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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Living in Ordinary Time

Ah, the quotidian joys of life together. MaineCelt shares a reflection on marriage.

See-Through Faith writes that the Bible will never be the same again and shares a poem which linked with her thoughts at into the Bible.

Sally over at eternal echoes writes about an unlikely partnership and shares some wonderful pictures.

I always like to check in with the Crimson Rambler...thoughts on life, ministry, technology, and World (ok, Diocesan) Domination through Knitting!

RevDisco's family had a real scare, a vaccine reaction. Prayers for you all.

Here's a post from LutheranChik about what's going on in the Lutheran Church. And Wounded and Healing shares Infuriating things About the Local Church (part 1).

RevMibi has a wonderful first coming up.

Songbird is considering the joys...and sorrows...of being the Minister of the Meantime.

Sophia is reflecting on the intense and converting spiritual experience of working for justice and protection of the innocent in her now former church body.

St. Casserole reminds us about the importance of grace.

An unbloggy update: Looks like it is B-Day for Gallycat...that is, Baby Day! I know this from Facebook, not from her blog...Keep her in your prayers, please.

November 11, it's Veteran's Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day. Jan at A Church for Starving Artists has an important discussion. Go weigh in. And My Internet Pastor, Questing Parson, gives a beautiful remembrance of his first time to realize the meaning of the word Veteran.

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  1. I've been trying to blog every day in November (fail!) but have two posts to offer. One is on multi-tasking and where it gets me, and the other is some musing I'm doing on the execution of the DC sniper. Oh... there's new pics up of family from our weekend with our college girl, too. All here...

  2. Come and meet my new family member, here.

  3. Have not had time to do another post, but Melech had an ultrsound and it showed no signs of cancer, liver damage, or FIP. He is now eating better and back to his loveable, spry self. :)
    Thnaks for the prayers for my little guy!

  4. The Rev. Dr. Wil GafneyNovember 11, 2009 at 4:56 PM

    The Veterans Day service and sermon ( went very well. Thank you all for your prayers. The Altar of Remembrance was filled with mementos. A crowd of the faithful gathered to pray at the altar, some standing in for absent loved ones. A few (and more than a few) tears were shared. I am pleased, exhausted and hungry. I need a personal assistant and and chef and/or a spouse.


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