbol of commitment to take our gifts into the world.

  46. I have posted my initial thoughts here .

  47. Wow, lots of good stuff going on!

    Got an attack of the sleepies...but finally have a good start.

    I'm using the parallel stories of the founding of our denomination (MCC) and AME churches--ie members not "worthy" by other people's lights who found their own churches int he knowledge of thei grace in God's eyes. I'm tying that to Wesley's idea of Communion as a means of grace.

    At least, that's the plan right now!

    More coffee, anyone? I just brewed a pot of free trade and I have some peppermint-fudge ice cream to go with it.

    Now if I can just stay off FB...

  48. Ugh, I'm having the urge to nap too, but the parents are only out of the house briefly and are expecting me to have a finished sermon when they return! It's not going well. Hard time finding my mojo or deciding what to say or how to say it.

    Maybe I need some caffeine.

  49. It's getting close to supper time. Anything I can get anyone? My husband made Asian spareribs for us to take to the gourmet dinner. He also made a loaf of some kind of spice bread. The last one was well loved by his office, but I thought it had way too much pepper in it. We'll see about this one.

    Since I get to be sermon-free tomorrow we're also hitting a movie tonight. Woo hoo! I'm pretty bummed to find out Julie and Julia finally left the area a couple of days ago, so we missed it. We'll go see the The Informant instead. Heck, a movie's a movie, and it looks pretty good to me!

    I'll be back to check on folks when the evening is over. I'll hang with the late night crowd for a little while, too!

  50. Asian spareribs sound great! I forgot to get anything out to thaw, so looks like I'm having either grilled cheese or venturing out in the pouring rain to pick something up. guess which one is more likely?

    Sermon is pretty much done. I will, as always, give it a final polish tomorrow morning, but for once i feel very good about the end (always my weak spot).

    Blessings on those of you still sermonating!

  51. Would it be weird to use duct tape as an illustration for this sermon? Jesus is talking about "tough stuff" (and he will be for the next two weeks, too) and he wants us to stick together. What do you think? too cheesy?

    (Obviously more pastoral stuff about divorce and brokenness will follow.)

  52. Rev. Husband and I are on the 11 1/2-hour preacher party here, eating anything that is kind to his new dental fillings and my possible gestational diabetes. (though we made cookies earlier in the week before these appointments and now would seem to have quite a surplus to share!

    Sermon prep is interspersed with snips of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice online. Sometimes they are indeed good inspiration...

    It's a toughie tomorrow for us; a baptism, the Job/divorce duo; followed by the Annual meeting. I think we're leaning towards the emphasis on God loving us as his children, no matter what happens to us or what we've done; that to receive this you can't grasp it by force but rather only by powerlessness; and in those lowest, darkest moments of our family/relational struggles, to let ourselves feel Jesus' gentle hands on our heads, blessing us still.

    Stay tuned; sermon will be posted at link to my name...

  53. Evening you all, supper. Anybody need any? Fried chicken, green beans, and corn. MMM good. However, it does not write sermons. And that is where I am. How is everyone else?

  54. REvisions have been made. I have lots of ham and some yams to share. No dessert, though, since I am trying to cut that kind of thing to a minimum. I suppose the manhattan before dinner might count as dessert, though.
    I'll be checking in early tomorrow morning. Hope everyone wraps this one up early and has a good night's sleep.

  55. Sonbird, thanks for the post of my link. You rock!
    We spent the day at nearby farm, doing the maze, pettting the goats, throwing corn sacks, and riding the tractor to pick out a pumpkin. Loads of fun, but with 12+ acres, I am exhausted!
    Now for an 8-10 minute homily/meditation/mini sermon

  56. 664 words...and I have corned beef and pumpkin cookies to share, if anyone missed supper or would like a quick snack!

    I went with the duct tape kickoff to the sermon. Let's hope it doesn't turn out too lame.

    Hmm, I think my school's game is about to start...maybe I can watch it online!

  57. Uh, semfem, are the cookies jsut pumpkin or do they have corned beef in them too????
    tee-hee...could not resist

  58. Oh, ew, sorry. Corned beef. Very separate from the pumpkin cookies. Both delicious. Heh!

  59. Hi all--just popping in to lend a cheer for those still writing.

    Just got in from seeing "The Invention of Lying" very funny, lots to think about, possibly preachable some day, and of course the adorable Ricky Gervais. What's not to like?

    Keep at it, gals and pals. The HS has your back!

  60. Decided a cool dreary rainy day was a good day for a DVD rental. So we just watched Race to Witch Mountain. Quite enjoyable, brainless but enjoyable.

    ANyway, I think I know what to say about communion. I want to focus on the eschatological banquet of hope aspect.

    ANd Sue--that was our guess.

  61. So, I'm back from the church gourmet dinner and feel that tomorrow just might need to be declared a fast day in repentence. I'm pretty serious. It was delicious, but my gluttony was all wrong.

    I actually left before my introvert-husband because I was WAY TOO TIRED. We didn't get to a movie because the party wasn't quite as come-and-go as I thought it would be. I probably would have fallen asleep if we had made it there. Yikes. Don't know if I'm going to survive with you late night partiers this time!

    So here's what I snuck home - carrot cake, a pumpkin, mostly hollowed out and stuffed with all sorts of cheese and cream and mushrooms and baked (dear God, they don't make anything more delicious than that), roasted pheasant, Gruyere roasted potatoes, camel sausage (I mean, you have to try everything once, but that's about all you need to try this stuff. Not so good.) More pumpkin cookies, apple pie, and apple bars. Those were the highlights anyway.

    Well, ladies and gents, I hate to be a party pooper when I'm the host, but I've got to head to bed. I slept horribly last night and can hear my bed calling my name right now.

  62. Sigh. I'm stuck. It was going so well, and then nothing. Hmph.

    Good night, She Rev and everyone else who isn't preaching tomorrow...

  63. I'm having a love/hate relationship with Mucinex today & my head hurts so I'm headed for bed.

    Blessings on your Sunday

  64. I am so lame!!!!
    I just posted this on Tuesday LL by mistake.
    Here is what I said, over there:
    Ugh. I am up to 570 words and still not "there" or getting there yet.
    I dont need to go over 1000 due to the link of time for communion by intinction. I have a good many elderly folks.
    Oh, and due to H1N1 fears, we have communion my intinciton and also the shot glass on the hub cap option.
    Actually, no hubcaps, I pulled out the lovely trays with handles that date back before WWII. They are wonderful. But most Sundays we have the normal silver trays.
    Anyhow, the front of the church is beautiful with beautiful fabrics and dangly down stuff.
    The bread I am doinng is close to being done(Russian Black), but we also have sourdough, pita, and a challah. I love WCS!!!!!
    ~ Thnaks you for your support

  65. You can do it, 1-4! Whenever I have a short sermon to write, I can never do it and always seem to end up going long. Why is that?

    I'm at 1448 words now and finished, but I should really try and cut some of those words out. It will be a busy day and a more-concise-than-usual sermon would be a gift to us all.

    Oh well, at least I have something, and it doesn't suck TOO badly! Whew.

  66. Well I am awake because my celebrate-worry-wonder-pray-praise-to do-list is keeping my eyes wide open. So I decided to pop back in here and pray for all of you preachers.

    God give you words seasoned with grace and the listeners to hear them...

  67. Good evening friends--sermon is done and posted here:

  68. I'm finished editing (and tweaking a First Communion class for tomorrow afternoon) and off to a shower and bed. Whew! Thanks for the prayers and support.

    Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this morning.


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