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Saturday, November 28, 2009

11th Hour Preacher Party: Signs in the Sun Edition

Oh, my gosh. It is sooo grey where I am, I need a reminder of what the sun is before I can write about signs in the sun, the moon and the stars. So here goes.

How are you faring on this eve of the First Sunday of Advent? Is it blustery or beautiful where you are? How will you begin the church year?

I've got the coffee ready, and I'm cooking a pot of oatmeal, enough to share. It's good for our brains, I promise! Stop by and tell us what you're preaching, what you're facing, what you're thinking on this last day before the first day of a new beginning. Join in the comment thread and if you're usually a silent participant, introduce yourself!

(I apologize for re-instituting comment verification; we've been hit with a lot of spam recently. Hopefully this will be temporary.)


  1. Spam is never temporary. A spambot will always get you so keep the comment verification on.

    As for the sun, although it's autumn here, it's been pretty warm. That was until yesterday when it really started to feel line winter. Brrr!

  2. It's really odd here. I guess they got snow to the north and west of us, but it's not cold enough here.
    I'm focused on the signs in the sun, moon and stars, and our idea that the world is coming to an end when truly it's always coming to a new beginning. Or something like that. I've just started writing this morning, though the ideas have been running through my mind through the holiday. My husband is home for five days after a two month absence--he leaves again in the morning! I am trying to get the sermon done and be ready to have family time later when the kids return from their father's house.

  3. It's 28 and veery sunny here (like shining right into my eyes). Songbird, were I you, the sermon would be the very last priority for the weekend.
    Not sure where I'm going with the sermon yet but thinking about shifting from preparation (the standard for Advent) to longing. The prayer attributed to Sir Francis Drake will be in there somewhere: Disturb us Lord when we are too well pleased with ourselves.... So Jeremiah will likely get more play than Luke. Didn't we just preach the signs of the endtimes a few weeks ago??

  4. What is this sun you speak of?????

    WEll I have the reflections (2) for tomorrow largely planned out. Just have to practice with the play-doh and Princess' pottery wheel for the first.

    Oh and meet folks at the church to set up the tree in prepartation for the trimming party after church tomorrow

  5. Seriously, Gord, I can hardly remember it.

  6. I'm not preaching this weekend, which I am happy about, for a lot of reasons I can't blog about.

    it's just turned and gotten a little colder now; it's below freezing in the a.m. it's pretty gray this morning, but doesn't look like snow.

    I wrote a sermon on this once called: "It's NOT the end of the world."

  7. I need someone to bring me tea and breakfast. I'm sick, and I'm a baby who wants someone to take care of me.

    And if they could just finish this sermon, and do the wedding at 1:00, and sing in the choral concert tonight and tomorrow afternoon, and also preach the sermon...

    Sigh. I'm preaching on something Jan. L. Richardson said at "The Advent Door": Jesus is not offering these apocalyptic images in order to scare the pants off people but rather to assure his listeners that the healing of the world is at hand..."

    Works for me. I could use some of it right about now!

  8. Here in Ohio, we have a cloudless sky - I am sure it is coming your way, Songbird!
    I am preaching the same sermon three times this weekend, and I think it is ready to go. I am using Luke, mostly verse 28 - "when these things take place, lift up your heads, for your redemption is drawing near" - how hard it is to sometimes lift up our heads, and our hearts, to really see what God would have us to see.
    I've got oatmeal to share as well, with berries (the frozen variety from Costco) and yogurt, and of course cocoa. Just went for a run, my newest hobby, and later today will green our home church before heading to my work-church to preach and lead worship with a dear retired pastor.
    Songbird, may I second that this is the time to use one of those sermons you have in your back pocket - and have a great day with PureLuck!
    take care everyone and blessings on your preparations.

  9. Oh, I'll get a new one written. I preach so infrequently now, I hate to go to the file. I'll lose my skills!

  10. Hi Friends,

    Well I'm back on the saddle again. I will be an interim ministers for a church a couple of towns away. This will be my first Sunday there so I think I'll go with a very adventy sermon rather than a here's the work we need to do during our transition. The congregation has been limping along on pulpit supply for so long they need a bit of comfort and some stability.

    It's so good to be back in the pulpit again!

  11. it is bright and beautiful here. Songbird I'm sorry that your hunny is on the road again that simply sucks!

    Gord--you have my attention, I'd love to hear/read more about your play doh and pottery.

    Mags--hope you are better soon!

    it's been a while since i've blogged but the last 2 days have been great. i was worried about the day ahead with work and family so when i woke up and it was quiet i wrote down my thoughts for tomorrow. i didn't read through it a second time yet but went ahead and posted it. i'd love feedback if you're procrastinating and bored.

    peace be with you!

  12. I think it's time for another pot of coffee...

  13. I've started and stopped writing three times now. Tomorrow is my last Sunday at St Stoic, and I cannot say the things I want to say--not in any helpful way, anyway. I've tried extremely hard to keep my integrity through all of this, and I don't think now is the time to throw it all away.

    They are beginning something new alright, but I'm not sure it is Advent. And besides, I won't be around to see how it turns out.

    I predict today will be a veeery long day.

  14. Prayers for you tomorrow Cheesehead! May you be able to "lift your head up" and take comfort that you don't have to see the Advent taking place in them through to the end. Someone else's job.

    I have no idea what I'm preaching on tomorrow, but Luke adn Jeremiah are both in the bulletin. We've had a string of special services the past month that have kept me from having to write a sermon, that I'm having trouble getting back into the game. That, and I'm leaving my own post end of this year, so I'm T minus 5 sermons to go...

    Prayers for yall who are searching for Sun...we have it in abundance down here. Here, let me shine some up your way...

  15. Oh, Cheese, I feel for you. My last sermon (under not-so-nice, but not as bad as yours, circumstances) was the First Sunday of Advent too. It's a weird end/beginning thing that just makes it even harder.

  16. Thanks revhipchick! I've got a lackluster draft, and it's time to get dressed for the wedding.

  17. And Cheese.... whatever you do will be full of grace. Love to you.

  18. i have a sermon from "hot cup's greatest hits" that i'll be using tomorrow... tweaking and then using.

    humungous funeral coming up... so that homily will be written tonight, after a day of feasting with family... and well must be that time of year for pastors... i woke up and i cannot hear out of one ear. *sigh*

    more coffee please. then a nice long hot shower... before baking biscuits for the feast.

    songbird- i'll send the sun right over.

    cheese - god be with you.

    diane - ugh. hope you find respite.

    gord - lovin' the playdo!

  19. Cheesehead, I hope you know how many prayers will be with you tomorrow. It's really a weird date to be ending, though I imagine any would be difficult.

  20. Sunshine? Oh *that* - you mean like with blue sky and stuff... hm...we're supposed to get a touch of that stuff today.

    Cheese - whatever you choose to say, the Spirit and all of us here have your back. You will deliver the message that they need to hear with grace and with class, because that's just who you are. We love you and will be praying for you.

    Go God_Guurrll!!!!!

    We're sharing worship at Other Church this week. Both Other Minister and I have five minutes each to reflect on Advent 1. Five minutes. If you're thinking "Well, that shouldn't take too long" - that's what I thought too. It's taking me forever.

    Focus, focus, focus.

    The worst part - we had a TERRIBLE amalgamation meeting yesterday, so bringing the two churches together tonight (social event) and tomorrow morning for worship is going to - well - interesting.

    I knew I should have opted for astrophysics in university. Knew. It.

  21. Cheese,

    You'll be in my heart and my prayers tommorrow.


  22. Here comes the sun

    ta ta ta dah

    Here comes the sun

    and I say

    It's allright.

    (wonder how long it will last?)

  23. Sending you all love & prayers from Sunny (wha?) West MI!

    I'm holed up in my church study for the next hour or so, working up some stuff for Sunday PM. Co-pastor and I are doing a "talk-back" lesson. After 9 weeks in the OT, folks' got questions. And we are working on answering them.

    A fun task, not too labor intensive & interesting (and a great reason to get out of the apartment and give me some space. The parents are visiting all weekend!)

    Love and prayers to all y'all!

  24. Just putting wires on and tea lights in loads of jam jars ready for the children tomorrow who are coming early to the Advent Carol service in order to decorate them with bright coloured tissue paper and glitter. The aim is to have enough (100+) to light up a very dark path leading the way to church. (No street lights here in the country. It is 5.15pm here and already pitch black outside.) I'm looking forward to lovely Advent Carols by candlelight.

  25. Well the tree is up and lit. And the pottery wheel (a toy Princess received last Christmas) is set up.

    What I am doing is taking us on a little visit to the Potter's House (we are reading Jeremiah 18 for one of our Scriptures) where the potter (me--with no actual pottery talent) will be making a pot with the "Clay" (Play-doh is much less messier) and then will make a mistake and start over. This will be accompanied with some reflection about new bieginnings following the destruction of the old.

  26. So far today has been all about the Advent Fayre, with church & school in the valley working together for the first time in living memory, which is pretty exciting...We've also made 80 Christingles for that service tomorrow, which is good BUT it leaves me at 6.00 without a thought in my head, still less on paper.
    But I did buy some very yummy shortbread at the fayre, - so please help yourselves. Anyone for hot lemon & honey? (I'm battling a throat, too)...

  27. Well, i ma watching a football game and baking butterscotch cookies.
    Still thinking on the sermon. I am 1/3 or so done.
    This Sunday my focus is on the word WHAT. I am speaking on what it is we are waiting for and what it means/will mean for us.
    Help yourself to some cookies. Both Tigers and Ganecocks are welcome at this table. Happy 100th meeting to our temas

  28. Hugs to Cheese and Songbird, recycle a sermon and enjoy time with hubby!
    So, so happy for you, Godgurl!

    And the word verf for all of us?
    Hopefully we can all be full of juble as we lead!

  29. Well, the Lord provides through revgals and BBT alike. I have a beginning, middle, and end, so I'm laying it to rest and think I'll go enjoy the sunshine while we have it. I'll get back to it tonight after it's percolated. Thanks for some phenomenal comments on the Tuesday lectionary leanings, and thanks especially to whoever suggested the BBT sermon in God in Pain (on pg 81). They really got my juices flowing.

    Preacher's hubby is bringing chick-fil-a for lunch so yall help yourselves.

  30. Bulletin finished.

    Rough draft of sermon finished.

    Now onto lunch, would anybody like a turkey sandwich.

  31. Okay, so my middle is not done yet, but my ending is almost done.
    Problem??? I can't end a sentence with a preposition. So, please help.
    Here is the last little bit:
    "Then we will see the fulfillment of God's promises coming. This is Advent hope and this is Advent faith. And this is what we are waiting for."
    Can somebody please fix this so I do not end a sentence with the word "for?"

  32. "And for this, we wait"? How does that fit 1-4?
    Just dropping in to say:
    God-Gurrill - yay!
    Cheese - praying for you. You rock. You know.
    Nutella - what will you be doing in 5 weeks? What's next for you?

    Sun still here. HomeChurch greened. Now cleaning my study and wondering why I am so sleepy...and I didn't even have turkey for lunch! Hah - my word is "infer"....what can we infer from that?

  33. 1-4 Grace - "And it is for this that we wait"?

    I'm going with Advent longing, and how we live "in between". I was inspired by something Diane Bergant wrote and Kate Huey quoted about needing to "live the usual unusually well", and sharing a couple of stories as examples.

    Now off to church to decorate a few wreaths the church sold to benefit a mission project!

  34. Okay. I have a serious request. Anybody have a Advent 1 year C sermon loosely (or not so loosely) based on either Luke or Jeremiah that I can have for tomorrow?

    I can give full attribution, partial, or none at all if you don't want your name associated with St Stoic in any way. And, who could blame you?

    I'm desperate. I have nothing. And I mean I have nothing left.

    It can be from three years ago, six years ago. Whenever.

    email me at the silliest email address ever: jezuzgrlATyahooDOTcom

  35. I'm doing "welcome the tree" - cause the branch springing up from Jesse, and the fig tree putting on leaves in its season -- are trees. Trees that are signs of hope. Tied to Christmas tree.

  36. Thanks Eileen and Mumpastor!
    Now i have a choice and something to work with(or with something to work!!!!)
    Have a good day all

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Getting ready for the Advent days,
    House not ready for Christmas, sermon not exactly finished, need to load the dishwasher again and mop the kitchen floor.

    Perhaps we should celebrate the season...
    Yahweh Yahweh in Free, Here comes Advent ready or not

  39. Y'all, I have a sermon, my kids are home, the sun is shining, and we're going to get a Christmas tree after all!!!!
    I'll check back in with you later!

  40. congrats to you Songbird! I'm just working on the prayers, and getting ready for a pre-baptism meeting.

  41. I'm here with PLENTY to do for tomorrow. I definitely took my holiday days as holidays and didn't do any of the little or big stuff I need done for tomorrow. Oh well. I apprecciate it the time I had to ignore it all. I ornaments to make and boxes to wrap for children's sermons throughout Advent. The church Advent devotional to create and get ready for fast printing tomorrow. I didn't go begging for submissions this year so we have only 4. I think I'll add a Christmas day worship service for folks to use and home, and maybe a little thing with the lectionary readings for the Sundays and call it good. I do need to do it, though. And then a sermon. I can do it. After and during all the football on today. Florida/Florida State right now, the game with the teams I'm more attached to, but the GA/GA Tech game seems like it will be more interesting. I think I'll do all the little stuff while watch and sermonate late at night.

    Cheese, I don't think I've preached this Sunday before, but I'll look and see and zap if I find anything. Otherwise, tomorrow's won't be ready until too late I'm sure. I'll zap it when it's done anyway.

    This is the week of my series that will be a BIT of a stretch textually, but more with the theme of hope. My series is "What do you want for Christmas?" and I'll contrast the things we like to ask God for with the things God gives - - we like instant gratification; God gives promises and hope, things we have to wait for.

  42. You can all have some of our sunshine - we have had a few hot days, and forecast of 30 degrees celsius today. cooler forecast for tomorrow. Preaching Luke and Jeremiah and how fear and anxiety are things we all know. but today we light a candle of hope - where are the signs of the kingdom in our midst -which I hope will set the tone for the congregation meetign after church.
    gotta go - here it is already Sunday morning,

  43. It's 52 here in SW Iowa. I will be preaching on "Still Waiting." Preaching on the importance of not putting off preparing for the coming of the Lord by reading, study, prayer, and sharing the Good News.

  44. Thank you to those generous souls who have sent me material with which to work. (I too am a stickler for the "not ending a sentence with a preposition" rule.) I am still sorting through it all.

  45. Love seeing everyone's comments. I'm so excited about the first Sunday of Advent. I'm working with the Jeremiah & Luke passage. Taking a break to cheer Stanford on in the Notre Dame game and I'll come back here to finish up. Happy writing!

  46. Hello everyone! After a two-week preaching hiatus (and a few days of pure holiday) I have to get back into the swing of things, and even though I'm excited it's Advent, this is TOUGH.

    I think I'm contrasting signs of the seasons with the signs of the we all put up and see signs that the Christmas season is coming, and we react differently to them (with excitement, stress, cynicism), and the same thing happens when we see the signs of God's kingdom coming. How can we keep the signs straight?

    Or something like that. Blah. I'd like to get a bit further before my cousin and his wife arrive for dinner and to stay the night.

    Prayers for you, Cheese. And all others who need them.

  47. Who wants some pizza? We have brownies, too. Our tree is up, lights to come later. How's it going, everyone?

  48. SemFem, I like the signs. I finished my sermon last night but it really wasn't done till I edited today. We're moving Monday to the parsonage. I've been doing a 35 mile commute for a year. Which wouldn't be so bad except in traffic it can triple the time. So, we are badly throwing things in boxes. We've been packing but I'm surely in the 'madly throwing' stage.
    Meanwhile, I have a sermon, the children's birdseed and peanut butter advent wreath. Now to complete the Deacon commissioning that I left out of the bulletin so I can run off an insert in the morning and put together something for prayers. It will all have to do.

    Glad the party is still going. I'll check in again. later. Oh my early thoughts are here. I did turn it into a sermon, really I did.

  49. sigh. I'm back after my Saturday night service, which did not go well. Frankly, our pianist, well, I can't even say it when I am being anonymous. But our music really needs help, and the service is suffering because of it. A year ago, there were between 25 and 30 people at most services. Tonight, 19. And my sermon did NOT go over well. The beginning, great, the end, fine. The middle. Bleah. So back to work. I have to preach at 8:45 and 11 tomorrow morning to a much tougher if larger crowd, and I need to feel better about it. Cheese, I would send it to you if I did feel better! I'm glad you got some stuff you can use. I am losing my mojo here. Anyone have any to spare? I can serve up some tea and chocolate squares, but honestly, I just want to be done and go to bed.

    Praying for all here and coveting your prayers as well.

  50. I am more "11th hour" than usual this week--it's 8:30 pm and I'm just getting started! I'm having difficulty getting my head around Advent after all the Thanksgiving festivities. And feeling a little bit blue about a too short visit with the Kid this weekend.

    But I love Advent, so I hope inspiration will carry me through tonight with the writing. And the Kid will be home for Christmas in just 3 more weeks.

    Back to Lukan eschatology--didn't I just preach on this--oh, wait, that was Markan eschatology. Gah.

    Cheese, thinking of you and hoping tomorrow goes as well as it can given the circumstances.

  51. Hi preachers
    on the road home from a pretty excellent thanksgiving away and stuck in traffic so checking in.

    Sorry I can't help cheese - no sermons on this phone:b. But u know u have my prayers tomorrow.

    Don't think I can help you either 1-4 unless u want to say "that for which we are waiting" which really does not just roll off the tongue, does it?

    I've got half a sermon to finish if I EVER get there -- it's about that Starry Night painting they mention in feasting in the word and interpretation -- how a perhaps more helpful way is to see this painting/today's scrp/advent season as more a mirror than a window .

    Ok thts all i can text. More later frm computer.

  52. I'm sure my eschatology left much to be desired, but I'm going with what I have!
    We've put the lights on the tree and even though it's earlier than I would usually like, I'm glad it's up and lit.
    1-4, that particular phrase is tough, because the "proper" ways of saying it sound so odd in spoken language.
    We're watching many episodes of "Castle," which my college boy likes a lot.

  53. Today it was sunny but cold. My sermon title is What I need for Christmas: the Prince of Peace. I found peace in a strange spot, sitting at the bedside of a stranger, praying for her as she is ready to go to God. It was me and her and angels, and I felt the peace that passes all understanding. Unexpected, but appreciated.

  54. I'm sort of back. The 4 large presents for the 3 children's times in Advent are wrapped. The ornaments for this Sunday are made. The ones for the next Sundays will just have to come later. I'll have to carefully unwrap the presents to sneak them inside in time.

    I haven't touched the Advent devotional yet, so I'll do that while watching GA/GA Tech. Sermon to start closer to 11:00 p.m. when football is over.

  55. So I have a great story about a mother asking a parent support group when life is going to be "normal" again as my way into taking about birth meaning tearing down the old (the theme for each Sunday of Advent this year starts with "Birth MEans....") ANd earlier in the service will have been the potter's house visit.

    Now how to actually pull the trigger and talk about the need for congregational vision and rebirth (And community vision and rebirth)? What are we afraid will be lost in a "new normal"? OTOH, what is waiting to be born?

  56. Poop. Just realized we don't have Publisher on the laptop. That might mean a necessary move to the other computer in the FREEZING COLD room. Boo hiss.

  57. Hmmmm...does anyone know the legality of projecting a comic strip to reference during a sermon. I LOVE the intro Richard Fairchild (linked from textweek) uses from Calvin and Hobbes, but would love to have the visual instead of just reading the text. Found the strip on-line so now I'm debating just doing it or trying to do it legally. I hate that I care about copyrights. I'm sure I can't do it legally.

  58. Tonight I am giving thanks that I'm not preaching tomorrow! Late night party-ers try to carry on without me

    Blessings on your Sunday

  59. Prayers to you Mumpastor, all will be well tomorrow and remember, the HS speaks to people even when we're sure the sermon bombed.
    she rev, can't you attribute it? see if there's a web site for his work that tells you allowable uses. Sometimes 'educational' is allowed.
    My best to all the late nighters.
    SantifyingSara, those moments could make me an ambulance chaser.

  60. Nooooooo!!! Vicar!!! :) Enjoy your night!!!

  61. Thanks Nancy. "Educational" is definitely legal. Now, if I can convince myself this counts as an educational setting (which I have about done), I'm gonna go for it. I think.

  62. Hello everyone, I'm back from dinner out and now trying to figure out a way forward. I would play the song "Signs" if I thought people would recognize it...

    She Rev, I will probably be with you for the late night shift.

  63. Chesse,
    That is FOR which we are here!
    I could not work my way around that one, so thanks for the help.
    And yes, it does sound a bit odd, but I will practice. It proably would not have bugged me if it had not been my last sentence.
    1444 words, not a great, but okay.
    You know, these great ideas and brain storms sound better earlier in the week. It is jsut when we get to the 11th hour that I have doubts.

    Oh, and Sherev. Maybe you could put the copyright info on the screen and do a generous thank you for the use of the comic strip in your sermon.
    Night Vicar! Hugs to all, but esp for those who have a difficult day tomorrow.
    1-4 Grace

  64. Whew. Thanks for the company semfem!

  65. I'm here - thru the bad traffice and home - yeah! Although. My house is still under construction and so in a shambles. Not at all sure where my church keys are buried - sure they are somwhere, but FIRST a sermon, and also the rest of it (childrens time??? thinking of something with signs tellling you when something is near, and what signs do we have the God is near - people are kind and loving - but that can be scary to people? not sure about that last bit).

    Actually, re keys, I'm sure they'll turn up as I've lost and found DH's keys TWICE today, but the looking = so very annoying.

    I"m going to make some microwave popcorn and cut up an apple. And maybe a beer later, if I get some stuff done? Anyone else want some?

    Hey, you still here Cheese? I'm still praying.

  66. I'll take the popcorn, Juniper, and I don't think the virtual beer can cause birth defects. That sounds BEAUTIFUL right about now.

  67. Wow. what I wrote earlier this week (Weds) is $%^*.

    Must have REALLY been wanting to get on vacation.

    Well, starting again and have 400 words. Go me.


  68. Your popcorn talk made me realize I really am hungry. I think it's time to go get a snack then settle down to write. Football is done (except Hawaii or something else I don't care about at all).

  69. 917 words. that counts reading the scripture again from the Message - the Luke is good this week - have you seen it?

    still havent done the rest of the service.

  70. Got your snack, Juniper. Only mines is Kettle Korn and sparkling lingonberry-apple juice.

  71. Hmmm, this minute's distraction:

    Why is it "UNjust" but "INjustice"?

  72. oh MAN sherev, sounds good :) LOVE kettle korn

    or, used to, until that unfortunate time at the ball park when I at a whole bag by myself and felt, well, bad afterward....

  73. Is it ok to be thankful that I'm NOT preaching tomorrow? LOL...been on vacation all week (well, sort of) and am thrilled to go worship elsewhere and be present for the baptism of our friends' youngest adopted child from China.

    Blessing on all as your prepare to proclaim...and prayers for those struggling through beginning-endings and tough stuff.

  74. Totall OK, RevSis. Enjoy the opportunity to worship!!!

  75. ok, ladies, I'm heading to bed now. I've got a decent start and should be able to finish up in an hour or so tomorrow morning. blessings on your day tomorrow.

    cheese, praying without ceasing....

  76. I'm still here...plugging away...and have 582 words. She Rev, are you still up? I see Juniper is off to sleep...anyone else?

  77. I'm still up, but considering going to sleep. I have no sentences written, but I'm getting closer to a general idea of how this will get to where it should be going. I'm pretty tired and a little ticked at myself for not getting the Advent devotional put together for folks. Hmpf. I was sort of hoping this would write itself so I could work on that when I woke up, but seeing as that is happening, I think I'll just go to bed. I'll wake up and write my sermon and just apologize profusely about the devotional not getting done. There were so few submissions this year it will work fine if they get it on Advent week 2!

  78. OK - my outline-ish notes, with no complete sentences are 474 words. Some of those are a big hole that say "tell story...." I feel confident going to bed. My knowledge of Jeremiah isn't as great as it should be and I've got a couple of competing ideas about when this passage was written to which audience, but I think I have enough to flesh this out in 4-ish hours.

    See you all then! Night-night, semfem, and any others lurking around still tonight.

  79. WHEW, finally done with the sermon and the order of service for worship tomorrow night. I have enough done for morning so I'm hitting the hay now.

    May the Spirit be with all those who need an extra dose of inspiration this morning, or those who need extra strength.

  80. I'm back to finish this up. No glaring inspiration came during the sleep, nothing that kept me up until I wrote it down, so I think what I've got is it. Time to pound it out. Hopefully on the quick side so that MAYBE just MAYBE I can work on that devotional. And I think I need to flesh out on the children's sermon a little more. Defining "hope" for our pretty young ones does not sound easy.

  81. Good morning! I'm sorry I fell asleep without saying goodnight. With the house full of people, things got distracting here last night.
    There's fresh coffee on for last-minute writers/revisers.
    I got a very helpful comment about the Hebrew word I used and will now be fixing my sermon. Ahem.

  82. I'm up and joining the party. I got a good start on the sermon and know where I WANT it to go... but we'll see where it actually takes me.

    I skipped the little apocalypse last week, (or whenever that was), so I want to tie in the idea of birth pangs and the new creation - that what we are waiting for isn't a destruction, but a birth of something new.

    A big part of my sermon is talking about how scared I was for a long time of end times talk... and how I never could reconcile that God with the God I met in my faith journey.

    I'm totally borrowing the "tree" idea for the children's message!

  83. It's just as I suspected. To get to 100 comments we need semfem, SheRev, Juniper AND the Vicar of Hogsmeade. Take away one tile, and the whole Jenga tower falls down!!!

  84. Good morning,

    Waking up having a cup of coffee. The sun is shining, the weather is good and God is with all of us.

    Blessings to you all.

  85. Hee hee, Songbird! :) It's teamwork, I tell ya!

    Finishing up here. The family seems to have been completely wiped out by the holiday because everyone is still sleeping. I might need to go move things along a little by jumping in the shower, though, otherwise things will get very tight as we need to be out the door in just under 90 minutes. Shower than finishing for me it is now! Nothing like being down to the wire! I've only got room for another paragraph or two, though, so it's not much to do. I hoped to end with a little nod to Luke, but I'm feeling to uninformed about it. I didn't put a lot of study into Luke like I did Jeremiah, so I'm not sure I wrap it in at the end with integrity. Had hoped to since the hymn right after the sermon leans that direction, but oh well. You can only do what you can do!


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