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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Video: And Can It Be

I didn't make it to church today but we might have sung this...! it's suggested by Oremus for the tie-in to the Hebrews text.

I love this series of videos from the BBC's Songs of Praise. Everyone looks so alive and present!

Blessed Sunday to you all!


  1. Ahhh yes, 'Songs of Praise' is an institution in the UK...
    Here's an alternative version :)

  2. Oh Mary Beth - my desert island hymn...and I'm on the beastly desk top with the dead sound card! Must get onto lap top later and enjoy it.
    Once upon a time Songs of Praise (which has interviews with people, talking about why their favourite hymn matters to them) interviewed an ex prisoner. Hearing him talk about "And can it be.." was one of the defining moments in my journey.
    Thank you for posting this xxx

  3. As I look at that video I want to show it to my congregation and say --- "See, THIS is how it's done!" Maybe I'll do that at the session retreat this weekend. ;)

    As for the alternative version, those can be even more fun . . .


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