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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday Festival: What's your Path?

I know at least 2 of our membership attended Christianity 21 last week.

Still waiting to hear from Rachel, but RevHipChick posted a couple of reflections here and here.

Did anyone else attend, and if so, do you have comments to share?

Otherwise, opening it up: What are you doing or planning for continuing education and development these days? (Note that the RevGals BE3 deadline is coming right up...! see the sidebar link for more information.)

And if you AREN'T planning or participating in something like this....what do you NEED in this area? What direction would you like to go? Speculation and fantasy are welcome!

Looking forward to hearing from you...


  1. I attended but suffering from heart jet-lag and haven't been able to find the words to describe the experience for me, yet. I'm working on it, though! Check back soon!

  2. My first pass on Christianity21: Drunk on the Wine of New Love

  3. I would LOVE to have gone... instead I'm doing school and family and... life. It's all good. I'll live vicariously. :)

    My continuing ed is still continuing LOL... next week is a modular week on campus at Whoopin Holiness Divinity School (though truth be told the whoopin has really decreased over the last year hallelujah dontchaknow).

    On a regular basis, I am taking silent retreats at a local center. I go quarterly (monthly isn't possible but is my goal.) And monthly I meet with a mentor for prayer and encouragement. Can't do without it...


  4. Does a PhD count? *grins*
    Just got news yesterday my research Masters thesis met the requirements for me to do the PhD - and am now officially registered and fully funded.
    So I get to hang out with Mr Knox and lots of kirk session records for the next wee while... Happy days.
    *continues to grin*


    CWS, thanks for chiming in...great reflections. And Deb, good news taht you are taking what time you are able for monthly retreats.


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