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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Festival of Writers!

This is the Week of the Writer. Published writers, creative writers, silly writers...we've got them all. We ARE them all.

The amazing Questing Parson has published Lines from the Times, a book of his newspaper columns. You may buy it on Amazon, but I entreat you, instead, to purchase it directly from him, kicking in a bit extra to support the transitional housing program of the church he serves.

Visit his blog to see the instructions for doing this.


Christine at Abbey of the Arts invites everyone to stop by this week’s Poetry Party - the theme of Sharing Our Deepest Joy is a reflection on the third week of Advent. Go find out how poetic your soul is!


Finally, at Quotidian Grace's, the Fourth Annual Sappy Christmas Song Contest has just concluded. Take a look (singing quietly under your breath so as not to make your colleagues doubt your sanity) and vote for your favorite verse!

What are you writing about at your place? Let us know in the comments. If you want to add a direct link to your blog, this is the way: <a href="the url of your blog post goes here">what you want the link to say goes here</a>


  1. I confess I haven't done many public blogs this Advent. I guess I'm doing a lot of self-censoring (for good reason!) I did post a milestone for Reedy Girl, who had her first concert for high school last night. Only took a few pics because it's not KEWL any more to have mama-razzi. sigh. She's growing up on me! Anyway, photo here and a few other Advent posts are below it.

  2. To hear me singing the Sappy Christmas song
    go HERE

  3. are courageous QG! Much clapping and laughing!

    I've been writing my newspaper column (cross posted on my blog)on the Liturgy of the Hours this Advent -- but have been pleased to find that a couple of pre-Advent posts/columns have been linked to by a Catholic press's blog! (Rough Prayer and Cowardice or Utter Grace?)

  4. Every year the local paper asks all the clergy in town for a column in the Christmas edition (out next Monday). My 2009 submission is here


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