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Friday, November 06, 2009

11th Hour Preacher Party: Biblespeak Edition

Widows, feet, the threshing floor - Caela used the term in Tuesday's comments to talk about the meanings under the words, and I loved it. "Biblespeak." It reminded me of the job 2 of my favorite radio show hosts do every day when they translate the "Hollywoodspeak" in press releases for those of us who aren't as close to the action. They always seem to be right on with their interpretations even though it seems like it comes from left field to me. Translating Biblespeak or at least sharing the meaning under the words is part of our job, though, isn't it? Geez, I hope it doesn't seem like it's coming out of nowhere when I do it, though.

Anyway, the Biblespeak is all over the lectionary passages we've got before us this week. Ladies and Gents, there is PLENTY with which to work! What are you translating?

Join us for the party in the comments. We love to have you!

(The cartoon was taken lovingly and hopefully legally from the Christianity Today blog, originally posted on June 23, 2008. It sort of fits, but even where it doesn't, I thought it was funny. Do you know that guy in your church? I sure do!)


  1. Gearing up for Remembrance Sunday over here. It is not my most favourite service. I was once told that as a woman I didn't add enough gravitas to the occasion. There will be members of the British legion coming to lay a wreathe on the memorial to those who died in the world wars and since. Preaching with integrity on this Sunday is always difficult as there is so much room for misunderstanding and I want to challenge but not offend.

    Loved the cartoon. I have given the legion a copy of 1 Thess.4.13-18 for one of their members to read from the NRSV. They came back to me asking if I had made a mistake because it didn't bear any resemblance to what was in the bible (obviously a dusty copy of the King James sat at the back of their cupboard)!
    Lovely beautiful Autumn day here. Should be clear skies for all the Guy Fawkes and fire work parties tonight. (very Bristish thing)

  2. i am up way earlier than i should be b/c the doggie got up... sick. aurgggh... what is the deal with that?

    i stayed up late trying to squeeze out a sermon... now i figure, i'm up, let's run thru it and see how we can wrap it up... and go back to bed! either way, my pillow is calling...

  3. Remembrance Day on November 11 in Canada as well. A branch of the Royal Canadian Legion will be here as well. Alternative Reading is great commandment, but I am going with the version in Luke which carries the story of the Good Samaritan and has the questions "Who is my neighbour?" It leaves lots of room for reflection and expansion to today while still acknowledging the sacrificing of the legion members in attendance (which will include my 84 year old father).
    I, too, feel a bit schizoid on Remembrance Sunday until I remember that most veterans came back desiring and hoping against hope that this time it would be "the war to end all wars". They did not (at least the ones I know) glorify what they did. They rarely talked about it, but would now like people to remember them and their sacrifice because they want peace for their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

  4. Veterans Day tomorrow; we have a large WWII contingent, so we do have a spot in the liturgy where we recognize them.

    not preaching tomorrow, but up because the dog was whining. she doesn't seem to be able to get used to daylight savings time.

    or something.

    I have a lot on my mind. can't say more now.

    baptism tomorrow tho.

    And love the cartoon.

  5. Good morning, all. I'm preaching Ruth, focusing on hesed and the difference that dogged lovingkindness makes in the world. Lots of stuff not related to sermonizing also on my docket today so I'm hopeful I can get focused and get busy.

  6. Yuck. A sick dog canNOT be fun.

    Geez. Veteran's Day has completely slipped my mind as something to include. I guess it's a good thing I haven't written the Prayers of the People yet. That's the place I'll include it. Y'all are probably saving me my "street cred" with the older crowd. Many thanks!

    My grand plan to repurpose my sermon from like 7 years ago was completely foiled by the fact that apparently the sermon I'm thinking of (the only stewardship one I've had to do since I was always the associate) is the only one I someone didn't save on a computer. UGH! I've got my first two "moves" in notes, so I'll recreate from that start. Thought about doing it last night, but Mexican Train Dominoes on Facebook called my name too loudly. Hopefully I got that out of my system and won't fall to such temptation tonight.

    For now - - off to a haircut, then the kids' haircuts, then a funeral to attend, but not officiate. The first H1N1 death in our county was this week - the 49 year old single mom of 3, daughter of one of my elderly members. With no other words, it's a sucky situation.

    Hopefully I'll get productive with the sermon after that as we have dinner at a member family's house tonight. Should be fun, but will be more fun if I don't have a whole sermon hanging over my head!

  7. Officiating at my first wedding this afternoon - for an 82 year old couple! That service and homily are done.

    This morning I've got to start and finish Sunday's sermon, so I don't have to cut out of the reception too early. Swapping lectionary texts with next week and preaching Hebrews and forgiveness.

    But first, some breakfast. I've got bagels and an assortment of cream cheese.

  8. Still off lectionary... Talking about worship this week--why do we worship? Who is served by our worship? Does God demand it? etc. Plus notes in the order of service about the parts of worship (what is the "call to worship" about? why are baptisms done after the sermon? etc.).

    Also doing non-sermon but church-related work today, most notably a dedication service for the LGBT centre opening next Sunday...I've got a 30-40 minutes service planned and have to figure out how to squeeze into!

    And Dancing with God, I love weddings like that!

    Bagels and cream cheese sounds yummy!

  9. Hi all,
    As many of you know, I've been sick all week and now am better, not totally well yet. Now I have two of the three kids at home sick with the head virus thingy that is going around. At least it isn't the swine flu. I have a funeral to do this afternoon and then try to finish up the sermon for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to preach.

    We are off lectionary since we begin our stewardship season, with a sermon series based on adam Hamilton's book Enough. Iget to start it off in the Traditional preaching on Simple Care. It is going to be interesting preaching to that group since they are the most affluent yet the most generous.

    Hope no one else got this stuff and that all is going well in your world as you prep for tomorrow.

  10. I'm back from a breakfast meeting with the wardens, and fighting off a headache (not related to the meeting :) Now I must finish up a (very brief) homily for a funeral at 1 pm, and write the sermon for tomorrow. I am struggling with the Mark reading--so many times it's used as a slam-dunk stewardship message--but I don't think it is. I've read some good commentary on it (Working Preacher and Feasting on the Word) but I just don't have my head around it yet...hope it gets there soon.

    For Veteran's Day we are singing America the Beautiful and remembering our veterans in prayer. I've moved the flag down from the balcony for Veteran's Day, hoping to appease someone who thinks it should have a more prominent place in the church; I hope that doesn't backfire and cause him to argue that it should be where it is this weekend EVERY day....'cause that just isn't going to happen!

    It's cold here today. 24 (F) when I got up this morning.

  11. Good morning all. My dear little son is away, which means I dont have to go to soccer, but instead I have the morning to work before
    1. a party for a couple celebrating their 90th birthdays
    2. a trip to Ikea
    3. dinner with my husband
    4. a concert at a sister church

    All of that sounds way more appealing that sermonizing this morning, since I have exactly NOTHING to work with at the moment. Or maybe, too much! My mind is whirling with whats happening in the world: gay marriage, health care, Veterans day (or remembrance day for our friends across the pond), a visit we're having tomorrow from a Jewish guy who works to build joint schools for "israelis and arabs" (he will talk for a few minutes during worship - havent exactly decided where yet, but some explanation is in order re the pharisees, i'm thinking).

    So I guess my thinking is leaning toward sacrifice/how (per Townes) we ask the most of the least and then the good news is..... maybe thinking (again per Townes) how each of us can be an offering, rather than giving a sacrifice ? Or something like that.

    Wish I could see that BBT sermon on The Widow's Mite that someone mentioned on Tuesday. Is it online? Probably not - I think she is rather particular about that.

    RE offerings from here - I have plain yogurt and bananas. Not too thrilling, but at least it's the greek kind (yuummmm).

  12. the yogurt, I mean, not the bananas. hmm, do they HAVE bananas in greece, I wonder? I think not...

  13. Oh shoot, Juniper, I wish I could help you out with the BBT sermon (I'm the one that mentioned it). I have it but my copy is at the office (or else I would totally scan it and email it to you). It's a big game day today (University of Michigan) so trying to get from my home near the stadium to the church near central campus is out of the question unfortunately.

    Surely someone else around here has a copy and could help you out? The sermon title is "The One to Watch" and Google hasn't pulled up any copies or summaries of it for me.

  14. oh, thanks earthchick! I looked at it, too, and I'm pretty sure I have that book (The Preaching Life) at MY office - now the question is whether I want to go get it. No good excuse like you...just lazy :)

  15. i've never done this before, but i have c-span on in aonther window - hopefully they're going to vote on health care sometime. Anyone know who's acting speaker right now?

  16. I got a good start on my sermon on Thursday, so I should be able to wrap it up in a couple of hours this morning, if I don't let myself get distracted. Which is a big "if." I'm a week off the lectionary, so I'm preaching on Bartimeus. Yes, it's stewardship Sunday for us - ick - and I'm going with the image of Bartimeus' throwing off his cloak. In FOTW one of the reflections noted that it was likely his most treasured possession. It kept him warm at night and was also likely where the alms were dropped. Yet he threw his cloak off - and the alms into the air - for what Jesus could give him. What is our most treasured possession - time, talents, treasure - that we need to throw off in order to receive what Jesus can give us? It sounds alot better in my head than it does here.

    Dave is cooking up some french toast with maple syrup and pumpkin spice lattes, so I have those to offer.

  17. oops, I forgot -

    HC, I hope MochaJava is feeling better! Newman & Redford send their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  18. french toast? maple syrup? pumpkin lattes? oh kim... if only i were closer i'd be right there!!

    mochajava is acting kinda funny... depressed maybe? or is it too much snarfing for cat poop in the alley? or is he stressed cuz i started putting holiday stuff up? (he does not go for new decor... ever. growls at trees. stares at teh twinkly lights. he is a creature of habit...)

    oh sermon conclusion where are you?

  19. Sounds like there are some good starts and some busy day. I'm back from haircuts and off to the funeral I'm attending. Prayers for those who are officiating them today!

  20. Car has its oil changed, I've had breakfast, caught up on all my favourite web sites and Facebook, read email...but nada on the sermon. Well, the outline and the bulletin. *sigh*

    Almost time for lunch here!

    How are others doing?

  21. I'm wondering if I can compare "Saving private ryan" they did it because they were *told* to and the widow (widow's mite) who did it because that is who she *is.* Both honorable actions, both gave all they had, but one counted the cost, the other didn't even consider the cost. And then use Einstein quote, "Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted."

    Does that sound like a sermon?

  22. ooh, VH, love that quote.

    Anyone got a chidlrens time? This is Shameless Borrowing Day evidently.

    i had good luck just now with that thing where you set a little timer, and make yourself write without stopping for 25 minutes. then, if you are hardcore, you can set another timer for 10 minutes, while you go out on facebook or however you like to goof around.

    but i have a pretty decent outline now, so i'm heading out for a walk with maybe a small amount of running, too.

    it's only 9:30 here, so even after the walk it wont be lunch time YET, but it might be the perfect time ofr elevenses, which if I'm doing it the Pooh way would be something with honey (yummm).

    Thinking of you, Sherev, at that funeral. Sad days.

  23. Good afternoon preachers! I am not up this Sunday but am working on my sermon for next Sunday. I may or not be able to deliver it from the pulpit as the top bishop in my new jurisdiction is trying to get me expelled for whistleblowing his harboring of a pedophile priest. So it may instead be sent out to the clergy mailing list with the information on why it wasn't preached in liturgy.

    That's next week's discernment, and it will depend on what happens this Sunday. I have been told not to attend liturgy but will be going to pray, worship, and help serve lunch to the homeless. I won't bring up anything but if questions are asked I will answer honestly and if lies are told in my presence I will refute them. I am praying hard to stay in the Spirit and respond with love, nonviolence and prudence to whatever is thrown at me. Please pray with me for the full armor of God and protection from all temptation and dysfunction in my own heart and mind so I can speak the truth in love.

    My clergy supervisor there has been told to take me off the schedule and cancel our planned meeting to discuss the situation but she is still discerning the first order and refused the second. She is not quite sure who to believe but determined to keep talking to both sides and keep things honest and aboveboard which they have not been to date. So our discussion will also be determinative of next steps.

    Heading out to meet with the other good priest working with me for strategizing and more importantly spiritual preparation and mutual support. Will read comments when I get back. Praying for all preparing today to preach and lead and attend worship tomorrow.

    So very grateful for this community which gives me the strength to do what is right.

  24. I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee and thinking that a *negative* military example may not be the best idea for the Sunday before 11/11 and after Fort Hood. crap

  25. The Rev. Dr. Wil GafneyNovember 7, 2009 at 12:39 PM

    This former Army Chaplain is having a hard time this week. I am preaching my former student's installation on Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure I can bear church in the morning. On Wednesday I will preach and Celebrate for Veteran's Day. The texts I'm leaning toward are Cain and Abel the Soldiers' Gospel in Luke 3.

  26. Oh, Sophia. What you describe sounds so incredibly difficult and yet there is no other option but to do what you have been called to do. I pray for strength for you.

    I'm checking in after taking a Full Day Off yesterday--not even touching the computer!--but now feeling the crunch. I led lectionary study on the two widows (we have the widow of Zarephath for the first reading) earlier this week but haven't thought about it much since. Plus there are SO many other things calling my name that I would rather do.

    Sigh. Time to buckle down and do SOMETHING. The good news for me is that I'm preaching at the Presby church in our local pulpit exchange, so only one service instead of two!

  27. I am back from the funeral I officiated. I seem to mostly do funerals for people I don't know--at my previous parish, that's the ones my rector let me do and here the first two funerals were within two weeks of my arrival. And today's was for a woman who did not belong to a church , but whose family wanted a religious service. At any rate, I always feel like it is so hard to prepare, not knowing the person or the the family, but I am always in the end left feeling blessed by the privilege of sharing such holy moments, and today is no exception.

    So I've read BBT's sermon--thanks for that tip--and what she said is right in line with what I've been reading and thinking about. I have some thoughts percolating--I just hope that they come together quickly enough that I don't have to pull a late night.

  28. Today I have learned that the parent who does drop-off for a Chuckie Cheese's birthday party has it much better than the parent who does pick-up! The hubs dropped the boys off for the party and was home 10 minutes later. I did pick-up and was gone more than an hour! Had to find my boys in a sea of other kids, help them finish up their games, wait in long lines to turn the tickets in to the machines (half of which were broken), had to wait in line to redeem tickets for cheap prizes, had to convince the boys to settle for Pop Rocks as their prize since they didn't have enough tix for anything else, had to find the birthday boy to say good-bye, etc. It was exhausting!

    I was on a real roll with Ruth before I left. Now I hope I can get back into it.

    Sophia, prayers for you. What a difficult path you are walking right now.

    Vicar, I think you may be right about not using the "Saving Private Ryan" thing as a negative example, esp. tomorrow. People I know almost exclusively have positive feelings towards that movie, and I think esp. on Veteran's Day you might not want to challenge that.

    Wil, thinking of you. {hugs}

    Okay, back to Ruth for me. Yay, hesed!

  29. Yo, it's quiet over here! Thought I'd come stir things up.

    So I have something in an old sermon on Ruth that says that Elie Wiesel said that the story of Ruth is told to remind us that there are no coincidences. Personally, I always bristle when someone says there's no such thing as coincidence, b/c I don't generally agree with the implication that "coincidences" are actually God working behind the scenes to manufacture outcomes.


  30. Maybe events begin as "coincidences" but then God works within them to bring about God's will. (???)

    I love Ruth, by the way (we did a whole Lenten study on it), but this week I couldn't resist the parallel widow stories.

    That last statement sort of implies I have more done on my sermon than I actually do. I'm busily procrastinating by working on other very worthwhile projects. But still...procrastinating.

    I have a pot of Christmas tea ready if anyone needs some libations.

  31. Wil, special prayers headed your way.

  32. Sophia, you are in my prayers. Doing the right thing can be so very painful but it really was the right thing.

    I've just finished my reading for tomorrow's chat. Going with Mark and I think I will lay out all the possible ways we can take this text and then maybe some ways we ought not to take it. I might even get to a point.

    We are a week away from wrapping up - officially - our pledge season. So this is a dicey reading. At the same time, our focus is on our outreach ministries, that we have discovered they likely take more time and talent than cash but the pledges support outreach in that we have to have worship and a few staff people, a building and even a rector to do outreach, too. So I am not inclined to point the preaching finger at pledging other than to reiterate it is a personal decision and a way to give thanks for God's presence and activity in our lives.

    Besides, I don't know that I think the widow did the right thing!

  33. The Rev. Dr. Wil GafneyNovember 7, 2009 at 5:14 PM

    Thanks all for the prayers and hugs. The sermon for my former student is wonderful (if I do say so myself). I'm looking forward to that moment of celebration. The other is just a big ole lament right now.
    Sophia, I am praying for you as well. Integrity doesn't mean a thing unless you hold to it in the most difficult circumstances.

  34. Well if I keep tinkering with my last few sentences I will be here all night, so I'm calling it quits on my draft for now and I'll come back to it later. It needs a good bit of tightening, but for now here it is.

    I had fun taking issue with how we try to sanitize the threshing floor scene. I like it that it's a little bit saucy, and I enjoyed working with that instead of against it.

  35. Earthchick,
    I wanted to post at your site, but I don't have a google account.

    Anyway, I agree with Liz - I love it! And you may have helped get me off the very dry direction I was headed - thanks!

  36. Oh, Liz and Eileen, thank you for your sweet comments! :)

  37. I"ve been gone all day for our church big event and came home to edit. The stuff is all there but the format/delivery needed work so hopefully my edit will help.
    SOunds like a lot going on, Prayers for all the finishers. I need extra sleep tonight, I'm just plain tired.

    take care, i'm off to read some of your blogs before I quit.

  38. Widow's mite/might was last week for me. This week is a Consecration sermon I did 2x last year (once as outside speaker, once at last church). Still, I am trying to give it some pop wondering if the message is actually stale or only I'm tired of it.

    Email from an Associate reminds me I didn't even assign parts this week. Sheesh, the downside of an already written sermon is you get out of rythmn.

    Wil - my thoughts are with you, thank you for having served.

  39. I am tired, and stuck. Sigh. It's going to be a late night after all.

  40. Thanks so much everyone. I am feeling really grounded and peaceful after prayer and sharing time with my colleague. And it feels so good to go in knowing I can tap into all this good worshipping energy.

    I like the things I am hearing about sermons. I get the ambivalence of the widow's mites story and three years ago preached it as as protest by Jesus against the mistreatment of widows and its contrast with Herod's extravagant and self glorifying temple project (while honoring her gift given with dignity in the circumstances she faced, of course).

  41. Hi All.
    Busy day with funeral and errands to run and stuff to do at church.
    My admin asst fell while helping her mother too. Nothing broken, but serioulsy bruised and banged up.
    And, Melech is scheduled for ultrasound Monday. He is a little better, but not well. I am nervous over this one. Really worried over my little guy.
    Sermon on Ruth 4:7-17. Skipping the threshing floor scene but making a refrence to it.
    Still not 100% sure on where I am going with it all. I have been unproductive this week. sigh....
    Hope all are well, two legged and 4 legged.
    Good luck to all. Pnut butter and chco chip cookies on the counter

  42. There's a lot going on out there today! Prayers for all who need them, especially Sophia and Wil.

    I've had a pretty big "play" day, complete with a full-on drooling nap this afternooon. Probably should have warned my husband this evening about that pillow when he went down to watch football on TV. Oh well. He'll probably blame it on the cat if he finds it!

    Back from dinner with some church members. Kids are in bed and probably asleep - late night for them! I've got a sermon that needs to be cranked out, and then I'm practically on vacation. We don't actually leave until Wednesday, but Monday and Tuesday will be light days with several meetings away from the church.

    I CAN DO IT!

    I'm here for the late night festivities with chocolate chip walnut bars to share. They are YUMMY!

  43. I'm not preaching tomorrow, but I wanted to extend prayers to Sophia, Wil and all of the preacher party tonight.

    May the Spirit, as always, be your guide and your strength.

  44. I am greedily snarfing up all the chocolate you kind people have left out. I ate the last of the Halloween candy last night and am really jonesing for some chocolate.

    I'm also mightily procrastinating on just starting this sermon. UGH. I'd go on but I will just get whiny.

  45. semfem, I'm procrastinating now, too. I've got big plans to try Juniper's work for 25, break for 10 plan, but I seem stuck in break for 25.

  46. I hereby title this sermon "A Tale of Two Widows."

    Okay, that's five words written.

    (oh, and I keep typing WINDOWS instead of WIDOWS in my notes, which is irritating.)

  47. What a week! What a day! I spent absolutely no time on the computer yesterday from noon on and then managed to just skim emails quickly this morning so I could enjoy my birthday. Wonderful fall harvest type of day here in midwest! Great day for a birthday!
    Anyway, I'm preaching Mark and we're also beginning our stewardship drive tomorrow. I have temple talk set and until now, thought the liturgy was set. Thanks for the reminder about Veteran's Day - I'll add into the prayers of the people.
    Am probably going with theme of trusting faithfully in God and showing our appreciation for God's activity in our lives. This past week I used the children's chapel food offerings to show that when each of us give a little, collectively the community gives abundantly. (assembled a 'meal' from the non-perishables collected -- one piece at a time, showed how an abundant feast could be made from each individuals' separate and seemingly small/insignificant offering).
    I can tell by the preceding rambling that I have a long way to go on this!
    Sharing some chai tea and molasses cookies with you all!

  48. oh and forgot - I was able to run to library and check out "It's A Wonderful Life" to show the 3 minute segment at the end when the townspeople bring in their riches...even the bank examiners contribute to save George Bailey and the bank.
    Not sure how this will work out yet!

  49. Windows, widows, potay-toes, patah-toes....
    Let's call the whole thing off.
    Seriously, can we just cancel Sunday?
    My head hurts and my chest aches. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. My folks have both been down with H1N1...but they were vomiting and had diarreah. I have none of that stuff, jsut congested.
    Just about done with the sermon. It will be on the short side of my usual, but hey...who's gonna complain? I think we went a little long last week with communion and All Saints, so there.
    I have Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash for any and all.

  50. I'm trying to convince myself that this time I will not go in with a full-blown manuscript, will just go with what I think I am called to say bout the "mite strange" widow.

    And worried that I will have my foot firmly planted in my mouth. sigh. I keep saying I'm going to get away from the manuscript...can I? I only have a few notes on a page...ugh.

    Prayers for Sophia, Wil, and all walking through difficult roads as well as all who are proclaiming tomorrow.

    Please keep the people impacted by the violence at Fort Hood and in Orlando in your prayers. I have several folks with Ft Hood connections.

  51. Prayers for Sophia, so so sorry for your situation and praying for fair and just resolutions for you.
    Good for you in standing up for those who have been victimized by this priest.
    Prayers for you as well, Wil. Many good thoughts for in the AM.

  52. Well, it has been a quieter party this time around. Think of it more as a few friends intimately sipping their drinks with conversation-compatible music in the background as opposed to a college kegger with loud noise and raucous revellers. Each is good in its own time, right?

    I'm about down with my detailed outline, so I think I'm going to head to bed for a few hours once it's done. I'll be back up at 4:00 a.m. my time for any who are still around or coming for the early morning tweaks and rewrites. See some of y'all then!

  53. Well, I'm still working on something to preach. Caring for a kid recovering from minor surgery and sermon writing don't mix very well.

  54. Ugh! Vicar, they do NOT mix well. Prayers for you as you juggle ALL of your calls!

  55. Finally! I have won the battle of writing this sermon. Now for the prayers and the printing.

  56. oh, hey, Vic - you still up? me, too. not writing, though - leaving the polishing til morning. hopefully it wont be too much!

    just went to a really great concert, great music but it got me all roiled up and too emotional to sleep -- you know that feeling?

    anyway, i got 25 more minutes of goofing around, then I MUST get to sleep :)

    good night all! blessings on your proclaiming and praying tomorrow. hold the heavy stuff as light as you can - Jesus will help you carry it.

  57. I am finally done with everything but getting the healthy kid out of my bed. sleep here I come!

    Blessings on your Sunday

  58. Okay, I let myself get some sleep, but now it's time to finish this puppy up. I did write a beginning but it sucketh mightily. If I can get this done, I might be able to get a bit more sleep. (I sound a bit like She Rev, don't I?)

    Pass the caffeine. Here we go.

  59. You sound just like me, semfem. I'm back up and at it, too. No plans to sleep anymore, though. I'm not fooling myself that way. But then I got 4.5 hours already.

  60. Trying to bring it home. It's almost there.

  61. Hmm, 1868 words and I'm done. However...even though I'm preaching at a Presby church (which I tend to equate with tolerance for longer sermons), I have a hunch this is a bit too long.

    I see the sun coming up...

  62. 1868 sounds just right for this Presby. I get nervous when I hit 2000.

  63. Okay, I'm trusting you She-Rev! And hey, if it is too long, they'll be glad to have their minister back the following week, in which case I've done my colleague a favor.

    I'm now at an edited 1873 words, and off to prepare for the day. And giving thanks that I am only on for one service instead of two, and therefore don't have to be out the door until an hour later than usual.

    She-Rev and everyone else, I hope you're all finished and soon off to a fruitful Sunday. Blessings on all pondering, preaching, and proclamation this day.

  64. Praying for all as they preach this Sunday whether it is Remembrance Sunday, Stewardship Sunday or no name Sunday. Pray for me that I have a voice and no coughing fit.
    Praise to you O God, Son and the Holy Spirit.
    And walk that dog proudly!

  65. Speaking of the 2000 mark - 2067 right now with a few more sentences to flesh out. Ugh. I think I'll have to shave either my intro or a really cool (but admittedly rather long) quote from a CC Living the Word article.

  66. I'm late reading since my weekend killed my time on the web. LOVED the cartoon...



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