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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Festival: All Around the Ring

Sophia shares realizations and rejoicings from her recent "quinceanera consecration" as bishop in her new Independent Catholic community.

Jo(e) has a heartbreaking story of abuse and powerlessness.

In a similar vein, Cheesehead had a fantastic sermon in observation of Domestic Violence Awareness Week. She also shares a personal situation of relationship gone wrong.

I am angry.

Songbird's post tells truth about her roots and family.

Jan's post Liturgy of Life asks the important questions, the hard questions.

Seeking Authentic Voice brings this circle of sharing to a close, giving a snapshot of a quiet day , one involving plenty of process.

Holding hands with you all in the ring, reaching out to others as well...


  1. I love that sculpture--it's always on the list when we take the youth downtown! :-)

    It's my birthday today, so stay tuned this afternoon for when I go open my presents and find out what's inside! My dad sent 6 presents, which have been sitting in my office taunting me since Friday. Today, after lunch, I will go there and OPEN THEM! YAY!! Then, of course, I will post about it. In the meantime, if you visit and scroll down a couple of days you can see the stack of wrapped presents...and also the present I gave away for my birthday.

  2. The sculpture is a gem. As they hold hands they can move, if one lets go, they all fall, but can pick each other up and begin again. Quite a message that we need to hang on to each other, trusting to let others join in.

    I wondered about letting God wrap us up in love....and wrote about it here.


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