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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Halfway through the Christmas pageant, four angels mounted the chancel steps, the pulpit removed to make way for the manger. Three stepped to the microphone to tell the story of their assignment to bring good news not to a palace or a city but to the plainest folk around, a group of shepherds on a hillside.
Angel_275_275 The littlest angel wandered to the manger and looked inside.
She looked out at the congregation, saw someone she knew and waved.
When the other angels finished their speech, they left by the stairs, but Little Angel saw a clearer path and jumped.
She flew!
The congregation chuckled warmly, and then she realized perhaps she ought not have done it, and clapped a hand over her mouth. Suddenly all their hands were clapping, expressing in the only way they could the Good News that Love comes into the world at Christmas, more powerful than our attempts to be good or our successes at being bad or our belief in our dignity or our conviction of our uselessness. Love defies gravity of all kinds.
Merry Christmas!
(We won't have a Friday Five today, but please feel free to share greetings or stories of Christmas Day in the comments.)


  1. First up today and delighted with this little anecdote Songbird. Snug inside enjoying my first white Christmas!

  2. Mavis, what fun for you!
    It's cold here, but no snow left from our earlier storms. It got quite warm yesterday.
    We have a turkey in the oven. My boys (23 and 19) are home and have taken Sam the Dog for a walk. I probably ought to start thinking about some other components of our meal for later in the day. Although we have so much cheese and crackers we could probably live on that for a while...

  3. Merry Christmas to my RevGalPals!

    May you all enjoy an well deserved rest for the next couple of days.

    BTW, as the congregation was singing their final carol last night, I thought, "Oh dear, it's time to start planning for Lent."

    Love and peace,

  4. happy holidays... mochajava and i are nestled in blankets because the blizzard is still upon us. martinis and beef stew were lunch... supper shall be a lager from the wilds of montana, mashed potatoes and swedish meatballs... uhm yes, and chocolate something... because reallly can you (a) celebrate w/out it? or (b) survive a blizzard w/out chocolate?


  5. Happy Christmas from our household, human and kittehs. We enjoyed a leisurely morning and now I'm trying to persuade myself to figure out what dinner might be. Though we may go our frequent route of Chinese for Christmas night. ;)

    Peace to all on whom God's favor rests...

  6. Watching "White Christmas" with my daughter as the blizzard rages outside. A hot cup of chai at my elbow, and the baby napping angelically. Lovely!

  7. Merry Christmas to all! It's nearing the end of a long and wonderful day here. At the service this a.m., our assisting priest of 30 years, whose wife died at the end of the summer and who broke his hip a few weeks later, preached for the first time in ages; the joy was palpable among the congregation!

    Tomorrow night we host one of our favorite events of the year: a Leftover Party. We invite many friends, telling them to bring their leftovers in plastic or foil or whatever to make a giant potluck. We bbq a turkey, but it's the leftovers that make the meal. All ages, very fun. The only bad part is the need to clean up the house, made a bit more challenging this year by two new kittens. But we'll have fun whether I get rid of the dust bunnies or not!


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