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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Music Video: Rejoice, Emmanuel shall come

This is the most different version of this traditional Advent piece that I've ever heard. My community is using O come, O come Emmanuel as part of the Entrance and Penitential Rites - different verses each week, overlapping one week to the next.

What set the mood for this Sunday of Advent joy in your community? Tell us in the comments - maybe we'll get good ideas for next year!


  1. ooh that is very cool!
    Over the Advent Sundays, after the lighting of the candles, we sing a wee song:
    four weeks to a birthday
    and a special date
    four weeks to a birthday
    we shall celebrate...
    [3 weeks, 2 weeks etc as weeks progress]

    the last verse of this wretched song starts:
    when we have four candles...

    this line has the result of causing the choir to corpse/ and members of the congregation falling into quiet giggles... as it reminds them of an old but very famous comedy sketch by the Two Ronnies. Getting harder and harder to sing it now with straight faces. here's the youtube link :)

  2. Nik - I can see how it would have that effect! It was too, too funny!! I did not see the alternate to the "four candles" until it plunked down on the counter!! Thank you for an aptly joyous "Gaudete" Sunday story!


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