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Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Meet and Greet, Sadly Belated!

Our first and last Meet and Greet of December brings us two new ring members, and my apologies to both that the holiday season has meant a long waiting period for this day.

First, meet Elizabeth Broschart, who blogs at Practicing Sacred Rhythms and is a:

Revitalization Pastor in the PC(USA), graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, D. Min. student at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary studying Sabbath, Mission and Congregational Revitalization, married to SoulHler and a clergy couple, Mother and Zoo Keeper (two dogs, two cats and a turtle and gramma to a chinchilla. I am a second career pastor following work as a reporter/editor and a symphony executive director.

Next, let's greet the blogger who established The Prozac Queen's Court

Opinionated. Silly. Somewhat cute, depending on who you ask. Cat person. Friendly. Christian, moderate to liberal. Very caring about other people (at least, I try to be). I like to write about things that interest me, and am usually pretty good-humored. I tend to ramble on a bit, just so you know! :)
I'll tell you right now that I can be hypocritical. I don't always speak or act like a Christian, or even a very nice person. This isn't something I'm proud of, but at least I admit it. That's a start, I figure. 

Welcome to both our new ring members!

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  1. Thanks for the welcome! Sometimes I don't really know what to write and have a weird sense of humor...thanks for having me, even though I can be unconventional and am not always all that smart.:)


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