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Saturday, November 21, 2009

11th Hour Preacher Party: Christ the King Edition

We're closing in on the end of the church year tomorrow, and for some of us this means it will be "Christ the King" Sunday (or "Reign of Christ", in some traditions.) On Wednesday at my noon Bible study, after we got done reading Pilate's questions to Jesus in John 18, one man blurted out, "So why are we reading about this NOW?" Good question. I read him the lesson from Daniel about the Ancient of Days and the one like a human being, and asked if that was more what he had in mind.


How about you? There was a provocative discussion of the texts here. Go visit. And tell us where you're headed on this day in late November. Where is your sermon taking you? (And are you eager or reluctant to go there?) What is urging you on, and what is holding you back?

And, while you're at it, why not try some blueberry pancakes? They're delicious, and they have NO CALORIES (as they are virtual). I also have coffee, tea, orange juice and several chairs you can pull up. (placemats are blue and white woven: shabby chic)

Join me. And you'll have to trust me on this: I could use the support today. It's our congregation's annual meeting tomorrow.


  1. I'm up sipping coffee and waiting for the hotel complimentary breakfast to open up. Would you like to join me? Tomorrow morning is my candidate sermon and then congregational meeting. All week I've been working on juxtaposing images of "kingship" -- our/their political expectations and the larger reality. I'm actually using the Thanksgiving text -- Matthew 6 -- about what it means to live as part of this kingdom that the Christ proclaimed. Consider the lilies and the birds of the air. And seek first God's kingdom. The church where I will be has great projecting capabilities so I'm moving from common king images to the "gross reality" of a king despised by humanity and afflicted, and asking what that means for us. still making connections . . . and sipping more coffee. Oh, and please, offer ideas for the children's sermon!!!!

  2. Prayers for you today and tomorrow, Rev KT!

  3. K.T., maybe ask the kids what would we say instead of king today? Jesus wouldn't claim those titles, either, because he is more than a title can say/describe. Good luck with your sermon and meeting. Prayers will be with you.

    I'm at my youngest sister's, getting ready for an early family thanksgiving this afternoon. Then it's back to another sister's this evening before flying home tomorrow in time for the parish t'giving dinner. No preaching this weekend but a lot of food.
    What can I pass down the table?

  4. prayers for Diane tomorrow, and for K.T. and candidating tomorrow, too!

    We have a huge Thanksgiving Service complete with congregational thanksgiving feast afterwards, so I am going with the T-giving texts. Not a word written. But I have a title: Love Has Found You. It's the last line of the hymn before the sermon. Just thought it was a gorgeous line.

    Best get busy. Have a memorial service this afternoon. but am thinking of tripping up to Trader Joe's to get some of that pumpkin pancake mix to make for breakfast!

  5. I'm here with the coffee, and trying to write down what I said to my husband yesterday.

    Yes, and praying for KT in her candidating sermon! I don't have a good children's message idea right now. I'll let you know if I get one.

    In the meantime, I'll join you, K.T.!

    (anyoone else want a refill?)

    and oh yes, fill us in on Thanksgiving plans you might have

  6. Big days from many of us this weekend. Diane and K.T.--the Holy Spirit will lead and guide.

    I am preaching my first Sunday in new church. I was ordained last Sunday, so needless to say, this week has been rather topsy-turvy.

    Sermon Title: "Give Thanks...A Hidden Wholeness". I'll be using a bit of Parker Palmer in beginning to paint a picture of how we might being to do this new thing...together.

  7. or...begin doing this new thing

  8. I am not mentally prepared for sermon writing today. It seems that all my energy and attention for the last couple of days has been focused on getting ready for houseguests who arrive on Tuesday. We actually hired a cleaning crew to come today - not the best day to have people working in the house! But it was all they could work in. So dh and I have been frantically trying to clean up clutter. Today is also the big U-M/Ohio game - not that I'm remotely interested, but since I live near the stadium I can't ignore the masses of people who are headed there right now. It will be a day of distractions.

    I'm going to try to get my head where it needs to be today. I'm preaching John, the title is "The Reign of Truth." I'm not sure what I'm going to do different from when I preached this same text 3 years ago. I found Paul Tillich's article on this text (on The Text This Week) to be enormously helpful, fwiw.

    Pass me some pancakes!

  9. Up, but not yet working on tomorrow. In fact, I don't even have a completed bulletin. I threw together all the pieces I needed to send to the lay ready/liturgist last night, but, blech. I don't like it. I've been less than inspired this week. I'm asking for the big guns - - no time to wait for the sermon fairy. I need the Holy Spirit sometime today.

    Hopefully my news for the congregation will totally overshadow their memories of my crappy Christ the King sermon and worship planning. I told the session on Tuesday, staff right before that, went public on FB Tuesday night, and the grapevine is slightly at work - - Baby #3 is on it's way in our family! Due May 24, 2010. Certainly that will help them forget a weak sermon, right?

  10. first - let me warn you do NOT eat buttered popcorn at the movies. i am so nauseous i can't stand it... have been most of the night

    second - little sleep. my dear doggie had to go outside for 'business' several times in the night er morning 1, 2:15, 3...

    third - have not a word written

  11. She Rev!! Congrats!!! That's so wonderful. And yes, that news will likely overshadow anything else!

    I announced my pregnancy on Christ the King Sunday 6 years ago, at the end of the service. What was funny was that during the sermon (on the Revelation text), I talked a lot about the phrase "The Second Coming" and how hard that concept is for us mainstream types. Then at the end of the service, dh and I made our announcement together - he said that I was "with child" and people reacted, and then I said that I was actually "with children." It was quite fun. But later the Treasurer told me that, given my sermon, I should have said that we were having a child and that there would be a "Second Coming"! ;)

    Anyway, there's my little walk down memory lane. Blessings on you and your family!

  12. We had a horrible "preacher party" breach of protocol at our house -- we ran out of coffee this morning! Aargh! That issue has since been resolved; and we have some nice Amish whole wheat toast and butter here today for your breakfasting pleasure. Meanwhile, I'm doing everything possible to avoid writing my sermon, LOL, although there is a rough outline in my head. I think I'm approaching CTK Sunday at the angle of inviting people to think about all the people/institutions we have a tendency to "king" instead of Christ...all the things in which we're tempted to seat our radical trust and focus.

    Go, KT! Best wishes to you tomorrow.

  13. Prayers for Diane, KT tomorrow. Belated congrats to Purple! Another "Yay!" on Sherev's baby news.

    I'll ask for prayers: very big, potentially very rough meeting tomorrow, as in whether or not to dissolve the pastoral relationship, which might or might not actually happen, believe it or not.

    I know which decision I think is better for the overall health of the congregation and its pastor, but that might not happen, and if it does not will set up a whole new sequence of uncomfortable events. At least Blue Eyes and I have made peace with what might happen with either outcome, as best we can.

    But God is in charge of that, not me. Right? Right?

    As for the sermon, I am borrowing heavily from someone else. I found a sermon that says very well some things about the in-breaking of the Kingdom I cannot seem to formulate this week due to all the distractions. (Blue Eye's company had a massive layoff this week, and we did not know until Thursday if he had a job. TBTG he does!)


  14. Best wishes for you KT!

    Our Thanksgiving here in Canada is of course long past (second Monday in October) so I'm going with Christ the King. For the FIRST time in 8.5 years of ministry at my little church. You see, we have a fairly strong group of folk in the church who are only a stone's throw away from being Unitarian. (Don't even ask why they come to our church, I've tried to figure it out too, have never received a good answer except from one who said, "I like your sermons, well, most of the time." Um. Thanks.

    Anyway, every other time I've tried to focus on the monarchy language and the "King" part of this Sunday, this group has given me so much grief that after awhile, with Advent right around the corner, I've taken the path of least resistance and preached Alpha and Omega.

    This year - I'm at the Other Church! (the one we are in amalgamation talks with)

    They won't mind me preaching Christ the King at all! Yay!

    What am I going to say? Oh right. There's still that whole "write a sermon" thing to do. Sheesh.

    I'm starting with the scene from Monty Python with King Arthur and the peasant Dennis where Arthur declares himself to be Dennis' King and Dennis says, "Well, I didn't vote for you." and Arthur goes on this long long soliloquy about the Lady of the Water and Exalibur etc. (I think I'd best leave out the part where Dennis says something about how a "watery tart distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government." Heh.

    In the meantime, I am off to lunch with my sisters and go to a craft show. Back later to fine tune the Lady in the Water and Christ the King and how I'm going get both into a sermon.

  15. Oh Cheese - you know I'll be praying for you tomorrow! And yes, thanks be to God for the outcome of the past week for Blue Eyes. Whew!


  16. Sue, I totally understand about the Unitarian types. We have a surprising number of people in our congregation who lean in that direction, as well as people who call themselves agnostics. This whole kingship thing is not something they can get onboard with. But I keep preaching it anyway. I'm sure as far as some of them are concerned, I talk about Jesus way too much. ;)

    I love your opening - and may steal it!

  17. (((Rev. K.T.)))
    (((She Rev)))

  18. Good to be here this morning. I have a nice lazy day laid out ahead of me with a good idea where I want to go with the Daniel 7 text, just need to start typing. I have plenty of tea & left-over chili to heat up for lunch.

    Cheesehead, so sorry to hear about the distractions of this week for you. Brutal. And prayers for many others for whom this feels like a more-momentous-than-usual-Sunday coming up.

    I, too, would want some of your prayers, if you have them to spare. I broke up with Boyfriend this week & have a lot of emotional work to do in sorting that out.

    But not today. Today I know -- so that I may preach -- that God is in control of our world and that, one day, there will be no more weeping or break-ups or sorrow. Even so, come quickly LORD Jesus!

  19. Oh {{Meg}}! I'm so sorry. Prayers for you! I went through a break-up in my first pastorate, so I know a bit of what you're going through. It was hard enough to have all the usual pain associated with a break-up - but then to have to be "on" and pulled together for church functions, that just added a whole other level of challenge to the whole thing. I let people in the congregation know what I was going through, and they were all very compassionate and supportive. But it was still hard. Prayers for you!

  20. Wow. Lots of sisters needing support and prayer.
    Love and hugs to all...

    I've decided to break up my sermon into little chunks, each beginning with a table grace. That way it doesn't need to flow!

  21. congrats to She Rev. Prayers for you, Cheese, and anyone else I am forgetting (I'm a little distracted).

    something unbloggable is going on at my congregation right now. Can't say more about it, but I'm here for all for the party, and about half-way done with a sermon that needs to be preached at 5:00. it will be a little shorter than usual.

    Also, someone in hospice care, and a one to one with someone here...

    gotta check and see if I had the kids sermon, too.

  22. First of all, buckets of prayers for all those dealing with tough times, and joyous blessings for those enjoying happiness...
    I'm typically behind in my sermon (that's to say, it's gone half past three, and not a word has been written) Had a lovely 24 hours playtime with darling daughter, which makes it quite hard to knuckle down but feel oddly relaxed about this..Not sure if this is confidence or just irresponsibility. I'll let you know!
    Meanwhile, I've some Maya Gold choc on special offer,so do please help yourselves...It's really good sermon fuel!

  23. earthchick - good for you for sticking with it every year. Some years for me, it has been a matter of choosing my battles. This year I'm just fortunate that I don't have to.

    So sorry Meg. Many prayers for all in need of God's healing presence this weekend.

  24. YAY sherev!!!!!

    I am wondering how subversive I can be. RoC Sunday calls us to ask where our loyalties are. ANd really so does the John passage. I have always preached that passage before by adding in vs 38a "What is truth". THis year I think I'll look at the kingdom stuff instead.

    Early Christians were often accused of disloyalty. ANd really they were. WE need to recover some of the power of proclaiming an alternate kingdom/realm/reign. May then we can see the church as a place where different answers are found/suggested to the strife and difficulties of the world around us.

  25. Hello friends. I haven't been preaching for a while, but I had to chime in today to say congrats to sherev and prayers for all of the rest of you facing so many difficulties. Blessings on the sermonizing.

  26. after writing my first sentence, I spent twenty minutes looking at all the gorgeous creations at earthchick's. makes me want to knit instead of write! earthchick, you are so GIFTED!

  27. Oh, revkjarla, aren't you sweet!

    I'm very envious of you - I don't have a first sentence yet, and none appears to be in sight...

  28. I'll have to reward myself by going over to earthchick's AFTER I FINISH WRITING.

    how is everyone doing?

    I keep saying, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."

    any Good Earth tea (cinnamon) for anyone?

  29. Hello. I've been on here a lot but never left a comment. I heard a plea for a children's sermon and bring this idea to you. We were talking in text study this week about different games that involve being king. The first one was king on a hill where you try to push the 'king' off in order to be 'king.' The other was King in the corners which is a card game where the players draw cards and when you get a king, you place it in the corner and build the rest of the cards in descending order on top of the kings. King of like solitaire. I was thinking of bringing cards and showing that to the kids talking about how Jesus is a different type of king, the cornerstone on which we build our lives upon. May there be peace in each of your days and prayers for each of you in joy and struggle.

  30. thanks, Andrea! that'll preach!

  31. well, looking at beautiful creations certainly helped my productivity. I have got a flow and some bones, just need to flesh things out.
    ((((more love and support and prayers to everyone))))

    time for some tea. Diane, pass me some good earth, I love that, and am OUT of it!

  32. Hi all - on my way to lunch w/ dear friends from days gone by...
    But heard a plea for children's sermon (RevKT) and wanted to share two that I used for the children this past week (church's school has two chapels services which I tell the coming Sunday's Gospel story).
    #1: Burger King crowns - on the back is the Burger King game with 'rules' and I did a compare/contrast b/w Burger King and Christ the King.
    #2: Refreshed their memory of The Lion King - the song where Simba says 'I just can't wait to be a King...everybody do that....' Reminded them that Simba ran away to think for awhile and had other options besides being King, but when he realized that his Pride was in danger, chose to go assume his right role as king. Then told how Jesus had many vocational options (carpenter, rabbi, healer, etc.).
    Hope this offers some options! I have pumpkin spice coffee and snickerdoodle cookies out on the kitchen pass-through yourselves!

  33. ok, I'm on the last paragraph and looking toward re-organizing shut-in and hospice list and figuring out my priorities.

    also, lunch.


  34. I am getting nowhere fast. I mean, I've been typing words, but I can't figure out where they're going.

    The house cleaners are still here which has kept me out of the kitchen. I'm hungry! If someone wants to pass me a plate of lunch, I'd be thrilled!

  35. Wow...congratulations to newly ordained and mama to be, and prayers for everyone facing so many difficult challenges.

    Many thanks for the prayers for me and my former community last Sunday--the abusive archbishop stayed away, thank Godde. This meant that the liturgies, last time making sandwiches for the homeless, handing out my sermon to the laypeople exposing his sheltering of the pedophile priest, and a closure meeting led by the dean were loving, peaceful and positive if sad.

    Many developments this week including a SNAP press conference on the church steps--sadly yet to appear in the TV news due to local tragedies and Sarah Palin's book tour--and a puff piece in the local paper repeating his lies and ignoring the press conference and most of the incriminating information I and another former clergyperson provided. They would only print my stuff with attribution so I took a deep breath and said they could use my name--but thankfully my academic affiliation is not mentioned so no major publicity or fallout on that count. Yet. Still praying about how far I should take this and the right balance of prudence and courage about the possible consequences.

    I was scheduled to celebrate and preach tomorrow as well as last week and the feastday and Jesus' words about speaking the truth are so apropos that I would like to write this week's sermon too and get it out to the clergy email list, where I sent last week's along with a full dossier on the abuses on Monday. But first I have to do the teaching work I actually get paid for! So we'll see how the Spirit moves.

    Prayers and good energy to all, and leftover Krispy Kremes to share as well as some awesome soup if I do say so....yellow split pea with white zinfandel and leftover honey baked ham from last week's early T'giving with my in-laws.

  36. Praying for you, too, Sophia. Giving thanks for your courage in speaking the truth. praying for myself to know when it is appropriate as well.

  37. Prayers for your meeting, Diane.

    I'm waiting for the second half of Ohio State-UM game to start, then I'll be doing Greek and finishing a paper on Dinah.

    Praying for you preachers!!


  38. Well we've got pasta in the oven for supper and I'm staring at the rough notes I made a few days ago and thinking "I'm sure there was more than that!!!" Our puppy Peggy seems to want to contribute to the sermon as I'm typing but I'm not sure what QQQQQQ really means!!

    So far I'm getting the congregation to picture a "king" in the traditional sense (Sue, had thought of the "King of the who?" clip but the church I'm preaching at is not geared up for clips) so I'm getting them to picture a king, what he's wearing where he is what he's doing. Then I'm contrasting that with Jesus and my thought is to go with Jesus as a different kind of king who is:
    kinda aware that some might turn their mind to inappropriate -king words but most of the congregation I'm preaching to are rather mature in year sso I'm hoping they might not!

  39. Oh and hallelu SheRev! May you have a joyous pregnancy. :)

    Cheesehead and others who are in a difficult place -- I am praying.


  40. Congratulations, SheRev! And prayers for tomorrow, Cheese--may the Spirit be a healing presence, no matter what the outcome of your meeting. And prayers for those doing candidating sermons, too.

    I am getting a very late start today, after spending the morning training lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Eucharistic Visitors. I am preaching the John text, and Christ the King, but not sure where I'm going yet. But I love the Lion King example someone just mentioned--that could be used for
    adults, too, I think.

  41. Hello, Gals and Pals -

    Sounds like there is much going on in the Kingdom today. Prayers for those who need peace, comfort and support. Happy Hallelujahs for those of you who are celebrating.

    It was Hubby's turn to preach tomorrow, but he woke up feeling miserable so I am pinch hitting.

    I've only had the scriptures rattling around my head for about 2 hours, but I am leaning in the direction of comparing Revelation with John: Christ the King through the eyes of John v. the eyes of Pilate.

    When we answer the question "What is the world coming to?" whose eyes do we look through?

    These are my stuttering steps.

    We are also including a Healing Liturgy tomorrow.

    I am hanging out at Panera Bread looking for some different head space (oh, how I wish WE had a cleaning service coming sometime soon...but I did order T'giving dinner from a local restaurant today!)

    If I can pass along anything from Panera, I'd be glad to!

    Blessings on process, family, travel, celebrations, et al!

  42. Prayers for all, prayers for those who need to get ready for guests, prayers for healing, prayer for patience and prayers for all. I am struggling to feel better and get my strength back, but it is going slower than I want. I am going with the thanksgiving texts.

  43. Done, without much confidence, but a good 5 hours earlier than usual...which makes me very happy. Now off to celebrate with a hot bath and a glass of wine.
    Blessings on all of you as the party continues xx

  44. revkarlaj - me too, Thanksgiving all the way & just remembered that I should make sure I have the ingredients for the crockpot casserole

    SheRev - I'm pretty sure "baby news" always trumps

    Cheesehead - There are times when that choice is authentic delivery of the Word of God

    Our youth group is playing "Where's Waldo" at the mall this afternoon & I get to be a decoy.

    So off I go, no sermon in tow. But I do have something to say about Thanksgiving.

    But if I was preaching Christ the King, I'd *so* be using Sarah Brush's idea!

  45. Sarah, I love that image of Jesus as a different kind of King. That'll preach.

  46. Sarah -- I too like your format. Very creative! For myself, I'm going with "appearances can be deceiving", and how it appeared that pilate was in charge, and that he held all the cards, but that in fact, the true king, the true leader, is Jesus.

    also, how that is true today. At the end, all will be clear, as in the vision of revelation, but for now, all appearances to the contrary, Christ is the true king.

    maybe I'll post.

  47. Hello, all!
    She Rev, congrats! Meg, so sorry. Rev K.T., blessings!
    And Cheese, yikes. My prayers will be with you.
    I'm on for various worship elements tomorrow, and we are in full-on Thanksgiving mode. I'm giving thanks because my husband is headed home and should be here by Tuesday. (He's driving across country.) Yippee!!!

  48. Thanks, Diane. Just got off the phone with the SNAP head and he thinks the major Catholic progressive paper, where he has connections, would be interested in something anonymous which would be a win-win.

    I also wrote a long anonymous comment at the website of the paper which did the puff piece. So that was good.

    I have smarties (US kind, like sweet-tarts, not UK kind, like M&Ms) and dark chocolate with mint to share. Now it's really time to make up that Reformations quiz!

  49. Here's a great quote I found the other day from Fred Beuchner about the kingdom of God,

    “…the Kingdom of God in the sense of holiness, goodness, beauty is as close as breathing and is crying out to be born within ourselves and within the world; we would know that the kingdom of God is what we all of us hunger for above all other things even when we don’t know its name or realize that it’s what we’re starving to death for. The Kingdom of God is where our best dreams come from and our truest prayers. We glimpse it at those moments when we find ourselves being better than we are and wiser than we know. We catch sight of it when at some moment of crisis a strength seems to come to us that is greater than our own strength. The Kingdom of God is where we belong. It is home, and whether we realize it or not, I think we are all of us homesick for it.” (p.304, Listening to Your Life )

  50. Good stuff all around. I'm about to do like Kathryn and celebrate, even if it is without a lot of confidence. It's here. now off for dinner and then to come back to do SS lesson and read some of your sermons! I feel for those out of coffee and hope the trials of the day will come to rest with the sunset.

  51. LOVE the Beuchner quote -- of course!

    I have declared it happy hour here in MI. Join me for some "Fantasy Red" wine (50% grape/50% cranberry) and molasses cookies.

    Realizing that I have significantly more than 20 minutes worth of stuff I want to say. Preaching Daniel 7, as a Reformed dispensationalist (which is to say, I was raised disp-ist and moved my allegiance to reformed theology) I have a lot of my own issues that are trying to be worked out in this sermon.

    Oh, that I may decrease so that Christ may increase!

  52. I just deleted half of what I've written -- ugh. Do-over.

  53. Hi, just about to go in to the 5:00 service. I have a sermon though it may change for tomorrow, we'll see...

    how is everyone coming? Need dinner yet? Pizza? Hamburgers? chili?

  54. I am really struggling.

    My children are complaining of missing me today, and I am feeling sad about that. But there is no end in sight. I am having a hard time completely wrapping my mind around what I'm trying to say. Bleh.

  55. Blessings to KT. Hope all goes well.
    Hugs of congrats to Purple.
    I am so excited for SheRev!!!
    Hnag in there, Cheese. I know that will be a difficult meeting.
    Prayers to Earthchick.
    I am taking it easy for a bit. It seems I may be facing rotator cuff surgery soon. I am a little down on the prospect of the recovery time, but hoepful on getting some relief from ongoing pain and lack of motion.
    Anyhow, I am making King Cookies in a bit. I did these last year for the children. They enjoyed them. Nothing special, just sugar cookies in shape of crown.
    Hoping I can do rollling with left arm. If I get the needed 7 cookies, I will just plop the rest down for cookies.
    My title is Power and I am using reference to Shrek the Third and how unexpected Arthur was as a king. Actually he was the one nobody would expect, he was pickedo n, etc.
    Uh, that is all for now. I am also doing a tday sermon for tomorrow's community service in town.
    OH, but I have lovely newly upholstred furniture as an early bday from my folks. For those on Spacehook, i will post pics sooon

  56. after the memorial, after a beer at the local pub, after grocery shopping, after catching up, and even after reviewing my spectacular outline, if you want to email me your stellar Thanksgiving sermon so I don't have to write anymore, I will give you full and complete credit.
    Love to all of you!!!!!!!

  57. As part of my preparing to ask where our loyalties do/should lie I looked up the US Pledge of Allegiance. Very interesting reading here.

    Sadly, in reading this brief summary on wikipedia I fear I may know more about the history of the Pledge than many people who routinely recite it.

    I also found the text of the Canadian Citizenship oath

    I am playing with the idea of rewriting one or the other in terms of the Kin-dom of God....

  58. revkjarla,
    Here is the thanksgiving sermon I gave last year. Feel free to borrow anything that seems helpful--and to ignore it entirely if it makes no sense.

  59. hey. giving thanks with you Songbird, that your husband will be home soon.

    also, thanks for the thanksgiving sermon, Gord. I have to immediately shift gears after church and get started on a Thanksgiving sermon for church thursday a.m.

    praying for all, and I'll be back throughout the evening...

  60. I have read lots of on-line commentary, scanned and emailed a recipe to my daughter, tried to make a baby gate fit my apparently not-square doorways, and written a blog post, but I still don't have a sermon! Argh. I need inspiration SOON!

  61. Revkjarla,
    I found a good Thanksgiving sermon on textweek's Thanksgiving resources. It's by the Rev. Steve Kelsey. I really liked his opening and speaking about thanksgiving as a verb instead of a noun.

    Also, a children's sermon from a children's sermon book by Joanne De Jonge:
    concept: all our food comes from God.
    props: any prepared food and its original source
    She uses Thanksgiving items - a pumpkin pie, canned pumpkin, real pumpkin; and cranberry sauce and cranberries.
    Show the prepared food; ask where it came from or was made from; then ask who makes that item grow.
    After all the items are shown, she talks about all our food coming from God. We may buy it in the store or make a dish at home, but every food can be traced back to a plant or animal that God put on the earth and that God made grow.
    She then asks the children to do the same thing at their dinner tables -- talk about the foods there, where they came from, and thank God for them.

  62. Oh, I forgot: of course, I'm doing this late, so I'm stuck with what's in my cupboard and refrigerator. This happens to be microwave popcorn; can of corn, ear of Indian corn (I'm desperate!) and applesauce and apples.

    Hope this helps someone!

  63. Christ the King Cookies are done and I ahve leftover dough that I made into little round cookies. Help yourself.
    Now, back to sermon.
    Sorry, revkarla, sermon is far from stellar. Sigh

  64. SheRev, congratulations! 15 years ago, CTK Sunday was my last before my 1st son was born, so I always think about babies this time of year :-) Many calm stomach vibes to you, too~~~~~

    Meg, KT, and Cheesehead, prayers to you as you try to find the calm center you need tomorrow.

    No preaching for me this week; I've spent the week staying at my dad's, helping out with some health issues. Things are looking better, and I'll be driving home tomorrow.

    I have yummy crackers and garlic hummus, strawberries and tangerines and honeycrisp apples, and just a bit of moose tracks ice cream from which someone could save me. Help yourselves!

  65. I am possibly close to done. Unfortunately, I seem to have two sermons instead of just one.

  66. I'm calling it done. Or at least "draft" done. Sue, I'm using the Monty Python bit - hope you don't mind - thank you for the idea!

    Now for dinner, laundry, and other chores. Just another exciting Saturday night!

    Blessings on all you who are still working!

  67. LutheranChick, I'm still with ya.

    Let's "ugh" these babies out!

    I've uncovered far too much trouble in the text. Ready for the Christ the King bit.

    More wine is available here and molasses cookies.

  68. earthchick - no problem - that's why I posted it here: just on the off chance it might be useful for someone.

    Gord - colour me red. I had never even SEEN our citizenship oath. Never. I love the Oh-So-Canadian way that one can either swear OR affirm the oath. It's like we're saying, "Really, it's your day, you decide. Either is fine. Oh, and we apologize for being in your way when you stepped on our toes on the way into the country."

    I love Canada. Srsly.

  69. I'm back from B&N, ready to serve popcorn and inspiration to those who still need it.

    I'm re-reading the sermon several times to see if I can "know" it better.

    How are the "ughers" doing? Lutheranchik? Meg?

    the Molasses cookies sound yummy!

  70. Whoa. 71 comments at 8:34 central? Not a record, but it must mean that others are struggling as much as I have been this week. After I long and busy day, I'm finally sitting down to the computer, but admittedly, not with a lot of commitment. There are still 2 quarters of the Nebraska game to watch!

    Will read through while I watch to catch up, then start thinking a little harder about writing my first ever sermon on Daniel. I'm a little nervous about that.

  71. Well, I've got something. It's not my best work but, seriously, I'm preaching twice tomorrow and my personal life was filled with angst this week.

    Something is good enough. And God shows up whether I'm on my game or not. Right? RIGHT???

    I'm going to get caught up on some TV before bed.

  72. Well, for better or worse, I drafted a new citizenship oath. You can read it here

    DOes it mean anything? Is it preachable?

  73. She Rev -- is 74 comments good or bad? We used to break 100 regularly when I hosted -- so don't know if this is a good or bad week.

    at any rate, I'm very curious about your sermon on Daniel. after 15 years, I don't think I've preached a sermon on Daniel yet!

    (oh wait, I did on on the three young men in the fiery furnace for Reformation Sunday once.)

  74. It seems good in comparison to parties of late!

  75. Definitely Meg! I've got a dog I'll be walking proud tomorrow.

    Prayers for all who are facing a difficult Sunday.

  76. As one of those who is often up late enough to watch the comments numbers creep toward 100, my observations suggest that it's very seasonal. And it also depends on the late night partiers' motivations: namely, sermons vs comments. Sometimes, the comments are more motivating for word production.

    Meanwhile, thanksgiving ... thanksgiving ... thanksgiving

  77. I imagine my absence from regular preaching decreases the comments by at least 10%!

  78. OH so THAT'S it! of course, it has nothing to do with any late night one word posts ...

  79. Yes, I bear full responsibility.
    Tonight I had plans to compose a positively lyrical Thanksgiving prayer incorporating Psalm 126. Instead, I dealt with a 14yo's meltdown over homework she did not do.
    I think I'll write the prayer in the morning...

  80. Songbird - Talk about giving thanks in the face of suffering :)

  81. I sit and although the children's message is set, nothing for the adults as yet.
    I'm really considering -- how do you all put it -- 'repurposing' my Christ the King sermon from internship.
    Now to find it and see how to refresh it!

  82. I'm just getting warmed up. Only 2 posts so far today, but the football isn't over so Word isn't even open on my computer yet. However, we were getting on the middle to higher end on the earlier side compared to some weeks lately. I, too, think it's seasonal AND some of our regulars seem to have dropped some preaching. We miss you.

    And thanks, all, for you kind words and prayers and well-wishes. I have been wanting to spring the news here for so long, but since I've been less careful with my anonymity I didn't think that would be wise.

    My own prayers have been said for the many folks who are struggling in a variety of ways! Peace to you all!

  83. Oh Goodness! How did I forget this?!?! (that's the kind of week it's been)
    I'm using a Newsboys video "He Reigns" for the end of the now that I have an end, I can create the beginning!
    Whew! Here's the video clip if anyone's interested....

  84. Prayers to all facing such stressful and difficult situations...

    Congrats and shouts of praise for SheRev and family!

    I'm fairly sure I have a dog and will do my best to walk it proud...on my way to a week of vacation that is so desperately needed!

  85. I'm still here and still struggling--and it is VERY late for me not to be done. 885 words and counting, but in need of MAJOR revision. Ugh indeed.

  86. aha, Songbird, so you are the culprit. I was thinking I was going to try to "fix" the sermon, but my motivation is not high.

    wondering about the idea of doing a thanksgiving sermon that is not textual (this would be for thursday), but is based on the texts of a handful of table graces.

    There's a beautiful one I saw once on a wall-hanging, and wanted immediately:

    O Lord, who clothes the lilies
    And feeds the birds of the sky,
    Who leads the lambs to pasture
    And the deer to the waterside,
    Who has multiplied loaves and fishes
    And converted water to wine,
    O Lord, come to our table,
    As guest and giver, to dine. Amen.

  87. Diane, that's a great prayer. Thanks for posting it

  88. OK. The game is over. Now it's time for some REAL procrastinating. No, I mean sermon writing. Isn't there a baby name website I could be looking at?

  89. ok, boys and girls, I'm about ready to turn in. I'm fresh out of brains, tired of worrying about the annual meeting, ready to turn in.

    I'll leave the light on for you.

    and a glass of wine if anyone would like one...

  90. Sisters in the Call (and some brothers too :)

    I found comfort in knowing so many of you are struggling today, its good company--in our groaning we find power together...even in our struggle of writing.......


  91. Oh shoot. My work clothes are all wet in the washer. Forgot about that.

  92. A friend of mine just sent this and, while I'm not using it in my sermon, I had to share with you.

    My mother taught me to read when I was four years old (her first mistake). One day, I was in the bathroom and noticed one of the cabinet doors was ajar. I read the box in the cabinet. I then asked my mother why she was keeping 'napkins' in the bathroom. Didn't they belong in the kitchen? Not wanting to burden me with unnecessary facts, she told me that those were for "special occasions" (her second mistake).

    Now fast forward a few months....It's Thanksgiving Day, and my folks are leaving to pick up my uncle and his wife for dinner. Mom had assignments for all of us while they were gone. Mine was to set the table. When they returned, my uncle came in first and immediately burst into laughter. Next came his wife who gasped, then began giggling. Next came my father, who roared with laughter. Then came Mom, who almost died of embarrassment when she saw each place setting on the table with a "special occasion" napkin at each plate, with the fork carefully arranged on top. I had even tucked the little tail in so they didn't hang off the edge! My mother asked me why I used these and, of course, my response sent the other adults into further fits of laughter.

    "But, Mom, you SAID they were for special occasions!!!"

  93. Done. Not sure I like it, but done.

    Good night, all.

  94. Thanks! That's why I *had* to share it! I laughed loud enough to wake the kid sleeping on the couch in the other room

  95. Look! 100 comments! and my sermon is finished including the printing part, as well as the prayers, guess I'll go to bed even though it seems early for a Saturday night.

    Blessings on your Sunday!

  96. I'm still here, but I bet I'm now alone. Goodnight folks! I'll turn in for my nap shortly. I've got a general idea of where I'm going. Gonna get that a little more solid, but then turn in. I'm embarrassed to admit I still haven't picked hymns for tomorrow. Thank GOD for talented and flexible musicians! I've never done that before, but such is life this week.

  97. OK - finally going to bed like I said I was. My sermon was going in a direction very different from where I imagined and not in a good way. I'm going to bed now with high hopes that the Spirit will bring it back to where I think it's supposed to be in the morning, or later in the morning, I guess I should say. Will pull out the sort-of-outline I had a day or so ago and make sure it is pasted to the top of my typing page. I'll stick to it in the second try later.

  98. Back. I let myself sleep a little longer than I should have, but not as long as I needed to. Back to rewrite and had some inspiration as I was falling asleep so I am hopeful that it will go smoothly. Blessings on all as you worship!

  99. I have got to get back to regular visits at the party!

    I'm an unfortunate Sunday morning guest. Not nearly as much done yet as I want, but there are still three hours left...

    Coffee is brewing - oatmeal is almost ready... I'm talking about "where" the KOG is... using John and the fact that it's not from here... but its for here... and its in our hearts.

    That Beuchner was very helpful!!!!!

  100. Yes, Katie, you must return to us. We'll even take you in the late night crowd if that works best! Glad to know there's someone else up at this hour. Not that that means I'm glad you're up at this hour, if you know what I mean.

  101. hehe - i know what you mean! and congrats btw =)

  102. hi all. back this morning to remind everyone that "the Holy Spirit has our backs." (I heard this from a RevGal, and I need to hear it today, too.)

    prayers for your Sunday!

  103. Good Morning Diane! Prayers for the Spirit at your back =)

  104. Dear Diane, Read you had a congregational meeting, today/sunday, will hope all went well. Why is it they have to have meetings right after worship. It is always hard for me to shift gears.

  105. My Sunday got very interesting very quickly when I discovered that someone had stolen my wallet and cellphone while I was preaching during the early service (ironically I was talking about intangibles being more important that tangibles). I spent Sunday School making the first wave of phone calls to make a report and get things canceled.

    And then lead second service followed by all church Thanksgiving meal. Then second wave of calls. Then off to pick up younger child. Then third wave of calls.

    I am so ready to watch mindless tv and fall asleep but need to stay up to retrieve children from Sunday evening programing.

  106. Thanks Vicar for sharing the story! So sorry to hear about your experience today = praying that it resolves quickly and smoothly for you.
    We had tech challenges with the end of my sermon .... which I thought I had quite nicely 'set up' with my slow, intentional cues indicating the end (of my sermon) was approaching.
    As soon as I wandered over to the organist to brainstorm an alternative 'hymn of the day', the tech team got the video clip going! Lesson learned: plan a backup to technology *just in case*!
    The children's message using Lion King (my daughters' stuffed Simba as a prop) went well.
    Now, to get going on Thanksgiving service. It's all planned but there's that minor issue of another sermon!


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