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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wednesday Festival: Advent

Good morning all!

Today continues the theme of Advent, which was begun beautifully for us with the Virual Advent Retreat on Monday. It's not too late to join the posts, add your comments and links to your own bloggage on this topic. The three threads may be found here (One, Two, Three). Let's keep the conversations going.

To add to these resources, the wonderful and talented Jan Richardson, of The Painted Prayerbook, writes:

Dear Wednesday Festival Friends,
I'm offering a new series of art and reflections at
The Advent Door and would love for the RevGals to stop by. I know how intense this season can be for folks connected with the church, and I hope they'll experience The Advent Door as a space where they can take a deep breath and sit for a spell.

What a blessing. Thank you, Jan!


  1. I think The Advent Door is wonderful - I'm recommending it to my parishioners in our announcement bulletin.

  2. SInce I organize the Local Blue Christmas service thoughts of those who find the season diffiult are often part of my Advent. You can read a column I wrote on the topic here

    Now to checkout Advent Door

  3. Advent and the coming of winter has me "reflecting."

  4. I'm re-reading a favorite Advent devotional book ("Watch for the Light") and blogged about it here...


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